Application Form for Sick Leave – 3 Best Sick Leave Application

Students and office workers often Application for leave due to ill health ,sick leave application) need to be sent. Since no one is given leave just by saying it orally. In many institutions, there is a provision of fine or up to two days salary deduction for taking leave without first sending the application. In this way one can understand the utility of leave application. Write the application in a correct format and give it to your Principal or Manager. After this, they check the application and give approval for the leave.

sample of application for sick leave
sick leave application form

sick leave application form

Any sick leave application is written in the name of the person who is present in the highest position in your organization. For example, if you are working as an employee in the office, then you have to write this application in the name of the manager in the branch or in case of being a student, in the name of the Principal of your institution. In this article you will be told the above mentioned format to write your sick leave application.

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how to write application for sick leave

You have to write the application written for your illness in a special format. Keep in mind that this is a formal letter, so there is a taboo for any kind of carelessness or useless things in it. You are being told below some steps under which you have to write your application –

  • First of all, you have to address the officer/high person to whom you are writing your application.
  • Immediately after this you have to describe the reason for your leave properly.
  • When you will mention the reason for leave in detail in your application, you will also request the said authority to solve the problem of taking your leave.
  • At the end of the application form, you have to mark the date of your writing and also write your name, class and roll number.

Main points of leave application form

While writing your leave application for any office and school, you must include the following points in your letter –

  • Greetings
  • subject to leave
  • main reason for leave
  • days off
  • absentee work plan
  • contact details
  • Date & Signature

sick leave application form , First sample


Mr. Principal

Model Government Secondary School

Bhojpura District Prayagraj

Subject – Application for sick leave


It is a humble request that since last three days I am suffering a lot due to high fever. My doctor has advised me to take the medicine properly and follow complete rest and abstinence for three days. Due to this reason I am unable to attend the school from 21/09/2024 to 25/09/2024.

In this way, I humbly request you sir, please accept my leave application. With these days off, I will be able to recover again. The applicant will always be grateful for this grace of yours.

Thank you

Date – 21/09/2024

your obedient disciple

Name – Kishan Kumar

Class – IX ‘B’

Roll Number – 35

sick leave application form , second sample


Branch Manager,

co-operative bank

Connaught Palace, Delhi

Subject – Application for leave due to viral fever


I want to inform you that yesterday evening while going home I got drenched due to heavy rain. Due to getting drenched in this type of heavy rain, my health started deteriorating during the night. In this condition I had to go to the doctor. After meeting the doctor, I came to know that I have got viral fever. Due to this type of fatal fever, doctor has advised me to take bed rest for 4 days.

In my absence, the support staff of the office will handle the work well, but in this time I am preparing to complete the work of the office by staying at home. From time to time, I will keep you informed about the work of the office through e-mail.

Thus, I request you sir to grant me four days leave from 25/07/2024 to 26/07/2024.

for your consideration of my sick application

Thank you

Date – 25/07/2024

your’s sincerely

Name – Kamal Kishore Verma

Designation – Supervisor

Employee Number – VMI897

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Sample Of Application for Sick Leave in Hindi – Third Sample


Mr. Superintendent of Police

sp office

District – Varanasi

Subject – Application for leave due to malaria


I am in-charge of Hanumangarh outpost of your district Varanasi and for the last three days I was posted in Hardoi district outpost for VIP duty. Due to excessive mosquito environment here, I have complained of malaria. After suffering from this fever, I immediately got myself checked by my doctor. After examining me, he has advised me to take rest for at least 1 week and to avoid taking medicines properly. According to him, only by doing this can I be as healthy as before.

Being afflicted with such ailment, I feel completely incapable of doing my work dutifully. Also, I humbly request you that which other incharge should be posted in Hardoi post in my place. So please grant me leave from 25/09/2024 to 29/09/2024.

I request you sir to kindly sanction my leave and grant me 1 week leave.

Thank you

Date – 25/09/2024

your’s sincerely

Name – Priyadarshan Pandey

Batch Number – 18003448

Hanumangarh Chowki Incharge

Thana Makoha

Important things of sick leave application form

You have to keep the following points in mind while writing the sick leave application –

  • You have to humbly request in your application so that the request for leave can be mentioned in the letter.
  • Do not forget to mention in your letter the reason for which you are going to take leave.
  • The application has to be made well and written in short form only.
  • You have to avoid any kind of grammar or symbols error in your application.
  • Make sure to give the details of the required dates in the application form and correctly tell when and how long you are taking the leave.
  • Please give details about yourself in the application.
  • In the application, please give the details of your higher authority, for whom you are writing this application.
  • Write a thank you note at the end of the application.

Questions related to application form for sick leave

How to write a sick application letter?

Humble request is that I am unwell since last night. Today I will go with my father to the hospital for examination. Because of this I am unable to come to school. Therefore, you are requested to kindly grant me one day’s leave.

How to ask for leave in application?

You haven’t gone into details – just say that you are not feeling well and will not be able to attend the institute today. You have to give only that much detail to your superior which will give him information with sufficient proof.

What points are given in the application for sick leave?

You have to include the salutation, subject of leave, main reason for leave, days of leave, work plan during absence, contact details, date and signature etc. in your application form.

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