Assam Rifles Salary Slip | how to get assam rifles salary slip

today we you Assam Rifles (Assam Rifles Salary Slip) We are going to give you information about, hope that the information given by us will prove useful for you. So let’s know – Assam Rifles is a force, it is also called Paramilitary. For the safety of the people across the country, there is an army on various borders, which is deployed on duty day and night to protect us. So that there is no harm to the people of the country and the people can live safely.

So let’s know what is Assam Rifles, which posts are there in it, according to the post, how much salary is given to the people of Assam Rifles, if you also Assam Rifles Salary Slip If you are interested to know about Assam Rifles, then you must stay with us till the end of the article so that you can have complete information about Assam Rifles.

Assam Rifles Salary Slip |  how to get assam rifles salary slip
Assam Rifles Salary Slip | how to get assam rifles salary slip

what is assam rifles

As you all know, there are many military forces across the country, forces are always deployed for the safety of the public, such as the Indian Army, Indian Navy, CRPF, ITBP, Indian Air Force, SSB, etc. There are many types of military forces, one of them is the Assam Rifles. It is a military force, it is also called Paramilitary, it was established in 1835, in earlier times it was known as Cachar Navy, at present it is known as Assam Rifles.

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Assam Rifles Post

Now we will tell you what are the posts in Assam Rifles, if you are also interested to know about the post of Assam Rifles, see the list given below carefully.

  • sergeant
  • Subedar
  • lance rise
  • Subedar Major
  • naib subedar
  • constable rifleman
  • carry on
  • lance rice

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Post Vice Salary, Grade Pay-Assam Rifles Salary Slip

Let us know how much salary is available according to the post in Assam Rifles? How much is the pay band? How much is the grade pay? How much cash in hand is given? If you also want to know, then carefully look at the list given below.

Post pay band grade pay military service salary how much hair is available in hand
Indian soldier 5200 – 202101800 2 thousand rupees 20 thousand rupees
lice rise 5200 – 202102000 2 thousand rupees 25 thousand rupees
hero5200 – 202102400 2 thousand rupees 30 thousand rupees
sergeant 5200 – 202102800 2 thousand rupees 35 thousand rupees
naib subedar 9300 – 348004200 2 thousand rupees 40 thousand rupees
Subedar 9300 – 348004600 2 thousand rupees 45 thousand rupees
Subedar Major 9300 – 348004800 2 thousand rupees 60 thousand rupees

Allowance in Assam Rifles

Along with the monthly salary (Assam Rifles Salary Slip), allowance is also given to the Assam Rifles people, let us know what kind of allowance is given.

  • house rent allowance
  • high altitude allowances
  • dearness allowance
  • leave allowance
  • medical services
  • Rashan Faculty
  • field allowance
  • transport allowance
  • Canteen Services

Assam Rifle Official Website –

bsf pay slip online

Assam Rifles Salary: Pay scale during training

Candidates who want to join Assam Rifles often ask about the pay scale they will get during the training. In the beginning, the soldiers do not get as much salary as they expect. But there is no need to be disheartened by this because with time you will get a higher salary due to promotion. Know that when you start training in the first month, soldiers in Assam Rifles get a salary of around 22000 to 25000. Your salary is fixed at the top of the pay band.

Assam Rifles Salary Slip Related Question Answer

What is Assam Rifles?

Assam Rifles is a force, it is also called Paramilitary.

Which is the highest grade pay post in Assam Rifles?

The highest grade pay post in Assam Rifles is Subedar Major.

What allowances do they get?

House Rent Allowance, Dearness Allowance, Medical Services, Ration Faculty etc. allowances are available.

What is the helpline number of Assam Rifles?

The helpline number of Assam Rifles is 0367135933.

Which posts are there in Assam Rifles?

Assam Rifles Havildar, Subedar, Lance Rise, Subedar Major, Naib Subedar, Constable Rifleman, Continued, Lance Rise

What is the salary of the post with the highest grade pay?

60 thousand rupees – cash in hand is available.

What is the lowest grade pay in Assam Rifles?

The lowest or initial post is that of an Indian Soldier, whose grade pay is 1800 and a total of Rs 20,000 cash in hand is received by including Rs 2,000 military service salary.

helpline number

If you want to get any information related to this article or you have doubts, then contact the helpline number, the helpline number is Assam Rifles 0367135933, so that you can get complete information, all your doubts can be cleared easily.

Hope you have liked the information given by us, if you are interested in getting any information related to this article, then you must tell us in the comment section so that you can get the information.

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