Free Fire Advance Server Registration OB36 New Update, Character, Free Diamond

Free Fire Advance Server Registration 2024: Free to Fire is the most popular battleground game in our India country. It was released by Indonesia on September 27, 2017, and it is played primarily online. Players in our country are highly interested in playing this game. On the game’s official website, players can quickly and conveniently register for Free Fire OB36 New Update. However, a separate server has been opened by our Free Fire for individuals who only wish to play the game for a short while.

Name of the server: Free Fire Advance Server A website called Free Fire Advance Server has been opened, allowing anyone interested in the game to sign up. The full stationing process is explained at the end of our article, and by going there, you can register. Check the registration process to register.

Free Fire Advance Server Registration

The person who wants to experience Free Fire in a short amount of time and wants to see what happens inside Free Fire can enjoy this game by registering in Free Fire Advance Servers. An Advance Server is a player who is very connected to Free Fire and the entire process of playing in Free Fire by such a server is given in this server. Additionally, the battle royale video game Free Fire has just introduced a similar platform where players may test out new game features before they are made available to the general public.

After the release of Free Fire, there will be many improvements. Different types of skins, such as Colorful Sword and Colorful Katha Na Baith, will be released in Free Fire. Other types of songs will also be updated, and various skins of various types of granite will be given. Our free fire advanced server’s previous update, OB29, was completed on August 4, 2021. Our free fire advanced server’s new update, OB30, will be completed on September 14, 2024.

Free Fire Advance Server Registration Key Points

Topic Name Free Fire Advance Server Registration
Game Garena Free Fire/ FF Max
Launched on 04 August 2024
Server Name OB24/ OB35/ OB36
PC Version Get Free Fire for PC
Activation Key/ Code Available here
Name Card Free Fire Stylish Names
Rewards Up to 1000 to 2000 Diamonds
official website
FF OB29 apk Download Here

Free Fire is the most popular and most played free fire game in India. This game is played through an online mode in which you must select different types of maps and you can also play with a close friend. In this game, a maximum of four players can join, and after joining, you can play the game on your own map.

Free fire battleground game played online, on mobile devices, etc. In this game, there are many varieties of firearms, beds, katanas, swords, and freebies, as well as various types of tools. Enjoy playing the Free Fire video game.

Free Fire Advance Server Registration Check Process

  • To register for Free Fire Advance Server, you must first visit the official website for Free Fire.
    After clicking on the COW website for Garina Free Fire, a login option will appear; select it.
    Upon selecting this option, you will be prompted to provide information such as your email address, phone number, etc.
    After entering the information, Free Fire Kareena will provide you with a category; enter it.
    Therefore, users that register for the game will obtain a Garena Free Fire code, as Garena will only permit a restricted number of players access to the Free Fire Advance servers.

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