Essay on good use of time

Essay on good use of time Kaal kare so aaj kare, today kare so now, doomsday will happen in a moment, when will the daughter-in-law do? Don’t know how many times you must have heard this couplet from your childhood till now. This couplet of Kabir ji on time (Kaal) reveals a very deep meaning. We all know that time is something that can never be brought back. It is said that time is very powerful and it is also true. The person who has time can achieve any destination. ,Time is money “Time is money”. You can get back the lost money once but once you lose your precious time, you can never get it again.

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good use of time
good use of time

In today’s article we will waste you no time Essay on good use of time Telling to write. With the help of these essays, school children or college students can make good use of their time. essay on ,good use of time Will be able to write easily.

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When nature can follow the time then why can’t we. Everyone has been given an equal amount of time in this world. Every person has 24 hours in a day, be it poor or rich, every person has equal amount of time. No person can ever achieve success in his life without proper use of time. Therefore, for the success of any work, you should respect your time and make good use of it.

Time mixes dust, time gives crown.
Whatever has gone with the time, that’s the rule.

good use of time ,good use of time ,

is one of the most precious things for a human being.TimeWhich you cannot buy even by paying the price. Time once gone does not come back good use of time It is necessary to do No object or any work is completed without time, that is, every work has its own time. When we talk about the good use of time, then we should understand that we should complete any work in time because once this time of yours goes, then you do not get this time even after trying a million times. Using your present time in the right place can make your future. Time is very strange, the more you waste it today, the more it will ruin you.

All those who have become successful, say those people.
make time in your life
good use,

The more you respect your time, the more future time will respect you. Time is very valuable. say that time If it is appreciated after it has passed, then it is called regret, not appreciation. That’s why time should be appreciated in time so that you don’t have to regret for the past in future. You can make good use of your time by getting up early in the morning, get up early in the morning and exercise your mind along with your body, leave your laziness because laziness is the biggest enemy of your success. You must have heardempty mind devil’s house” That’s why never sit idle, keep doing one thing or the other. Manage your time properly Completing most of your tasks on time is the first step to your success.

Time is Money

time is money Means your time is your money and the one who has money in the form of time is the richest. That is, if you want to achieve success in any field, then you have to save your time. Saving time means that you should value your time, it should not be unnecessarily wasted like water. For any businessman, student or responsible person, his time is very precious, he works to save it as much as possible. Or tries to complete his tasks with his own time. Time is yours, if you want, make it gold and if you want, spend it in gold, it depends on you what you choose.

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Importance of time

Time has its own importance in our life. It is said that time is not visible but shows a lot. Where and how much to use the time depends on your understanding. because “You will find many who can repair your watch, but you have to repair your time yourself, so understand the importance of time and respect it. If you are regretting your past time, then note that even in this regret, you are passing your present time, so instead of regretting the past, you should focus on the present time and try to improve it. . The time is always right to do the right things.

Kabir Das ji has also said in one of his couplets that do not postpone your work till tomorrow, do the work that you are thinking of doing tomorrow, do it today and what you have to do today, do it right now because there is no trust of any moment, life is too short. When will you do your work? Means, do your work as soon as possible, otherwise you will not be able to do that work later.

Do it today, do it today, do it now.
Doomsday will happen in a moment, when will Bahuri do it.

time management ,time management)

We make policies for every work in our life before doing it. No work can be successful without any prior policy. Unless you do your work properly, that work will not be completed. Success in life is achieved only by those who know how to properly manage their daily time.

,Time in human life, like Sarita Dhar.
never coming back, gone once,

That’s why a person should know how to manage his time. If you know how to manage your time properly then no one can stop you from being successful. Do not postpone your work, prepare a policy for it and get involved in that work without delay.


,Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved. These sentences said by Swami Vivekananda should be adopted in our life. Time is like a sand which is slipping from your grasp every moment. We cannot stop time, nor does time stop for us. From childhood to youth and from youth to old age, here it is only time that has changed in you. Time holds much more value than money because you can earn back the lost money but you cannot bring back the lost time. So value this time of yours and learn to make good use of it.

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Essay On Samay Ka Sadupyog In Hindi (Good Use Of Time) FAQs

How to make good use of time?

You can make good use of your time by managing it, for this you have to make policies to do your work. In what time, which work has to be done, all these have to be noted and work on it.

How many types of tenses are there?

There are three types of time or time – present tense, past tense, future tense.

How many hours are there in a day?

There are 24 hours in a day.

what is the time ?

Time which is a physical quantity. When time passes, events are happening, time goes on continuously. In simple words, time is the continuous occurrence of events. The time taken by an event to travel from one point to another is called time.

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