How to get Aay Praman Patra Income Certificate?

Aay Praman Patra It can also be called income certificate. It is a document with the help of which the annual income of any person or his family is accounted for. This document is used in many places. Nowadays, certificates are required for every work. What is Income Certificate? / Aay Praman Patra What is the use of? / How to make it? You have to read this article carefully to get all these information.

If you want to apply for any government job or want to take advantage of any government scheme, then many certificates are required for that. Aay Praman Patra It is also one of these certificates. It is one of the very important document.

How to make Income Certificate?  - Aay Praman Patra
How to make Income Certificate? – Aay Praman Patra

Where is income certificate required?

Aay Praman Patra may be required by the beneficiary citizens in the following form.

  • If you want to take any type of loan whether it is home loan or if you want to take loan for higher education, then you have to Aay Praman Patra Will definitely need it.
  • If you want to take a house on rent, then you have to give your property to the landlord. income certificate Have to give
  • In government or private hospital if you want to get treatment for free or at low cost income certificate is required.
  • Even if you want to take advantage of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, then you should Aay Praman Patra Will need
  • You also need to make documents like ration card income certificate will be required.
  • It is also used to get relief money to the victims when a disaster strikes.
  • Aay Praman Patra Through this, you can easily get the benefits of various types of schemes run by the government.

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Benefits of Income Certificate

Income proof has many advantages such as –

  • income-certificate With the help of this we can also get ration card made.
  • income certificate With the help of this, one can get scholarship in school and college.
  • You can get free or low cost treatment in the hospital.
  • Aay Praman Patra Under this we help in taking any type of loan.
  • The benefit of social security pension can be obtained through income certificate.

Documents required for making income certificate

  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof
  • Voter ID Card
  • Birth certificate
  • driving license
  • electricity bill
  • Ration card
  • pan card

How to get income certificate?

You can make this in two ways. Online and Offline, here we have provided both income-certificate The process of making is explained. You can check according to the information given below that how you can apply both online and offline as per your convenience.

How to apply online for income certificate (online application for income certificate)

  • Aay Praman Patra online application for your state e district portal You have to visit the official website of.
  • In the home page of the website you will find login section will appear.
  • If you are already registered in the portal then you need to enter your login ID. If you are not registered in the portal then you can register Click on Options.
  • Entering all the important information asked to register submit Click on the option.
  • After the registration is complete in the portal, enter the login details.
  • Now in the next page you will see the list of all types of online services available in the portal.
  • In this list you income certificate online application Click on the option.
  • After that you will get the form.
  • After filling all the important information given in the form, you have to upload all the documents asked for along with the application form.
  • After that submit your application form.
  • Now you will get one in the registered mobile number reference number will receive.
  • You can also check your application form from this number.
  • Also within 15 to 20 days through online download income certificate can also do.
how to make income certificate
how to make income certificate

[NOTE], The method of generating income certificate of each state is different from each other, so fill the application form carefully.

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How to make income certificate offline

  • offline income certificate To get it made, you have to go to the office and get it made.
  • First of all in this process income-certificate You have to get the form from the office and fill all the information in it carefully and correctly, then you have to go to the common center of your area and the operator of that will make your online application.
  • You have to submit all your required documents for the application.
  • after that you CIDR ID The officials will upload all your documents.
  • And you will also submit the form, you will also have to pay the fee of that form, you will also be given its receipt, after which the form reaches the Tehsildar online and after checking the information of that form, your income certificate will be issued.
  • This process takes seven to ten days and you will get your receipt on that date which is in the receipt given to you. Aay Praman Patra To be obtained from the same common center.
Question and Answer related to income-certificate

Can we apply for Income Certificate online?

Yes we can apply for pan card online

Can we get the name and date of birth corrected online in the income certificate?

Yes, we can get our name and date of birth correct in PAN card online.

Where can we get income certificate made?

You can apply for PAN card in the common center of your area or online also.

How many days does it take to generate income certificate?

It takes 10 to 15 days to generate a PAN card.

What is PAN card?

PAN card means Permanent Account Number. It is made by the Income Tax Department of India.

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