How to get Bihar land rent receipt online

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bihar land rent receipt online : For the convenience of all the citizens of its state by the Bihar State Government. Bhulagan Bihar Portal has started. this portal (Bhulagan Bihar) With the help of this, the citizens of the state can easily get various information related to their land. Also, you can take advantage of many other facilities and services present on this portal.

geo-logan portal Residents of Bihar with the help of Bihar land rent receipthGet information about Pisces map, Khatauni copy, rent arrears etc. through online mode only. can. Not only this, but now all the people sitting at home can take advantage of these facilities through online medium and can also withdraw their receipt by paying their rent.

How to get Bihar land rent receipt online - Bhulagan Bihar
How to get Bihar land rent receipt online – Bhulagan Bihar

Today through this article we will tell you Bihar land rent receipt how to withdraw online Will give related information. All the necessary information related to this will also be shared with you. Please read this article completely to know.

Bihar land rent receipt 2024

Bihar Jameen Lagaan Raised Removal is easier than ever. Started by Bihar State Government Bhulagan Bihar Now all citizens of Bihar through bihar land rent receipt online can be removed easily. Also, citizens no longer need to make rounds of offices. Now all the citizens through online through the official website of Revenue and Land Reforms Department, Bihar You can pay your rent by sitting at home.

Along with this, you can also get all the information related to your land. Earlier, for these works, he had to go to the office where he had to pay bribes in the name of convenience fee several times. But now with the advent of this portal not only they got rid of problems like bribery but now their time will also be saved. The introduction of this new digital system 1 April 2020 was done by the State Government.

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Bihar Jameen Lagaan Raised Highlights

article name bihar land rent receipt online
state name A state in Eastern India
concerned department Revenue and Land Reforms Department, Bihar
Portal Name Bhulagan Portal / Bhulagan Bihar
grade Portal launched by state government
beneficiary citizens of bihar
purpose To provide online facility to the citizens of the state.
current year 2024
official website (

Bihar Shatabdi Private Tubewell Scheme

Benefits and features from Bhulagan Bihar Portal (Bihar Land Rent Receipt Online)

The existence of Bhoo-Lagaan Bihar Portal has not only benefited the citizens but has also become a great convenience for the government. Here’s how –

  • this portal Bhulagan Bihar Portal Since its introduction, now the citizens of the state have got a lot of convenience.
  • citizens now land rent portal With the help of this one can take advantage of all the services available on it.
  • Citizens can pay the rent and view the outstanding rent through online mode. You can also get information about account khatauni etc.
  • The permanent residents there can now easily get their rent receipt through online with the help of the portal without even having to visit the offices.
  • Citizens no longer need to go to office, which will save their time.
  • Through the online Bhulgan Bihar portal, all pending works will be completed on time, so that more transparency can be created in the works.
  • Now problems like bribery and corruption have also been got rid of.
  • With all the information being in digital mode, now the government will also not have the problem of maintaining documents. And being in the digital medium, their safety has also been ensured.
Documents and information for obtaining Bihar land rent receipt

If you also get the rent receipt of your land ( bihar jamin lagan rasid If you want to leave, then you will need some necessary documents or some necessary information. Through which you will be able to see the receipt and get its printout, for which let us know about this –

  1. You will need any one of these information for the land whose rent receipt is to be seen or removed.
    • that number of plots will be required.
    • You will also have to give your bank account (number) information.
    • Page number in the applicant’s taluka
    • Name of the applicant
  2. applicant’s address
  3. mobile number
  4. ATM (for online payment)

List of Bihar Districts Where Online Receipt Can Be Deducted

Begusarai Vaishali
Aurangabad – AurangabadMunger – Monghyr
BankaMuzaffarpur – Muzaffarpur
Bhagalpur – BhagalpurPatna
Bhojpur – BhojpurPurnea
East ChamparanSamastipur
Gaya – GayaSaran
Gopalganj – GopalganjSheikhpura
KhagariaWest Champaran

How to remove Bihar Jamin Lagan Rasid Online?

If you are a native of Bihar and you have got the rent receipt of your land (Bihar Jamin Lagan Rasid Online) If you want to watch through online medium then you can follow the method given here.

