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As you all know that police, army or guards have weapons. But when it comes to common citizens, the same question comes in mind that can common citizens also keep arms/guns with them? So the answer is yes. A common citizen can also keep firearms with him. It is very important for you to know under what conditions a common citizen can keep a weapon / arms license with him. Every person has the right to defend himself under which he has the right to get a license for arms. Arms Act 1959 It has been provided under. In the article below we will give you How to apply for arms license? Will tell the process of this. Readers will also be given information about the rule of Firearms license renewal in the article.

Application for Arms License
Firearms License Renewal

Arms License Online

you can apply for arms license online You can do this by visiting the website. NDAL-ALIS has been developed by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The portal will enable industries or entrepreneurs to apply for licenses related to the manufacture of arms or ammunition and arms license citizens applying for Arms Act 1959 And Arms Rules 2016 Under arms license facility has been provided. Citizens are provided with the benefit of 29 services on the NDAL-ALIS portal.

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Key Highlights of Firearms License Renewal

article name How to apply for arms license?
Ministry Ministry of Home Affairs Government of India
beneficiary All eligible citizens of India
Objective Providing online arms license to citizens
Portal Name NDAL ALIS
official website
Year 2024

arms/gun license apply documents

You cannot carry any weapon without a license. In particular, you must have a license to carry a gun. if you also guns If you want to take arms/gun license Have to apply for. You will need the following documents for arms license –

  • manifesto
  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • Two passport size photographs (latest)
  • fitness certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • permanent residence proof
  • Documents proving the valid source and nature of the type of weapon being used by the applicant
  • Mobile number etc.

Note ,Along with the application related to the arms license, you have to submit the documents depending on the nature of the arms license and its requirement.

eligibility conditions for gun license

  • Arms license will not be given to such persons against whom any serious criminal case is registered.
  • To obtain a gun license, the applicant must be physically and mentally fit.
  • arms license You have to state the requirement of possessing a gun/weapon to obtain it.
  • You also have to tell from whom and why you are in danger of life.
  • The age of the applicant should be 21 years or more.

Rules for Firearms License Renewal

  • Arms license will be renewed at Tehsil level.
  • Renewal of arms license to SDM (Firearms License Renewal ) shall have the right.
  • license renewal The fee for the same has been kept at Rs 1500.
  • gun license renewal The fee is to be deposited in the bank by the licensed person in the form of a challan.
  • license renewal You will be charged a late fee of Rs 2000 for delay.

arms license arms license fee

Below you have been given information about how much fee will be payable for the license according to the Arms Rules-2016 –

  • For Hand Guns/Revolvers/Pistols (Restricted and Permissible) you have to pay a fee of Rs 1000 at the time of grant. you for 3 years license renewal The fee is 1500.
  • Center fire rifle (semi-automatic) any prohibited firearm of class b or class c – license fee 1000 at the time of grant and for 3 years license renewal The fee is 3000 per day.
  • For breech loading center fire rifles (not semi-automatic) License fee 1000 at the time of grant and for 3 years license renewal 1500 has to be paid as fee.
  • 22 bore rim fire rifles (semi-automatic) license fee at the time of grant -1000 rupees for the year license renewal Fee 1500

arm license period

guns license Earlier it was issued for 3 years. But at present the time limit of the license has been reduced to 5 years. As soon as the period of 5 years of your license is over, you will have to renew Have to do For license renewal, you have to pay the license fee once again.

how to apply for arms license , (how to apply for arms license)

if you too Application for Online Gun License If you want to do this then follow the steps given below –

  • step-1: first of all you Online Gun License Apply For ARMS LICENSE ONLINE Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India official website of Must visit.
  • As soon as you go to the website, the home page of the website opens on your screen.
  • on the home page you will find in the menu bar Apply Online (Online Application) option is available. apply online for gun license
  • as soon as you Apply Online Click on it, a new page will open on your screen. Where you get to see many options.
  • from here you Apply Here Click on the option.

Step-2: Select the option of state home department/DM/SDM/other/MHA

  • as soon as you apply here Click on it, a new page will open on your screen. Application for Arms License
  • From here you get to see 2 options. ,
    • ministry of home affairs -manufacturer only
    • state home department/DM/SDM/other/MHA
  • from the above two options state home department/DM/SDM/other/MHA to be selected.
  • On your screen as soon as you select your option Category, State, district,Name of License Authority, Service They come application form for arms license
  • You have to select category state, district service etc. from here.
  • As soon as you select all the options, an application form will open on your screen.
Step-3 : Fill the application form for arms license –
  • The applicant has to fill his Personal Information (Personal Information), Address (Address) etc. in the application form. now at the bottom NEXT You have to click on the button.
  • As soon as you click on Next, you will have to upload the required documents.
  • After the documents are uploaded, now from this page you will get GUN /arms,arms has to be selected.
  • You also have to keep in mind that you will have to buy the same gun or weapon for which you are applying for the gun license.
  • At last you have to submit the application form.
  • As soon as you submit your application form, you will receive the application number on the registered mobile number.
  • This application numberTo you app status Will be useful to check.
  • In this way, by the method given above, you apply for arms license online Can

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to how to apply for Arms license-

We Apply for arms license how many days after doing your arms license /Can get arms license?

After you apply arms license No time limit has been set for when it will be received.

What to do if the arms license (arms license) is rejected/rejected?

Arms License (arms licenseIn case the application made for ) is rejected, you can appeal under Section 18 of the Arms Act, 1959 and Arms Rules, 1962.

What arms license Can the application related to be rejected / rejected?

Yes! Your application for arms license can be rejected. You arms license The reasons for rejection of the application made for the same can be known by the licensing authority.

Is an arms license required for air guns?

Some air guns, air rifles, air pistols have been exempted from the requirement of arms license if they meet the prescribed standards as per the special terms and conditions.

Can we use any kind of weapons/Firearms Can apply directly from Ministry of Home Affairs?

No ! You have to send the application for both PB and NPB arms to the Licensing Office under the District Authority.

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