Biography of Avadh Ojha Sir

After the Corona epidemic, most of the work has started being done online, even if it is education. And if you are preparing for UPSC exam, then you must have heard the name of online teacher and YouTuber Avadh Ojha Sir. Avadh Ojha Sir has his own coaching institute in which he motivates thousands of children across the country and also prepares them for the exam. His way of teaching is different.

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awadh ojha sir
Avadh Ojha Sir Biography

Civil Services Coaching Teacher Avadh Ojha Sir gives offline as well as online classes to the students preparing for upsc. He trends on YouTube because of his unique way of teaching. So let’s know in detail about Awadh Ojha Sir. In today’s article we will give you Biography of Avadh Ojha Sir are making available.

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Who is Awadh Ojha Sir? (who is avadh ojha sir)

Awadh Ojha is today’s Guru Dronacharya. Many students who are preparing for upsc must know Ojha Sir. You must have seen his video in your YouTube. He has become quite viral because of his different style of teaching. full name of awadh ojha Avadh Pratap Ojha but most people exorcist sir Known only by the name of.

He started teaching on YouTube in the year 2020. He is preparing more than 1000 students for civil services both online and offline in his own unique way. Born in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, Awadh Ojha himself wanted to become an IAS but his dream could not be fulfilled. Let us know how Avadh Pratap Ojha has become a leader for all the students preparing for UPSC by crossing the ups and downs of life.

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Avadh Ojha Sir Biography

Name Avadh Ojha
full name of awadh sir (full name)Avadh Pratap Ojha
Awadh ji’s birth year (dob)13 July 1984
birth place (place of birth)Gonda, Uttar Pradesh
School (school)Fatima School, Gonda, Uttar Pradesh
Educational qualification (Qualification)Graduate
Religion ReligionHindu
citizenship (citizenship)Indian
Business professionUPSC teacher, motivational speaker, writer and social worker
hair color (hair color)black and white
eye color (eye color)Black
Marriage wedding date of 1 May 2007
height5 feet 8 inches
Weight Weight65 kg
Wife’s name (ojha sir wife name)Mazari Ojha
baby namesThree children – Nightingale, Gungun, Pihu
HobbyWandering ,
cycling and writing
earnings ₹500000

Biography of Awadh Ojha Sir (Early Life)

Avadh Ojha Sir whose full name is Avadh Pratap Ojha was born on 13 July 1984 in Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh. His father’s nameFather Name, ‘Shri Mata Prasad Ojha’ Is. Both his mother and his father were government servants. Mother was a lawyer and father was a postman by profession. Ojha was an average student in his childhood.

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Ojha Sir Education | Education of Awadh Ojha

Avadh Ojha did his graduation from Fatima School, Gonda district, Uttar Pradesh. He was sent from Gonda to Bahraich to study. where he stayed for a year. After this he went to Allahabad for further studies. Awadh’s parents wanted him to prepare for the medical field, but Awadh had no special interest in medicine.

After moving to Allahabad, at the time when he was doing his graduation, he did not know much about UPSC nor did he have any special inclination towards it. But he also prepared for UPSC by taking care of the students living together. Ojha gave all the attempts in UPSC but he could not crack this exam.

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Family of Avadh Ojha

Awadha Sir’s family consists of his parents, his wife and three daughters, Bulbul, Gungun, Pihu. his father’s name Shrimata Prasad Ojha He used to work as a post master in Gonda itself. Awadh Ojha’s wife’s name is Manjari Ojha, with whom Awadh Ojha was married in the year 2007.

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Career of Awadh Ojha Sir

Renowned teacher Ojha Sir is famous today for his unique art of teaching. He not only teaches but also guides the students preparing for upsc. Avadh Ojha started his UPSC coaching from the year 2005 when he moved to Delhi from Allahabad.

Earlier, Awadh used to teach History subject in a coaching where the children liked his way of teaching. Only after this he started the journey of opening his coaching institute. But Ojha ji was struggling with financial problem at that time, he did not have money to pay the rent of both coaching and house. He was married to Manjari Ojha in 2007 at the age of just 21. To extract the rent, he had worked as a bartender for about 7 months from 8 to 2 in the night. And used to teach in coaching during the day.

In the year 2019 Ojha sir in Pune, Maharashtra IQRA Started coaching. In the beginning, he used to teach one child in this coaching, after which gradually the number of children increased. In the year 2020, he started his own YouTube channel where many children are preparing for upsc coaching. He has earlier taught in various coaching institutes like Chanakya IAS Academy, Vajiram Ravi IAS Academy, ABC Academy of Civil etc.

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avadh ojha sir net worth

Avadh Ojha has his own coaching institute IQRA which is situated in Pune Maharashtra. This institute was opened in the year 2019 for the preparation of upsc to the children from all over the country where children from all over the country come to prepare for the civil services exam. If we talk about the total assets of Awadha Ojha ji, then his Total net worth is 5000000.

Avadh Ojha Social Media Links (Social Media Links of avadh ojha sir)

In Awadh Ojha Sir’s Instagram 109k followers Are. their on youtube RAY AVADH OJHA There is a youtube channel named. where their total 519K subscribers Are.

Questions and answers related to the biography introduction of Awadh Ojha Sir –

Who is Ojha Sir?

Avadh Ojha is a very famous teacher who helps students who prepare for UPSC through his coaching institute through both offline and online medium.

What is the name of ojha sir’s coaching institute?

The name of ojha sir’s coaching institute is IQRA IAS Academy, which is located in Pune, Maharashtra.

When was IQRA IAS Academy started?

IQRA IAS Academy was opened by Ojha Sir in the year 2019.

What is the official youtube channel of Avadh Ojha sir?

The name of Ojha Sir’s official YouTube channel is ‘RAY Avadh Ojha’.

What is the age of Awadh Ojha Sir in the year 2024?

Avadh Ojha Sir’s present age is 38 years.

Ojha Sir’s total wealth is this much?

Presently the total assets of Ojha Sir, the founder of IQRA IAS Academy, are more than 50 lakhs.

What is the official website of AVADH OJHA SIR?

The official website of AVADH OJHA SIR is

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