generation of computer in hindi

Many factors work behind the development of any object. The development of man also took place slowly to adapt to the changes taking place in his understanding and environment. You all must know the importance of electronic devices in our daily needs. Whether it is a mobile phone or a computer, we find ourselves surrounded by these. Talk about human life or any other thing, along with the change of time, many changes are seen which are also necessary. Today in this article we Going to talk about the computer contributing to the development of life. Today you can see generations of computers (generation of computers) in Hindi.

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generation of computers
generation of computers

Do you know first generation of computer When was it developed? if not today you Generation of computer Information about will be given. So let’s know in detail about the generations of computers.

generation of computer in hindi

article name Generation Of Computer
first generation of computer 1946-1956
second generation of computer 1956–1964
third generation of computer 1964–1971
fourth generation of computer 1971-1985
fifth generation of computer since 1985
current year 2024 -25

computer generations

Till now there have been five generations of computers. The first electronic computer computer was invented in 1945. This first electronic computer was called the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator (ENIAC). Since 1945, the pace of invention of computer got a new direction. John Vincent Atanasoff, J. Presper Eckert, and John Mauchly ENIAC in 1945 (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was invented.

Compared to today’s computers, earlier computers were much heavier and more complicated to maintain. In the generations of computers, there has been a lot of change not only in the size but also in the speed of their operation and work. With the changes happening over time in the generation of computers, many tasks of human life have become easier. At the time when computers were developed, their sizes were also very large. Vacuum tubes, magnetic drums, many air-conditioners were used in first generation computers. Over time, the microprocessor of ULSIC (Ultra Large Scale Integrated Circuit) chip is used instead of VLSIC in today’s computers.

computer generation type

First Generation Computeruse of vacuum tubes
based on five cards
use a lot of ac
1946 -1956
Second generation computertransistor experiment
faster speed
Use of languages ​​like COBOL and FORTRAN
Printer and operating system usage
1956 -1964
Third Generation ComputerUse of Integrated Circuit or IC 1964 -1971
Fourth Generation ComputerUse of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated) 1971-1985
Fifth Generation ComputerUse of ULSIC (Ultra Large Scale Integrated Circuit) since 1985 till now

First Generation of Computer (First Generation Computer)

Computers, which have contributed to make human life easier, used to be very heavy in weight earlier. first generation of computerFirst Generation of ComputerSpeaking of ) its time [1945to1955 Till is considered. Do you know Who invented the first electronic computer? in 1945 John Vincent Atanasoff, J. Presper Eckert, and John Mauchly first electronic computer ENIAC was invented. this invention University of Pennsylvania was done in The special thing about this computer is that vacuum tubes were used in it.

First Generation Computer
First Generation Computer

Due to their large size, it was difficult to maintain them. 18000 Vacuum Tubes were installed in these computers, due to which their size was also very large. The first generation computers used to be large in size that large rooms were required to keep them. These computers were spread over 1800 square feet. Along with 200 kilowatt electric power, about 70 thousand registers and 10 thousand capacitors were used in these computers.

If seen comparatively, there is a lot of difference in today’s generation compared to the first generation of computers. In today’s time, there has been a reduction in the size of computers. Along with being in size, today’s computers are far ahead of the first 4 generations in comparison to the speed of work.

Examples of First Generation of Computer

  • ENIAC (Electronic numerical integrator and computer)
  • UNIVAC (Universal Automatic Computer)
  • EDSAC (Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator)
  • EDVAC (Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer)
  • MARK-I

Second Generation Of Computers (second generation of computers)

second generation computer
second generation computer

Computers from 1956 to 1964 have been considered as the second generation of computers. Transistors were used in these computers. Transistors were much better than the vacuum tubes used in first generation computers. The transistor used in the second generation of computers was invented by William Shockley and his associates in the year 1947.

Second Generation Computers first generation They were smaller in size than computers. Programming languages ​​such as Cobol, Snowbol and Fortran were developed in the second generation computers. Not only this, the computers of this generation did not get too hot when running for a long time and the capacity to store data in them was also more than the computers of the first generation. Magnetic Core Memory was used to save data in other computers.

Examples of Second Generation of Computer

  • PDP-I
  • NCR-304
  • IBM-1401
  • IBM-7000
  • IBM-1620

Third Generation of Computer ,third generation of computer ,

third generation of computers

From 1964 to 1971, the development of computers accelerated. All computers that came between 1964 and 1971 are considered to be of the third generation. In this generation of computers, instead of transistors Integrated Circuit (IC) was used. Did you know that third generation computers (Third Generation of Computer) Who invented the Integrated Circuit Chip?

tell you that Integrated Circuit (IC) was invented by Jack Kilby in 1958. with the help of this chip third generation Of computerS’s work capacity increased as well as their size decreased significantly compared to earlier computers. They became smaller in size and more data was being stored easily by them. Moving third generation computers from one place to another was also easier than before. third generation Of computer Operating System was used in

Examples of Third Generation of Computer

  • IBM 960
  • IBM-370 / 168
  • CDC-1700
  • PDP II
  • TDC-316
  • Honeywell-6000

Fourth Generation of Computer (fourth generation of computer ,

fourth generation of computers

The beginning of the fourth generation of computers is considered from 1971. Microprocessors were used in computers from 1971 to 1985. Fourth Generation of Computer In place of Integrated Circuit Chip VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated) had taken Operating System like GUI ie Graphical User Interface was used in computers of this generation. Intel introduced its first Micro Processor in 1971. The size of microcomputers was so small that you can take them anywhere.

Examples of Fourth Generation of Computer

  • DEC-10
  • STAR-1000
  • IBM-4341
  • PPR-II

Fifth generation of computers ,fifth generation of computer,

fifth generation of computers

All computers since 1985 fifth generation placed in The special thing about the fifth generation computer is that in place of VLSIC ULSIC (Ultra Large Scale Integrated Circuit) The chip has been used as a Micro Processor. fifth generation computer AI i.e artificial intelligence is being used. Fifth generation of computer High level language is used in it like- Python, C, C++, java Etcetera. Computers of this generation are used in many important fields like Engineering, Researches, Defense.

Examples of Fifth Generation of Computer

  • desktop
  • Notebook
  • ultrabooks
  • chromebook
  • laptops
  • palm top
  • Param

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about generations of computers

How many generations of computers have been there so far?

There are five generations of computers. Currently there is fifth generation of computer.

What were the first generation computers like?

Vacuum tubes were used in the first generation computers. All computers from 1946 to 1956 are first generation computers.

What was used in the second generation computer?

Transistors were used in second generation computers. Computers from 1956 to 1964 are second generation computers.

Who invented the transistor used in Second Generation computers?

The transistor was invented in America in 1947 by William Shockley and his associates.

How long was the duration of the third generation computer?

The period of the third generation of computers was from 1965–1971. Integrated circuits (IC) were used in computers of this generation.

What are the third generation computers?

Examples of 3rd generation computer are – IBM 960, IBM 370, CDC -1700, PDP II

Fourth Generation of Computer Which one is it?

IBM-4341, DEC-10, STAR-1000, PPR-II are examples of fourth generation computers.

What was used in the fourth generation computer?

of computer 4th generation Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) was used in place of Integrated Circuit.

Fifth Generation of Computer Which high-level language is used in

C and C++, Java, .Net etc. are used in fifth generation computers.

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