G7 Kya Hai – When was the G7 founded, Headquarters, Member Countries. G7 Countries list

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Every country has its own specialty. Some countries come under the category of developed countries and some in the category of developing countries. Whether a country is developed or developing depends on many important things like per capita income of that country, gross domestic product, technological development etc.

G7 Kya Hai – When was the G7 founded, Headquarters, Member Countries.  G7 Countries list
G7 kya hai ;G7 Countries list

There are more than 195 countries in the world, out of which some countries are big and some are very small. Many countries group with each other for their cultural and economic development of their country like ASEAN SAARC,BRICS,7 (G7) e.t.c. Today we are going to talk about G7 G7 Kya Hai and when G7 was established, its headquarters, member countries, all information will be given to you in this article.

G7 Kya Hai

G-7 which we group of seven It is said that it is an inter-governmental organization, which was started in the year 1975. The G7 is a grouping of the largest modern economies in the world. G7 ie Group of Seven In United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, America, France countries are included. All of them are part of the G20 which includes India.

Group of Seven countries’ global net worth 317 trillion dollars contributes more than 58 percent. among all these 7 countries global economic governance ,International Security and Energy Policy For example, a meeting is held once a year to discuss issues of common interest. In the year 2024, G7 was chaired by Germany.

Key Highlights of Group of Seven ,G7,

G7 full name Group of Seven
G7 members United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, America, France
Russia included in G7 1997 (as 8th member)
G8 came into existence Russia’s accession in 1997
Build 25 March 1973
first G6 summit 15 November 1975
Canada included in G6 in 1976

Establishment of G7)

The G-7 was born on 25 March 1973. After which the leaders of West Germany, Great Britain, the US, Japan and Italy were invited to Rambouillet (France) by the President of France in 1975 to discuss the oil crisis. Before 1975, this group was known as G6. Canada was included in this group in the year 1976, after which the (G-7) group came into existence. This group including Canada and 6 other countries Group of Seven (G-7) is known.

G7 Headquarters

The G7 i.e. Group of Seven does not have any designated Headquarters. Every year in whichever country the G-7 conference is to be held in these south, its main office is made there.

what is G-7 purpose of

Group of Seven It includes the world’s 7 strongest economies such as the US, UK, France, Canada, Japan, Germany and Italy. The goal of all these countries is to protect human rights, to uphold the law, and to continuously develop and discuss global issues and find solutions to them.


  • In the year 1975, West Germany, France, Japan, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the United States together formed the Group of Six. G-6 was formed.
  • to Canada in 1976 G-After which all these countries were included in the group of 6 Group of Seven where did it go.
  • In 1976 the first meeting of the G-7 countries was organized by the United States of America (USA) in Puerto Rico.
  • The European Union began its full-time participation in the G-7 meetings as a non-enumerated member in 1981.
  • In the year 1997, Russia was also included in the group of G-7 countries, after which the G-7 came to be known as G-8, but in the year 2014 due to Crimea dispute Russia was excluded from this group and this group It was again known as the G-7.

G7 Countries list

By the year 2024, G-7 countries contribute 10 percent of the world’s population, 31 percent of global GDP and 21 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. India and China are not part of this group. The following countries are included in the G-7 group which are as follows –

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Canada
  3. Germany
  4. Italy
  5. Japan
  6. America
  7. France

Russia was made a part of this group in the year 1997, after which this group was called ‘G-8’. In 2014, Russia was expelled from the group following the Crimea dispute. After the expulsion of Russia, the G-8 came back to be called the G-7.

G7 summit

  • The G-7 summit is organized every year.
  • Host of this conference G7 Group members are carried out on a rotation basis.
  • different at the summit global issues are discussed and their own ideas are presented for their solution.
  • Apart from the 7 countries of the group, representatives of other countries are also invited to this conference.
  • This G7 The European Union is also invited to the summit.

How does the G7 work?

The G-7 meeting is held every year. The meeting is chaired by the G-7 member states in turn. This conference lasts for 2 days. Where global issues are discussed and strategies are decided to solve them.

Group of Seven Frequently asked questions related to (G7) –

first G6 Where was the summit held?

First in Washington, D.C. Rebilet G6 summits have been held.

in 1977 G7 Who hosted the summit?

in the year 1977 Group of Seven (G7) It was hosted by the United Kingdom.

Group of Seven (G-7) When was it established?

group of seven was established in the year 1975.

In which year Russia was included in G-7?

In 1997, Russia was included in the G-7 group, after which it came to be known as ‘G-8’.

Due to which dispute Russia was separated from G-7 in the year 2014?

Rush withdrew from the G-7 group in 2014 following the Crimea dispute. After Russia joined the G-7, the G-7 group became known as the ‘G-8’ group. This group was again called the G-7 after Russia broke away from the group in 2014.

When is the G-7 summit organized?

The G-7 summit is organized every year.

Where was the G-7 summit held in the year 2019?

In the year 2019, the G-7 summit was held in France.

India participated in the G-7 (erstwhile G-8 group) conferences during the tenure of which Prime Minister?

During the reign of Manmohan Singh, India participated in the G-7 conferences 5 times.

Where and when was the 48th G7 summit held?

The 48th G7 summit was held from 26 to 28 June 2024 in Schloss Elmo in the Bavarian Alps, Germany.

Which G7 summit was held in 2024?

The 48th G7 summit was held in the year 2024.

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