Ganga Ka Paryayvachi Shabd Hindi & English. Synonyms of ganga

Ganga, which we give the status of mother, is the most sacred river of India. Do you know by what other names the river Ganges is known? If not then this article is for you only. In today’s article we will give you Ganga Ka Paryayvachi Shabd Hindi & English Will give information about Also, you will be able to know what are synonyms.

Ganga Ka Paryayvachi Shabd
Ganga Ka Paryayvachi Shabd

here you Synonyms of ganga (Hindi and English) Will get to know in both. Along with this, you will also be able to know what is the difference between the synonyms of Ganga ji.

synonym of ganga ,Ganga Ka Paryayvachi Shabd Hindi & English)

Words having the same meaning are called synonyms. A word is also known by many other names which mean the same thing. Synonyms are also called synonyms. Here you are given the synonyms of Ganga. You will be able to know other names of Ganga by which she is known.

synonyms of ganga in hindi

  1. Bhagirathi
  2. Sursarita
  3. Vishnupadi
  4. Vishnupaga
  5. Devnadi
  6. Jhanvi
  7. Mandakini
  8. Devnadi
  9. devpaga
  10. Dhruvananda
  11. Amartarangini
  12. nadishwari
  13. surasari
  14. tripathaga

Synonyms of Ganga In English,

Below you will find Synonyms of ganga The list of (Ganga Ka Paryayvachi shabd) is given –

  1. Bhageerathee (Bhagirathi)
  2. Devapaga (Devpaga)
  3. Dhruvananda (Dhruvananda)
  4. Vishnupaga (Vishnupaga)
  5. Devanadee (Devanadi)
  6. Mandaakinee (Mandakini)
  7. Surasarita (Surasarita)
  8. Devanadee (Devanadi)
  9. Jaahnavee (Jhanvi)
  10. Surasari (Surasari)
  11. Amarataranginee (Amartarangini)
  12. Vishnupadee (Vishnupadi)
  13. Nadeeshvaree (Nadishwari)
  14. Tripathaga (Tripathaga)

Other synonyms:-

Synonyms of Ganga (Hindi & English) FAQs –

What is the synonym of Ganga?

The synonyms of Ganga are Bhagirathi, Sursarita, Vishnupadi, Vishnupaga, Devnadi etc.

Ganga Ka Paryayvachi Shabd English What are I in?

Bhageerathee ,Devapaga, Dhruvananda ,Vishnupaga ,Devanadee Adi is a synonym of Ganga.

Whose synonym is Bhagirathi?

Bhagirathi is synonymous with Ganga.

What is the synonym of river Ganges?

Jahnavi, Mandakini, Devnadi, Devpaga, Dhruvananda etc. are synonyms of river Ganges.

By what other names is Ganga known?

Ganga is known by many other names like Jahnavi, Devnadi, Bhagirathi.

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