Haryana Ration Card List – Haryana Ration Card List

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Haryana Ration Card List :- The Public Distribution System (PDS) in the country is supplying food grains and essential commodities to a large number of poor through a network of shops at subsidized prices on a recurring basis. With a network of more than 51879 lakh fair price shops, it will be the largest distribution network of its kind in the world, claiming to distribute goods worth over Rs 15,000 crore annually to about 30 crore households. Haryana Ration Card List The families covered under this can be a part of all these benefits.

Different types of ration cards are issued by the central government on the basis of income and social status. These ration cards vary according to their color as well as the facility provided. We all know that the government has placed people in different categories on the basis of their economic, gender and social status. On this basis, various government and non-government schemes have been provided to all these sections. Haryana Ration Card List By reading the article carefully, you will get to know about various facts related to ration card.

Haryana Ration Card List
Haryana Ration Card List – View Haryana Ration Card List Online

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Haryana Ration Card List

PDS Haryana Ration Card List-Haryana government has declared APL above poverty line, BPL below poverty line (whose annual income is less than 10,000) and Antoday families are the poorest, in which those people are unemployed, elderly or who have no means of income. e.t.c. Separate ration cards have been issued for all these categories. Nargi colored ration cards are provided to APL families.

BPL families get red color ration cards and Antodaya families get yellow color cards. In this way we have seen that keeping in view the situation and requirement of the people, different ration cards have been prepared and distributed by the state government.

APL/BPL/AAY Haryana Ration Card List 2024 Highlights

ArticleHaryana Ration Card List 2024
DepartmentFood and Supplies Department, Haryana
The year 2024
Categoryration card list
purposecheap cereals
official websitehr.epds.nic.in
mobile appclick here

(Registration) Haryana Employment Fair

Check Name in Haryana Ration Card List (Haryana Ration Card List)

Main Benefits of Haryana Ration Card ,Haryana Ration Card List,

  • The card is given to the person or family living in the state on the basis of his economic status.
  • The basis of card distribution is financial status and not community, gender, religion etc.
  • The card holder can use his card to get voter ID card, vehicle license.
  • Ration card holder can use the card as his identity card.
  • Ration card holders can buy food items like wheat, rice, sugar, edible oil, kerosene etc. from the ration shop at cheap prices from the market.
  • After the corona epidemic in the country, the central government provided unprecedented assistance to 80 crore citizens by giving a relief package in ration.

How to do online farmer registration on Haryana e-procurement portal

Classification of Haryana Ration Card

Ration card is created and distributed on the basis of the economic condition of its holder. Having a separate ration card varies the facilities provided to the holder. For the ease and error of the cardholder and the ration distributor, the ration card has been classified differently.

Haryana Ration Card List

  • APL Ration Card – APL ration card is given to the residents found in the above poverty line status in the state. This ration card holder is provided 15 kg ration every month. The color of the card is green.
  • BPL Ration Card – BPL ration cards are given to the families living below the poverty line in the state. The families who will have this type of ration card will get 25 kg ration every month. The color of the ration card will be yellow.
  • AAY Ration Card – Those people of the state who are living in extreme poverty, whose means of income are not fixed, are idle or unable to work. AAY ration card holder is provided 35 kg ration every month. It is easy for the Antyodaya card holder to get scholarship and job for his children. Ration card will be of pink color.
fair price shop for ration card
  • First of all you have to “Haryana AePDS” official website of epos.haryanafood.gov.in have to open
  • When the website is opened, move the cursor to the “FPS” option on the home menu and click on FPS DetailsHaryana Ration Card fair price shop option on home menu
  • You will get the district wise list of “FPS Details” on the new windowHaryana Ration Card fair price shop district selection
  • You have to choose the district of your ration cardHaryana Ration Card fair price shop selecting afso name
  • The new list will be of “ASO FPS” of the respective district, choose according to your card
  • You will be able to see the list of vendors by region of your cord.

cashless shop for ration card

  • First of all you have to go to the official site of “Haryana AePDS” https://epos.haryanafood.gov.in/index.jsp
  • You have to move the cursor to the “Cashless” option on the home menu of the websiteHaryana Ration cashless shop name
  • You have to choose “Shopes” from the three options under it
  • You will get the list of cashless shops in the new window.

online complaint for haryana ration card

  • First of all you have to open the official website of “Haryana AePDS”
  • “Grievance” option has to be selected on the home menu of the websiteHaryana Ration Registering complaint
  • The online complaint system window will open on your browser.
  • You have to select the first option “Lodge your grievance”Haryana Ration Selecting post your complaint here
  • You will receive an online Grievance FormHaryana Ration Card Registering complaint form
  • Under the form, the complaint details, grievance details to, grievance details etc. have to be filled.
  • After filling all the information, press the submit button.

Check Haryana Ration Card Online Complaint Status

  • First of all open the official website of Haryana AePDS
  • Select the “Grievance” option on the home menu of the website
  • You will get two options in online complaint system in new window
  • Checking Grievance Status has to be clicked from both the options
  • In the new window enter the complaint number and mobile number and press the submit buttonHaryana Ration Selecting checking complaint status
  • The current status of your complaint will be displayed to you.

Some questions of Haryana Ration Card List

Where is the name seen in the Haryana Ration Card List?

The card holder can check the name list on the official website of the department on their computer or mobile.

Whose name appears in the Haryana Ration List?

In the ration card list, who has applied for the card or the person whose card has been made.

Can we use the print of the ration card list displayed on the website?

No, the list on the website has been put up for the purpose of viewing the name and other information only.

What to do in case of loss of password of ration website?

Select the Reset option while login to the department’s website, the password will be sent to the registered email id.

What are the helpline numbers for any other query/problem related to HP Ration Card?

To get any other type of information related to ration, you can contact on toll free number 18001802087 and 1967 (from BSNL).

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