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A marriage certificate is an essential legal document that states that the two people are married. This acts as the validity of the marriage between two people. It also serves its purpose in various processes. The Supreme Court of India made it compulsory to register marriages in 2006. There are three Acts in India for marriage registration. The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 – Hindu community, The Special Act of 1954 all the citizens of India, and The Muslim Act of 1954 – the Muslims of India. AP Marriage certificate The process is now online thus making it easier.

In order to get the marriage certificate the minimum ages of both males and females should be 21 and 18 years respectively. It is a punishable crime to make a girl marry before 18 years of age.

AP Marriage Registration

In this article, you will be able to see various interesting information related to marriage registration, How to register the marriage registration and how to reissue the marriage certificate? How marriage registration process is carried out in Andhra Pradesh? All these will be answered in the article so do read it.

AP Marriage Certificate Registration

The government of Andhra Pradesh has made the Marriage Registration Certificate mandatory. The registration can be applied through the Sub Registrar. This will ensure verification and validation in the eyes of law. The traditional marriage ritual is important but is not valid till it’s not documented in papers. The Hindu Marriage Act works when both bride and bridegroom are Hindu’s. If the male and female belonged to different caste they cannot be registered under Hindu Marriage Acts. Both the parties are required to submit the application form with their signature. Further, submit it. You might need more documents for registration with an affidavit of Notary to prove couples’ marriage.

Whereas, other religions belonged to marriage comes under Special Marriage Act 1954. If the bride is Hindu and the groom is Christian then their marriage will be registered under this Act. And if both bride and groom are Muslims then it comes under Muslim Marriage Act 1954.

The Documents needed in registration should be attested by Gazetted Officer. The fee charged for an application form might differ but it is Rs 200 for the Special Marriage Act. There are certain conditions under the Hindu Marriage Act that must be fulfilled for the marriage to be considered legal and valid. If Sec.5 and Sec.7 of the Hindu Marriage Act can be seen in marriage further, that marriage is not valid.

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Key Points of AP Marriage Registration

In Andhra Pradesh, those who want to apply for registration of marriage can either apply to any of the authorities in respect to the terms of the Marriage Registration or through an online portal in addition, which makes it much easier and efficient.

NameAndhra Pradesh Marriage Registration
focusmarriage registration
organizationCommissioner & Director of Municipal Administration Govt. of AP
EligibilityFemale’s age – 18 above
Male’s age- 21 above
AppliersAll the married couples
processing time7 days
PortalC&DMA / MeeSeva
marriage registrationSpecial Marriage Act – Rs 200
Validityfor lifetime exception in case of divorce
Delayed RegistrationPenalty is issued

Documents Required to apply for AP marriage certificate

The documents required by both bride and bridegroom while applying for the marriage registration are fundamentally the same. The documents one needs to prepare are given below-

  • marriage invitation card
  • memorandum of marriage
  • Age proof
  • Residence Proof
  • 3 Passport Size photo of both
  • SSC certificate of both
  • An application form

AP EWS Certificate Application

Details Required AP Marriage Registration form

The necessary details needed for applying the marriage registration are

  • Name of both partners (full)
  • Both the individual’s religion and caste
  • The exact age when the marriage occurred.
  • Both Parties Rank of Profession
  • Permanent Address before the marriage occurred
  • DOB of both parties
  • The Taluk and District’s place where the marriage was arranged
  • Date of marriage
  • Fathers name in full (Both parties)
  • Mother’s name in full (Both parties)
  • Two witnesses from both parties (full details ie Name, Aadhar number, Occupation, Relationship with applicants, age, residence proof, photo)

Application process for Marriage Certificate in Andhra Pradesh?

The registration of the AP Marriage Certificate can be done both offline and online way. The government of Andhra Pradesh has made it online thus making it easy. Now the process of marriage registration can even be carried out from any place and anytime albeit by the authority. To make the registration easier for you we have listed each step systematically with clarity down below:

Under Special Marriage Act

  • The applier first needs to visit the official website of Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration, Government of Andhra Pradesh.
Ap Marriage Certificate
  • Once the portal opens, click on the option Online services from the main menu.
  • Thus, leading you to a drop-down list
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the Marriage Registration option, where a sub-menu option will be open.
  • From the two options click on, “File your new registration”,
  • Hence, leading you to the page of New marriage registration.
  • Now in this stage, details are to be filled in, the name of the concerned District and CorporationMunicipality or NP.
  • After filling in the details, click on the Submit button.
AP marriage registration
  • Thus, it leads you to the Application form (Memorandum of Marriage) (Form B).
  • The application form is divided into 3 parts.

