How to do the first Karva Chauth

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First Karva Chauth: Friends, as you know that in Hindu religion, different festivals are celebrated according to different dates in the calendar throughout the year, whether we talk about Holi, Buddha Purnima, Navratri, Diwali etc. Date and time in Hindu year calendar for all festivals. is defined. But friends, today we will talk about the Karva Chauth fast celebrated by Hindu married women. Friends, Karva Chauth Vrat festival is celebrated by married Hindu women on the basis of Hindu year calendar. full moon of kartik month is celebrated on the fourth day of let me tell you Karwa Chauth Vrat is a festival mainly celebrated in North and West India.

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first karva chauth
How to do the first Karva Chauth? Know about the rules and story of Karva Chauth fasting.

On the day of Karva Chauth, Hindu married women observe a fast for the long life of their husband and happiness, peace and prosperity of the family. For your information, let us tell you that in this year 13th of October Women all over the country will observe this Karva Chauth fast. Friends, in the next article we will tell you karva chauth We are going to give information about the method, rules and mythological traditions and beliefs related to this fast, along with this you will also know how women who observe this Karva Chauth fast for the first time can observe the fast. Let’s go ahead in the article and know about all these things.

How to observe the first Karva Chauth fast?

Let us tell you that Karva Chauth fast is a difficult Nirjara fast. In this fast, married women have to fast for the whole day by giving up food and water. The newly married women who are going to observe Karva Chauth fast for the first time should keep the following things in mind. We have explained all these things in detail further in our article, you can read –

  • As we have already told you that every year a large number of newly married women across the country observe this fast. On the day of Karva Chauth, for the long life of their husband, newly married women have to observe Nirjara fast in the evening before the moon rises without eating anything and drinking.
  • According to the traditions of Karva Chauth fasting, for the fast, women have to dress like a bride and sit in the worship of the fast with 16 makeups. A woman’s makeup is considered auspicious for Karva Chauth.
  • Let us tell you that while getting ready for the fast, you can wear a red wedding dress like a new bride. Otherwise, Karva Chauth fast can be done even by wearing a lehenga and wedding dupatta. Apart from this, you have the option that you can do this fast by wearing a red color saree.
  • It is believed that any newly married woman who is observing this fast for the first time should take the blessings of elders in her house.
  • According to the belief of Karva Chauth, the mother-in-law of the newly married woman gives sweets, clothes and makeup items to her daughter-in-law in the form of Sargi. Similarly, the items of fasting and makeup coming from the maternal home of the woman are called Baya. In which sweets, clothes and gifts are given to the woman from the maternal side.
  • According to the worship method of the fast, the daughter-in-law has to eat the sweets and food items of Sargi given by the mother-in-law before 4 in the morning. In the same way, after moonrise in the evening, the newly married woman has to complete her fast by eating sweets and food items that have come from her maternal home.
  • For your information, let us tell you that on the day of fasting, women have to listen to the Karva Chauth fasting story between 4 pm to 5 pm after reciting the worship according to the complete method. If you believe the opinion of scholars, then you can drink tea or juice after worshiping. Consumption of fruits and other food items is prohibited in Karva Chauth fast.
  • After worshiping in the evening, women have to perform aarti of the moon and husband by placing a lamp in a sieve when the moon comes out in the night, after which the woman has to offer water to the moon god with a small earthen pot i.e. Karva. After offering Arghya to the moon, seeing the face of her husband through a sieve, one has to break the fast by taking water from the husband’s hands.
  • In this way, your Karva Chauth fast is completed according to the entire law.

Know what does Karva mean?

Friends, for your information, let us tell you that Karva means (a small pot or pot made of black clay) in Sanskrit on Karva Chauth. Kadak Chaturthi referred to by the name of. Similarly, Chauth means the Chaturthi date that comes after the full moon of Kartik month of the Hindu year calendar, which represents the fourth day. Let us tell you that water is offered to the moon by this ritual.

Mythology related to Karva Chauth?

Friends, there are many mythological stories related to Karva Chauth in our Puranas. (mythology) is prevalent. Friends, here we will tell you about those stories of Karva Chauth fast which are heard a lot during the fast. These stories are as follows –

  • First Story: Friends, the first story of Karva Chauth is related to Mahabharata period. According to the legend, when Arjuna, one of the five Pandava sons, had gone to the Nilgiri Mountains to do penance, many kinds of troubles were created by the Kauravas for the rest of the Pandava sons, which threatened the life of the Pandavas. To solve all these problems, when Draupadi, wife of Pandavas went to Lord Shri Krishna, Shri Krishna told Draupadi about Kartik Krishna Chaturthi or Karva Chauth fast. The troubles and sufferings of Pandava sons and Arjuna will end only when you observe this Karva Chauth fast as told by me. After this Draupadi observed this fast, then all the troubles that came upon the Pandavas were averted and they got back their snatched kingdom. Just since then it is believed that the practice of fasting Karva Chauth started in the world.
  • Second story: Another story of Karva Chauth is mentioned in the Puranas. According to this legend, when a person named Satyavan died in ancient times, Yamraj came to collect his soul. When Yamraj came to earth and started carrying Satyavan’s soul, Satyavan’s wife Savitri prayed to Yamraj and started begging for her husband’s life. But Yamraj ignored the words of Savitri, who was crying and sat down in one place and started crying. Savitri was not seen crying and lamenting like this from Yamraj, the god of death. Seeing the condition of Savitri, Yamraj asked for some boon. To this Savitri says, O Yamraj ji, spare my husband’s life and give him life. But Yamraj said, “O Goddess, life and death are all predetermined by law, which cannot be changed, but Yamraj was forced to give life to Satyavan after repeated requests from Savitri. Seeing her husband alive, Savitri’s face lit up and both of them thanked Yamraj. Friends, all this happened because Savitri had done Karva Chauth fast with full devotion and devotion while Satyavan was alive. After this it is believed that after listening to this story of Savitri, people started fasting on Karva Chauth.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Karva Chauth 2024:
16 What is makeup?

The 16 items and functions of decoration used in the woman’s own makeup have been kept in the category of sixteen makeup, they are as follows –
1 bindi, 2 vermilion, 3 kajal, 4 mehndi, 5 bangles, 6 mangal sutras, 7 naths, 8 gajras, 9 maang tika, 10 earrings, 11 armbands, 12 waistbands, 13 bichiyas, 14 anklets, 15 rings and 16 baths.

When is Karva Chauth in the year 2024?

According to the Hindu year calendar, in the year 2024, on the 13th of October, Karva Chauth fast will be celebrated all over the country.

What is the auspicious time of worship of Karva Chauth 2024?

According to astrology experts, the timing of the Muhurta for the worship of Karva Chauth Vrat will be from 6.1 pm to 7.15 pm.

When will the moon come out on the day of Karva Chauth, October 13, 2024?

According to astrologers, the time of rising of the moon on October 13, 2024 i.e. on the day of Karva Chauth is 8:19 minutes.

What happens on Karva Chauth?

Friends, the goods of Karva Chauth fast coming from the maternal home of the newly married woman are called Baya. In this Baya, items of sweets, gifts, makeup etc. are sent from the woman’s house to her in-laws’ house.

Apart from clay karva, which metal made karva can be used in Karwa Chauth fast?

According to scholars, apart from earthen karva, you can use karva made of copper.

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