How to do Court Marriage? Terms and Conditions, Fees, Documents, Application Process Court Marriage Process

nowadays many people court marriage Considered a better option. Court marriage is an easy way to become legally husband and wife. Court marriage not only avoids the long-lasting marriage function, but also legally gives a couple the status of husband and wife at a low cost, after which they can live together.

How to do Court Marriage?  Terms and Conditions, Fees, Documents, Application Process Court Marriage Process
court marriage process in hindi

Hearing the name of court marriage, many questions would be cropping up in your mind; As court marriage How to do? What is its process and what are its terms and conditions? Which documents may be needed? Today we are going to tell you everything. In today’s article, you will learn the process of court marriage in Hindi (court marriage process in hindi) will be able to know. court marriage How to apply for and for all the necessary information related to it, definitely read the article completely.

How to do court marriage?

Now people have started preferring court marriage which gives legal status of husband and wife in a short time without much expenditure, instead of marriage with Band Baja. Where you have to spend lakhs in weddings and have to host separately, that is a different headache. Instead of this, you can keep both your money and time safe by having a court marriage.

Marriages in the court take place under the Court Marriage Special Marriage Act 1954. Under which boys or girls of all religions and castes can marry provided they are adults and fulfill the terms and conditions of court marriage. You have to first apply for court marriage, for this you have to give notice to the registrar. Before the court marriage, the bride and groom and the witnesses have to sign a declaration before the marriage officer. And for this you have to pay a fee of 500 to 1000 rupees. In special circumstances, this cost may increase.

court marriage terms and conditions

If you are also thinking of doing court marriage, then you should read some rules carefully before that, lest your dream of court marriage gets shattered. Yes, if you are going to have a court marriage, then take a look at the terms and conditions given below –

  • The couple doing the court marriage i.e. both the boy or the girl should not be already bound by any marriage.
  • If anyone’s boy or girl has been married in the past, then it should not be valid or the husband or wife associated with the first marriage has died.
  • If the boy and girl are related to each other as brothers and sisters, then even in this situation, the girl and boy of Hindu religion cannot do court marriage with each other.
  • The mental and physical condition of both the boy or the girl getting married should be correct.
  • Court marriage can happen between any religion or caste, but for this both boy and girl must be adults. The age of the boy should be above 21 and the age of the girl should be above 18.
  • At the time of marriage, consent of both the bride and groom is necessary, that is, both should join the marriage willingly.
  • As per a rule, either of the parties desirous of marriage, such as boy or girl, should have resided in the same city where they want to marry for 30 days before giving notice of their marriage.

Benefits of court marriage

  • If you get married in a court, it doesn’t cost you much.
  • Apart from getting married at a low cost, you also get a marriage certificate which acts as a legal document.
  • Spouse visa is required for going abroad, at that time the court marriage certificate is very useful.
  • court marriage certificate It is useful in joint property, joint work etc.

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Important Documents and fee for Court Marriage

A minimum fee of Rs 1000 is charged for court marriage but you may have to spend Rs 10,000 to 20,000 including paperwork and lawyers. court marriage For this you will need the following documents –

  • Application form (in which all the information has been filled)
  • PAN card and identity card of both boy and girl
  • Passport size photographs of both the married couple i.e. boy and girl
  • Residence certificate of boy and girl
  • 10th mark sheet
  • If the boy or girl is divorced then in this case the divorce papers
  • Death certificate of first husband wife in case of widow woman/girl or widower boy
  • photo of witnesses at the time of marriage

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Court Marriage Process In Hindi (Application Process)

Nowadays people have less time. Who would want to turn down the option of marriage in temples or courts for the sake of busy lifestyle and saving money. When it comes to court marriage, the first question that comes in our mind is what is the process of court marriage and how to start it? So let’s know in detail –

  • To get married in court, you have to first inform the marriage officer of your district.
  • You have to give this information in writing, that is, for this, the couple, boy and girl, who want to get married, should be given written information by both the parties.
  • You will inform the court marriage to the marriage officer of your district.
  • While giving information, you also have to provide necessary documents of your age and residence.

Step-2 Process of marriage in court

  • As soon as you give information about your marriage, then this information is published by the marriage officer.
  • A photocopy of the notice given by you is affixed at a specific place in the office and its second copy is published in the district office where the marriage parties are permanently resident.
  • After this, if any person has any kind of objection to this marriage, then he can register himself. This person can be a close relative or a distant relative of both the bride and groom.
  • If there is any precise basis for the registered objection, then in such a situation the registered objections are investigated.

step 3

  • This objection can be registered in front of the marriage officer of the concerned district.
  • It is necessary to investigate by the Marriage Officer within 1 month of raising the objection.
  • If any of the objections lodged is found to be correct, then the marriage/marriage cannot be solemnized.
  • If such objection is accepted, then either party can file an appeal.
  • You can file this appeal in your local District Court under the jurisdiction of the Marriage Officer.
  • This appeal can be filed within 1 month from the date of acceptance of the objection.

step 4

  • In the presence of the marriage officer, both the parties i.e. boy and girl and three witnesses, sign the Declaration of Court Marriage. The format of this declaration is provided in Schedule 111 of the Act.
  • The marriage officer signs this declaration after the signatures of the boy, girl and three witnesses.
  • Court marriage is performed in the office of the marriage officer or at any place within a reasonable distance around it.
  • In the presence of the Marriage Officer, the form of bridegroom i.e. boy and bride i.e. girl is accepted.
  • A certificate is entered by the Marriage Officer in the Marriage Certificate Paper Book.
  • If both the parties are signed by the bride and groom and three other witnesses, then this certificate is the conclusive proof of Court Marriage.

Court Marriage Process FAQs –

How to do Court Marriage?

Citizens living in India can apply for court marriage, they have to first give notice to the registrar.

If we want to do court marriage then what documents will we need for this?

For court marriage, apart from the application form and the prescribed fee, passport size photo of both bride and groom, identity card, 10th and 12th marksheet or birth certificate, affidavit, photo of witnesses and pan card, if boy or girl. If someone is divorced, then the divorce papers etc.

Can I get divorce after court marriage?

Yes but you cannot get divorce for one year after court marriage. But in some special circumstances divorce can be taken.

Under which act is the registration of marriages done in India?

Registration of marriage in the country can be done under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 or the Special Marriage Act 1954.

From which year the Supreme Court has made registration of marriage compulsory?

Since 2006, the Supreme Court has made registration of marriages mandatory.

Why is marriage registration certificate required?

It is required for opening new bank accounts, applying for visas, applying for passports, etc. Marriage Registration Certificate is the proof that you are married.

Under which act the marriage is solemnized in the court?

The marriage takes place in the court under the Special Marriage Act 1954.

legal age for court marriage What should happen?

For Court Marriage, the age of the boy should be above 21 and the age of the girl should be above 18.

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