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E-Ganna AppIn Uttar Pradesh, more than half the people do farming, farmers work hard day and night to earn their living. More than half of the farmers cultivate sugarcane according to the season, farmers have to wander day and night to get information related to this. Many difficulties have to be faced in working, keeping in view these problems, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has launched a portal and app for the convenience of sugarcane farmers, whose name is cane up Ganna portal and E-Ganna App Is.

Through this, the people of Uttar Pradesh who do sugarcane cultivation can get many types of information through the website, farmers can make payment online through the portal, so let’s know what is the caneup portal, what is the purpose of launching the portal. What are its benefits? how to check sugarcane calendar slip How can you download the mobile application, if you are also interested to know, then you must stay with us till the end of the article caneup.in so that you can get information and you can also take advantage of this portal.

E-Ganna App |  Cane up ganna portal |  how to see sugarcane slip calendar
E-Ganna App | Cane up ganna portal | how to see sugarcane slip calendar

e sugarcane Purpose of launching the website

Keeping the farmers in mind, the Government of Uttar Pradesh launched a website named Cane up ganna portal. To provide facility related to online payment, so that farmers do not face any kind of problem, farmers do not have to wander here and there to get information and farmers can do their farming easily.

Cane up ganna portal 2024

Now we are giving you a table through which we are going to tell you some important facts, we have given this table to you for your convenience so that you can read this table in brief

Portal Name caneup portal
article name UP Sugarcane Slip Calendar
launched by the government of Uttar Pradesh
purpose Providing facility information online
profit oriented For all sugarcane farmers of Uttar Pradesh
Process to check sugarcane slip calendar online
official site caneup.in

How to View UP Sugarcane Slip

Benefits of Uttar Pradesh Sugarcane Portal

Today we are going to tell you what are the benefits you get from this portal, if you are also interested to know, you must see the list given below.

  • E-Ganna App Sugarcane farmers of Uttar Pradesh will get the benefit.
  • The public will get the information through the portal.
  • Farmers will not have to wander here and there to get information.
  • Along with money, time will also be saved.
  • You can get all the information online sitting at home.
  • E-Ganna App Farmers can also make online payment through this.
  • Through the website, you can easily get online information related to pre-calendar sugarcane calendar survey data, satta calendar, sugarcane weighing, SMS log supply ticket.
  • Uttar Pradesh Cane up ganna portal And E-Ganna App But all the data of sugarcane farmers will be stored.

How to Check Uttar Pradesh Sugarcane Slip Calendar

Now we want to tell you how to check sugarcane slip clinder, if you also want to know, then follow the process given below step by step so that you can also check sugarcane slip clander.

  • To check the Uttar Pradesh sugarcane slip calendar, first you need to official site Will have to go in
  • Now the option to see the data will come on your home page, you will have to click on that option.
  • Now you have to enter the captcha code, now you click on the view. gnna prchi calender keise dekhe
  • Now a new page will open on your screen in which you will have to enter some information like district factory etc.
  • Now all your information will be open on your screen.

In this way you can check sugarcane slip calendar through website.

Note You can also get information related to Pre-Calendar Sugarcane Calendar Survey Data, Satta Calendar Ganna Tol, SMS Log Supply Ticket through Cane up ganna portal.

How to Install E-Ganna App through Portal

How to install e-Ganna mobile application through website.

  • Now a new page will open on your screen, the option of Install Now will come on your screen, you will have to click on that option, as soon as you click on that option, the application will be installed.

In this way the application can be installed through the portal.

family register copy form

how to download application through mobile

  • To download the mobile application, first you have to go to Google and search the Play Store.
  • Play Store will open on your screen.
  • You have to search by typing e-cane in the search bar.
  • Again a new page will open on your screen in which e-Ganna application will appear on your screen.
  • Now you click on it and click on Install. mobile ke maadhym se application keise download keise kren
  • E-Ganna application will be installed on your mobile phone.

In this way you can install the application through mobile phone.

Question and Answer Related to E-Ganna App

Hope you have liked the information given by us very much, if you want to get any information, then you must tell us in the comment section so that you can get information.

What is cane up ganna?

Cane up ganna is a portal through which sugarcane farmers get various types of information.

What is the purpose of launching the portal?

The main objective of launching the portal is to provide online facility to the farmers.

How to check sugarcane slip calendar.

You can check sugarcane calendar slip online through caneup portal.

What is the full name of mobile application and how is it installed?

The full name of the mobile application is E-Ganna, it is installed through the portal.

Can I make payment through the portal?

Yes, you can also make payment online through the portal.

When was the sugarcane department established in Uttar Pradesh?

In 1935, the Sugarcane Development Department was established in Uttar Pradesh.

Helpline Number Helpline Number

If you want to get any information related to this subject or you have any doubt, then you can contact the helpline number 1800-121-3203 You can contact us so that you can clear your doubts and you can get complete information. caneup helpline number

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