Applicant’s Information
General Information

  • Here the candidate will fill all the information starting with general information.
Applicant Information
  • Next corner is Bridegroom Information section, where grooms details like Full name, Father’s name, religion etc is to be filled.
AP Marriage Certificate Bridegroom inofrmation
  • Now Bride Information is to be filled such as Name, Father’s name, religion etc is.
AP Marriage Certificate Bride inofrmation
  • Next Part contains information on the bride and grooms witness.

Witness Information
Groom and Bride’s side witness

  • In this part firstly fill, Bridegroom side witness First witness information in details.
AP Marriage Certificate Witness
  • Next is details about Bride side witness information of first witness.
AP Marriage Certificate Bride witness
  • Second witness information for both groom and bride.
AP Marriage Certificate Second witness
  • This part of form filling is to attach required documents. Their are two sub categories inside Checklist option- common document and individual document.

check list
Common and Individual Documents

  • Attach some common documents such as marriage invitation card etc.
AP Marriage Certificate Checklist
  • Next attest individual documents such as Birth certificate, ration card etc.
  • Both the individuals should attest to the documents separately.
AP Marriage Certificate individual documents
  • Finally, after finishing the details filling procedure submit it.

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Reissue the Marriage Registration

The people who want to reissue the marriage registration can do it through an online portal. The applier needs to follow the same form as of AP Marriage Registration.

  • First visit the official website of the Commission and Director of Municipal Registration.
  • Then click on the Online service option from the main menu.
  • It leads to drop-down menu, from the drop-down menu click on the Marriage Registration option.
  • Then sub menu will appear, click on Reissue Marriage Registration,
  • It will open form B of Marriage Registration.
  • Fill it with relevant details and attest to the required documents.
  • Thus, submitting it finally.

AP Marriage Certificate under Hindu Marriage

The Hindu Marriage Act is applicable when both bride and groom are Hindu. The marriage of Hindus can be registered online through the MeeSeva portal and from the Registration and Stamps Department.

Registration and Stamps Department Procedure:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the Registration and Stamps Department,
  • Then from the options New Initiatives on the screen, click on Online Hindu Marriage Registration.
The Hindu Marriage Act
  • Here the application form will appear for registration of the Hindu marriage. Now fill in the relevant details along with the required documents.
  • First, Applicant details such as application number, mobile no etc.
Hindu Marriage Registration
  • Then particulars details of both husband and wife.
Hindu Marriage Registration Application
  • Finally document list and thus proceed further.
  • Click on show payment.
Hindu Marriage Registration Application documents
  • After confirming application charges payment, click on submit.

offline registration form

AP marriage registration hindu offline

Contact Details

Contact Details0866-2428532
Email Id[email protected]
AddressOffice of the Commissioner & Inspector General of Registration and Stamps,
5-59, RKSpring Valley Apartments,
Edupugallu, Kankipadu Mandal,
AP, Vijayawada – 521151

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What is Marriage Registration Certificate?

The Marriage Registration certificate is marriage proof in the eyes of law. It is compulsory to register your marriage otherwise it is not a legal marriage. The certificate is issued by the district marriage registrar under the acts of Hindu marriage, Special marriage and Muslim marriage.

How can I register for a marriage certificate?

Individuals can register marriage by both online and offline mode. For offline one has to go to the concerned authority and online just fill the form and submit it directly.

What is the difference between Form A and Form B of Marriage Certificate registration?

Form A is for Hindu Marriage Registration and Form B is for Special Marriage Certificate.

Do Christians also register for marriage?

Yes, Christians also register for marriage under the government of India. It is under the Indian Christian Marriage Act 1872.

If a man has married three women at a time, Is the marriage valid?

No, such marriage is null and void with exceptions. In Muslims, 4 marriages are allowed and Goan Hindus are allowed to have bigamy. This is a punishable crime.

What is the time limit for registration of registering the marriage?

Generally, a marriage should be registered within a month of marriage. For up to 5 years of delay, it is handled by Sub-Registrar and if more than that then it will be handled by District Registrar.

How long does it take to get a marriage certificate in Andhra Pradesh?

It most probably takes 10-15 days to get a marriage certificate in hand in Andhra Pradesh.

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