Bihar lagan rasid nikaale online
Bihar lagaan Rasid online
  • Bihar Jamin Lagan Rasid First official website to remove go to.
  • now you Bhulagan Bihar Portal You have reached the home page of the official website.
  • You will see some options here, out of which you have to land rent Click on the option.
  • After clicking on this option, the next page will open in front of you. Here you will see two options. of which you pay online Click on the option.
bihar land rent receipt online
Online land lagaan rasid Bihar
  • On clicking, the next page will open where you will see a form.
bihar land rent receipt online
Bihar land lagaan rasid online
  • Here you have to fill all the asked information, such as – District Name, Halka Name, Zone Name, Mauja Name, Part Present, Page Number Present etc. information has to be filled.
  • After that enter the captcha code and enter it search Click on the option.
  • On clicking this option, in front of you name of ryot Will open as well as in front of the name Account Number, Part Current and Page Number Present Will see too.
  • you here see You have to click on the option. After this all the details related to Ryot will open on your screen. For example, how much is the outstanding amount, and the total amount due etc. can be seen here.
  • Now to deduct your receipt here, first of all fill the name, address and mobile number of the ryot. anymore Terms and Conditions tick next to
  • then given below pay online Click on the option.
  • Now after this some details will open in front of you on the next page. Payment Mode and Bank Name will have to be selected. And then click on submit button.
  • After this, on the next page, you fill all the necessary information in your payment process and make your payment.
  • After this the receipt of payment will appear on your screen, which you can download and print it.
  • In this way the process of viewing and downloading your rent receipt is completed.

If the land cost payment fails for some reason, then there is nothing to worry about, if the payment is not made even after deducting the money, then that money is returned to your account or that payment would have been made later. Is. So in order to find out your payment, if you have Depositor ID And Transaction ID If so, you can contact its helpline: [email protected] But you can find out by sending mail.

How to check land rent payment status?

Citizens who have paid land rent can follow the steps mentioned here to check the status of their payment.

  • First of all Bhulagan Bihar Portal official website of Go to
  • Now you have reached the home page. Here you will see some options. of these you land rent Click on the option.
  • Now the next page will open in front of you where you can see two options.
  • the first option View Pending Payments Click on
  • Now the next page will open on your screen where you have to Verify the Transaction ID Will have to do
  • Enter your Transaction ID here and verify Click on the button.
  • By clicking on this option, the status of land rent payment will open in front of you.

Question and answer related to Bihar land rent receipt online

Which portal is there to see the land rent receipt online Bihar?

To see land rent receipt online bihar Bhulagan Bihar portal is. Through which you can take advantage of many services related to your land.

How to get Bihar land rent receipt online?

For this, you have to see through the official website of Revenue and Land Reforms Department of Bihar Government. You read our article to know in detail.

When was the online rent payment system started in Bihar?

The online system of payment of rent in Bihar was started in April 2020.

What is the helpline number for problems related to Bihar Jamin Lagaan Rasid Online?

If you have any problem related to land rent receipt in Bihar, then you can contact the helpline number given here. You can get your queries answered by calling on it. Helpline Number: 1800-345-6215

Bhulagan Bihar Portal land inHow to Check Anthem Payment Status ,

Bhulagan Bihar Portal Go to and click on the option of land rent. here now View Pending Payments Click on Get it verified by entering the Transaction ID. Relevant information will open on your screen.

Which official website to visit to see Bihar land rent receipt online? This is the official website of Bhoo-Lagaan.

What is the fee to be paid for online land rent receipt?

On getting the land rent receipt online, you will get 25 From 30 rupees fee After paying the land rent receipt will be received.

Bhulagan Bihar Portal But if the payment fails, will the money be returned to the account?

yes if Bhulagan Bihar Portal But if the payment fails, then either the money will be returned to your account or the payment will be done.

Helpline Number

Through this article we have given you Bihar land rent receipt How to withdraw online? Efforts have been made to give all the necessary information regarding the same. If you found the information useful, then you can tell us through the comment box given below. Also, if there is a need for any improvement in the article or if you want to give some suggestions to us, then please do let us know through the comment box.

In addition to this, you Bihar land rent receipt If there is any problem related to this, then you can get the solution of your problem by calling the helpline number given on the official website given here. Also, you can also reach your problem to the concerned officer through email.

Helpline Number: 1800-345-6215

E mail ID , [email protected]

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