How to take out the debenture of Uttar Pradesh property

Uttar Pradesh property debentureThe work of registration of documents of immovable property is mainly done in Uttar Pradesh by the Stamp and Registration Department. The documents are preserved by the Department with the Registry. Necessary stamp duty is charged for the registry of the papers, the fee is fixed by the collector of the district. Copies of these papers are made available to the court and the general public. With time, the work of digitizing all the functioning of the government is being done rapidly. In this order UP Dakhil/Kharij/Benama The work of getting the withdrawal process done online has also started.

Useful material has been made available in detail by the website to get information about the services provided by the Stamp and Registration Department. In relation to the purchase of immovable property, the buyer should personally verify the identity of the seller and the ownership of the immovable property. The parties can prepare the papers themselves or get them prepared by a licensed document writer, advocate. Answer deed of state property Detailed information related to and rates of stamp/registration duty can be seen on the website.

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UP Dakhil_Kharij_Benama Online
UP Dakhil_Kharij_Benama
scheme nameUttar Pradesh property debenture
concerned departmentStamp and Registration Department
purposeletter of real estate
beneficiaryCitizen of UP State
official website

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Objectives and Benefits of Online Uttar Pradesh Property Denama

  • UP Dakhil/Kharij/Benama – Giving work and information related to property to the beneficiaries through online medium.
  • Citizens will automatically be able to know the method, reason, fee for property related works transparently on the web portal.
  • Disputes in property transactions and fraudulent activities will be reduced.
  • Property-related information can be made accessible to the general public in a cheap and fast medium.
  • The online portal can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • There will be no loss of wasted money and labor by going to the office for small tasks and information.
  • Offices will be freed from long queues in large number of works like filing rejected.
  • On the website, citizens will easily get the details of their land on the basis of Tehsil, District, Registration Number and Registration Date.

Certificates required in the presentation of papers

  • Two latest color passport photographs
  • Attested copy of identity proof with photo
  • Attested copy of residence certificate
  • Stamp duty has to be paid at the time of execution/signing of instrument

Create Login Account on Uttar Pradesh Property Website

  • First of all the Stamp and Registration Department of Uttar Pradesh official website open the
  • on the left side of the website page “Citizen Online Services” Click on Search property option under section
  • You will get a new window page, in this under User login “Registration here” select the optionUP Dakhil_Kharij_Benama Online - New user login option
  • Login to register by filling out a form containing some key details “Log In” push the buttonUP Dakhil_Kharij_Benama Online - New login registration
  • Enter the mobile number which is active while working on the website

How to withdraw uttar pradesh property denama online

If any citizen of any Uttar Pradesh state through online Uttar Pradesh property debenture If you want to leave, then you can withdraw the filing without any hassle after working according to the procedure given below.

  • First of all open the official website of Stamp and Registration Department of Uttar Pradesh
  • Select the “Search Property” option under the ‘Citizen Online Services’ section on the left side of the website pageUP Dakhil_Kharij_Benama Online
  • You will get a new web page under user login, enter your username, password and captcha code and press login button
    UP Dakhil_Kharij_Benama Online - log in details filling
  • After successful login the applicant has to select the option of Property Registration Deeds
  • While choosing the option, you have to choose the option as per your registration
  • The applicant will have to fill the property address, registration number, district, property address, tehsil mohalla and captcha etc. to see the property details on the new webpage as per the registration date.

Online Application for Stamp Return of Uttar Pradesh Property

  • Department for online process of return of stumps Official website open
  • Under Citizen Online Service on the website “Application for return of stamp” click the optionUP Dakhil_Kharij_Benama Online - stamp returning online
  • If you are not already registered on the website, first create a login ID
  • You will get a new window menu in it “user login” Select the option and enter your details/password
  • Enter the captcha code correctly and press the login button
  • You have to fill the form in a new window
  • After filling all the details correctly press the submit buttonUP Dakhil_Kharij_Benama Online - login to stamp returning online
  • In this way you will be able to return the stamp of UP property online.

special point related to the paper

The parties to the instrument can prepare their own instrument. The format of the papers can be seen in the website of the department. These work can be done by document writers whose place is usually near the office of the Deputy Registrar. Before getting work done from these authors, know about the status of the license and their fee. The papers can also be prepared by the registered advocate/advocate of the Bar Council. The photographs of the executors and witnesses will have to be affixed on the papers and their signatures will have to be done. In the sale deed of immovable property, it is mandatory to have the thumb impression of every seller and tax on any page of the instrument.

Uttar Pradesh property debenture Important information for beneficiaries

The valuation of the property is done according to the rate list issued by the District Collector. The registration of papers is done by the Deputy Registrar Offices and District Registrar Offices. The copy of the registered papers, if required, is done by the Deputy Registrar’s offices. Stamp duty is determined by the collector of the district. Stamp papers are sold through e-stamp certificates by treasury offices, licensed stamp sellers and sales centers operated by Stock Holding Corporation Limited.

Question related to online property dena of Uttar Pradesh

What are the benefits of having online property debenture information and methodology online?

Common people will get all the information related to the property online so that they will be able to see their property information and file it from home.

On which portal will I get online property information?

Citizens of the state can see the information related to their property online through the Stamp and Registration Department’s Uttar Pradesh portal

Is there a need to visit the office after online property registration?

No, the application will be completed only by selecting your Tehsil and office online for the registration of the applicant document. But the photo, fingerprint and statements of the parties will have to go to the office.

Will the payment of stamp paper and registration fee of property debenture be done online?

No, the stamp and registration fee for the property will have to be deposited in their respective office. Right now all these works will not be done from the online website of the department.

How to send any problem/suggestion related to the online portal to the department?

On the official website itself, fill the information in the form and submit it by selecting the suggestion / problem option from the home menu.

What will be the helpline number for the problem related to the online portal?

Different numbers have been kept for different functions, for this you can get the numbers of different officers by clicking on the “Contact” option in the website.

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