Biography of Jaya Kishori Age, Family.

In today’s age, in the age when girls are running after materialistic pleasures, there is someone who is spending his life only in the devotion of God leaving everything else. There is someone in the age who is adorning himself in the devotion of God. There are very few people who keep their immense feeling and devotion towards God in this age. Today we are going to talk about one such example whose name is Jaya Kishore. in today’s article Jaya Kishori Biography (Jaya Kishori Age, Date of Birth, Husband Name) Information about all will be given.

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Jaya Kishori Biography
Jai Kishori ji’s soul is shared

Jaya Kishori There are storytellers and hymn singers whose names you must have heard many times. Today you will be able to know about the life introduction of Jaya Kishori ji, who is called Meera Bai of today’s era, her age, birth, husband, family, engrossed in the devotion of Lord Krishna. So let’s know Jaya Jaya Kishori Biography

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Jaya Kishori Birth & Family

Originally from Rajasthan, Jaya Sharma is a storyteller as well as a motivational speaker. Perhaps you would not know that Jaya Kishori ji’s real name or original name is Jaya Sharma. Jaya ji was born on 13 July 1995 in Sujangarh, a small village in Rajasthan., Jaya ji belongs to a Gaur Brahmin family. All those who are interested in listening to the story must know him well and are also interested to know more about him.

Jaya ji’s Mother’s name is Geeta Devi Haritpal and their Father’s Name Shiv Shankar Sharma (Radhe Shyam Haritpal) Is. Let us tell you that Jaya Sharma (Jaya Kishori real nameJi has a younger sister also whose name is Chetna Sharma. He has no brother of his own. Jaya ji’s family currently lives in Kolkata. Till now Jaya ji is single, she is not married yet. She says that she will get married when the right time comes.

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Biography of Jaya Kishori

Name (Full NameJaya Sharma
degree or NickName Kishori Ji
degree given by Pt. Shri Govindramji Mishra
other names Kishori ji, Meera of Modern Era
Caste Gaur Brahmin
Amount Cancer
Teacher Shri Govindramji Mishra
Birth (Jaya Kishori Ji Date of Birth)13 July 1995 (Thursday)
birth place (birth place,In Sujangarh village of Rajasthan
father’s nameShiv Shankar Sharma (Radhe Shyam Haritpal)
mother’s nameGeeta Devi Haritpal
Sister Name (Jaya Kishori Ji Sister Name)Chetna Sharma
total siblings 1 sister
Jaya Kishori Ji Husband Name not married yet
profession Motivational speaker
Spiritual Orator, Singer, Music Artist
school CollegeMahadevi Birla World Academy, Kolkata
age (jaya kishori age)27 years (in 2024)
Jaya Kishori Biography

Jaya Kishori Husband Name

Jaya ji is not married yet. In many of her interviews, she has said that if she ever gets married, she would like to do it in Kolkata. If she goes to some other place after marriage, then her only condition is that she will also shift her parents to the same place so that their parents can live near them.

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Education of Jaya Kishori ji

Jaya ji has done B.Com. Along with his B.Com studies, he also devoted his time to spirituality. He had prepared Shrimad Bhagwat Katha during his 12th standard. Along with her studies, she also used to recite Bhajans and Gita. She did not do regular college because she wanted to devote most of her time to spirituality. He completed his primary education from Shri Shikshayatan School, Mahadevi Birla World Academy (Mahadevi Birla World Academy) Kolkata. He has B.Com degree Along with Bachelor Of Commerce (B.Com), he has also studied Vedas, Shrimad Bhagwad Gita, Shastras.

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Jaya Kishori Favorite Things

Eat indian home food
Colour pink and red
singer Asha Bhosle
Play Cricket
Location Goa, London and Dubai
politician Narendra Modi, Sushma Swaraj
Jaya Kishori Biography

Body Structure

Jaya Kishori ji’s height Approx 165 cm ( 5 ft 5 in )
eye colorblack
hair color Black
Jaya Kishori Biography

Biography of Jaya Kishori (beginning of spiritual life)

The atmosphere of Kishori ji’s family has been towards spirituality since the beginning. Jaya ji’s spiritual journey started at the age of just 6-7 years. In the family, his grandparents had a great influence on him, his grandparents used to tell him the stories of Lord Shri Krishna. At the age of just 9, Kishori ji had memorized many sources like Lingashtakam, Shiv Tandav Stotram, Madhurashtakamra, Shivpanchakshar Stotram, Daridraya Dahan Shiv Stotram. Also started singing songs.

