How to see NREGA attendance check?

The NREGA scheme was started in our country to ensure 100 days of work every year to the working class people. To provide more convenience, NREGA attendance has been made online (NREGA Attendance Online) viewing is arranged. How many days any laborer has worked in MNREGA this year or last year and will be able to check his attendance from the online MNREGA portal. Along with this, there will also be details of the days the laborer worked at any place. Payment is also made according to the number of days of attendance in this labor action scheme of the central government. For this reason, the presence of labor in MNREGA is very important.

nrega attendance check online
NREGA attendance checking online

NREGA Attendance Online

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NREGA Attendance 2024

An online portal has been prepared by the Ministry of Rural Development for timely and correct payment of workers related to NREGA scheme for their work. Through this portal, the beneficiary workers can see their attendance online from home. Apart from this, facilities like NREGA job card number, NREGA money, registration for the card and NREGA payment from Aadhaar etc. are given. Many times it is seen that the beneficiary laborers are not paid the right amount according to their work.

Payment by attendance in NREGA

Workers get paid according to their work and this amount varies according to the states and their work. After this their money is sent directly to the bank account. In the scheme, the money is paid only after the presence of the laborer for a minimum of 10 days. This money reaches their bank account through DBT (Direct Bank Transfer). Beneficiaries give information related to work and attendance on the online portal to help the laborers.

NREGA Attendance Viewing Online

How to fill NREGA attendance

When any worker gives the NREGA job card to the mate, then later on coming to Mistol, work starts to be found in the NREGA scheme. After this, the mate himself fills the attendance of the labor in the job card through online or offline mode. Any laborer will not be able to fill attendance on his own in the scheme, as this work can be done only through ‘MAT’.

Importance of NREGA job card

A comprehensive plan has been prepared to remove the problem of unemployment in our country. Under this scheme, NREGA job cards are made for the workers of all the states of the country. There are no factories nor any other industrial activity in the rural areas of the country. For this reason, along with unemployment, the problem of migration also arises in the country. To overcome this, the government has made a system to give ‘job card’ of NREGA scheme. This card holder beneficiary will not only get 100 days of work in a year, but will also get the facility to see attendance online.

solution for lost job card

In case of loss or damage of job card, you can easily get your ‘job card’ number. You can do this work from your home without being told. You have to open the portal and select the ‘Job Card’ option under the Reports section. Now select your state and give other details and click on “Proceed” button. After this, you have to search your ‘name’ from the received list and select it. You will get the job card information on the screen.

receive payment amount

There is no provision for payment of cash amount to the laborers working in NREGA. To receive the payment, the beneficiary must have a bank account or a post office account. Payment for the number of days worked by a worker reaches these accounts under DBT mode.

Questions related to NREGA attendance online

How to get information about NREGA attendance?

There is a provision for payment of money to NREGA workers according to their rate list and attendance of their work. For this reason, the worker must take information about his attendance. To help the beneficiaries, the government has given the facility to view the attendance from the online portal.

After how many days the payment is received in NREGA scheme?

Money is paid after any worker has worked for at least 10 days. This money is transferred to the bank account of the worker through DBT mode.

How to see NREGA attendance online?

Workers will be able to see NREGA attendance from their job cards and can open the portal or mobile app of the scheme for this purpose.

How to see NREGA master roll?

After selecting your state, district, block and gram panchayat by going to the portal of NREGA, you have to choose the ‘Muster Roll’ option. After this you have to see the master roll by selecting the work and MSR number.

What is NREGA helpline number?

In case of any problem, any beneficiary can contact on 1800111555 or 9454464999.

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