At the age of just 10, Jaya ji had gone through the entire Sunderkand unsuccessfully. She tells in one of her interviews that her parents have contributed to the success of her spiritual life. Jaya ji’s Guruji’s name is Govind Ram Mishra. their Jaya Sharma was given the title of “Kishori” by Guruji Govind Ram Mishra. After which Jaya Sharma ji came to be known by the name “Jaya Kishori”. Jaya ji has always considered herself to be a simple girl. She herself does not like to be called Sadhvi or Saint. Jaya Kishori ji has unwavering faith in Khatu Shyam ji.

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Jaya Kishori Famous Bhajan ,famous bhajans of jaya kishori,

Jaya Kishori ji has mostly sung hymns on Lord Krishna and Radha ji. Some of which are listed below –

  • I am doing everything by your grace
  • don’t forget your parents
  • Krishna Govind Govind Gopal Nandlal
  • Get so sure
  • highest love engagement
  • Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Rama Hare Rama
  • from radhika gauri
  • Take me in the car Baba
  • What colors of the world should I see
  • Lingashtakam Mrityunjay Chant
  • Achyutam Keswam Krishna Damodaram
  • Hari came to Vidur’s house today

One of these bhajans has been sung by Kishori ji which you can enjoy –

,Radha Rani Lage, full of sweet juice,
Mane karo karo jamunaji ro paani lage
Yamuna Maiya Kari Kari Radha Gori Gori
Make a splash in Vrindavan, Barsana Ri Chori
Vrajdham should be the capital of Radhaju
Radha Rani Lage, full of sweet juice

This hymn is liked by many devotees.

Jaya Kishori Biography

Jaya Kishori Ji Award (Jaya Kishori Ji’s Awards)

Jaya Kishori ji has been honored with these awards so far –

  • in the year 2016”Ideal Youth Spiritual Guru Award’ Jaya ji was awarded.
  • ,Fame India Asia Post Survey 2019 youth icon Awarded
  • Jaya Kishori in the year 2021 “Motivational Speaker of the Year” Awarded with the honor of Jaya Kishori Award (Jaya Kishori Biography)

Precious thoughts of Jaya Kishori ji (Jaya Kishori Quotes in Hindi)

There is no use of returning midway, because on returning you will have to cover the same distance as you can reach the goal.

Not only where to win but where to lose,
The one who knows this is also great.

What would he think? What would they think? What will the world think?
Thinking above this, life will become another name for peace.

someone said do good deeds then you will get heaven
I say serve your parents, you will get heaven on earth only.

As long as you blame others for your problems and difficulties,
Till then you cannot erase your problems and difficulties.

Life is short, be happy in everything.
Who has seen tomorrow, just be happy in your today.

Jaya Kishori Social Account (Jaya Kishori ji’s social account)

social accountUser ID (User ID)
instagram account iamjayakishori
youtube account Iamjayakishori
twitter account iamjayakishori
Jaya Kishori Official Website
Jaya Kishori Biography

Jaya Kishori Biography: Age, Date of Birth, Husband Name FAQs ,

How much property does Jaya Kishori ji have?

Jaya Kishori Net Worth (total assets of Jaya Kishori ji) according to an estimate is about 2 to 2.5 lakh rupees.

Which stories are narrated by Jaya Kishori ji?

The stories of “Nani Bai Ka Mairo”, “Narsi Ka Bhaat”, Bhagwat Gita, Sunderkand etc. are narrated by Kishori ji.

How many followers are there in Jaya Kishori ji’s Instagram?

More than 3 million people follow Jaya Kishori ji on Instagram.

How much fee does Kishori ji charge for Bhajan program and Katha Vachan?

Jaya Kishori ji charges fees for bhajan program and story reading according to different places, she takes minimum 50 thousand rupees and maximum 9 lakh rupees for Katha Vachan. This fee depends on the location of the program and the duration of the program.

What is Jaya Kishori ji’s full name / real name?

His full name of Jaya Kishori / or real name is Jaya Sharma.

What is the age of famous Motivational Speaker, spiritual speaker Jaya Kishori ji?

Spiritual speaker Jai ji has turned 27 in this year 2024.

What is the name of Jaya Kishori ji’s husband?

Jaya ji is not married yet.

Who is the sister of Jaya Kishori / What is the name of the sister?

The name of his sister (Jaya Kishori’s Sister) is Chetna Sharma.

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