How to View UP Sugarcane Slip | e ganna, E-Ganna App

UP sugarcane slipHello dear readers, today we are going to talk about sugarcane support price, UP sugarcane slip About how to view. You all know that India is an agricultural country. Because even today more than half of India’s 68% The population depends on the activities of the agricultural sector. And in India, maximum sugar production and sugarcane cultivation is done in Uttar Pradesh itself. Recently, the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has given a crushing year. 2021-22 in sugarcane price for ₹25/- Per quintal increase has been announced.

India’s first sugar mill was established in 1903 at Pratappur in Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh, but due to no institutional process for the purchase and sale of sugarcane, sugarcane farmers had to face many problems. Due to this, the Sugarcane Development Department was established in Uttar Pradesh in the year 1935. The main task of the farmer brothers is to get a fair price for their crop. At present 150 Sugarcane Development Councils are functioning within the state of Uttar Pradesh. After reading this article carefully, you UP sugarcane slip By viewing you will get related information.

How to View Sugarcane Slip |  e ganna, E-Ganna App

How to View UP Sugarcane Slip | e ganna, E-Ganna App

For the crushing year 2021-22, the state government of Uttar Pradesh has approved the selection of different varieties of sugarcane for the purchase of sugarcane by all sugar mills. “State Advised Price” (SAP) determined as follows.

1 For early sugarcane species ₹350/- per quintal
2 For common sugarcane species₹340/- per quintal
3 Unsuitable for sugarcane species₹335/- per quintal
  1. The payment of sugarcane price as per the State Advised Price “(SAP)” fixed by the government for the crushing year 2021-22 will be given to the farmers by the sugar mills in a lump sum amount.
  2. Minimum transportation cost of sugarcane per kilometer to sugar miles in the crushing year 2021-22 42 paise per quintal and max ₹8.35/- per quintal. The payment of which will be made to the farmers by the sugar mill.

There are mainly two schemes operating in the Sugarcane Development Department.

  • district plan
  • National Agricultural Development Scheme
the subject of the articleHow to View UP Sugarcane Slip
concerned departmentUttar Pradesh Sugar Industry and Cane Development Department
beneficiary Sugarcane Farmers of Uttar Pradesh
The year 2024
Minister, Sugarcane Development and
sugar industry department
Mr. Suresh Rana
official website click here
toll free helpline number 1800-121-3203
Website of ERP (inquiry caneup) click here

What is Sugarcane Slip Calendar?

UP sugarcane slip calendar is a process of buying and selling sugarcane when a sugarcane farmer goes to sell his crop to a sugar mill factory, the sugar mill surveys all the sugarcane farmers’ fields and their crops. After this, the mills buy their sugarcane from the farmers according to their capacity. According to the quality of the crop, the sugar mill pays the price to the farmers.

The government says that with this the sugarcane mafia will be out, there will be no black marketing of slips. Sugarcane scam will be curbed. The state government says that close to the state 50 lakhs Farmers will benefit. currently in the state 28 lakh hectare Sugarcane cultivation is happening around.

So now next we will know how to check sugarcane slip and sugarcane support price online. All farmers and citizens of Uttar Pradesh State Government can now find information related to the production or sale of sugarcane sitting at home online on a web portal which is

Objectives of Uttar Pradesh Sugar Industry and Cane Development Department

Sugarcane and sugar industry is a very important industry in the state of Uttar Pradesh. crushing year in the state 2020-21 in total 120 Sugar mills have been operationalized. Total sugarcane area of ​​the state of Uttar Pradesh 27.40 lakh hectare and productivity of sugarcane 815 quintals per hectare.

  • Estimating the average production from sugarcane crop in the entire state and issuing guidelines by the government.
  • Organizing government department and inter-departmental review meetings.
  • To conduct satellite survey of area under sugarcane crop in the state.
  • To pay fair price for sugarcane crop to the farmers through sugar mills of the state.
  • To collect species wise, district wise and sugar mill wise data of sugarcane crop.
  • To collect information on sugar, jaggery and many other substances made from sugarcane.

UP Sugarcane Benefits of Parchi Online Calendar 2024

  • The online web portal will make the sugarcane support price payment process transparent for the farmers.
  • From time to time farmers will be informed through SMS.
  • 50 lakh more farmers registered on the online portal.
  • E-Ganna App launched by the government to provide easy benefits to the farmers.
  • farmers repeatedly Sugar Industry and Cane Development Department Get rid of the hustle and bustle of the office.

How to check UP sugarcane slip calendar online

We have explained below step by step the online process to check sugarcane slip calendar online –

  • First of all you have to visit the website under UP Sugarcane Department. to go on. ganna pacrhi calender ko kaise check karen
  • After that you have to enter the verification code “VIEW” Click on the button. ganna parchi calendar verification code
  • After this you select your district, village and factory. Ganna parchi calendar select district and village
  • After filling all the details you will have to “Sugarcane Calendar” Click on the link. After clicking, you will see the details of your crop as can be seen in the picture. ganna pacrhi calender mein ganna calandar ke link par click karen

How to Download E – Ganna App for Sugarcane Slip Calendar ,E-Ganna App

Farmers all information related to sugarcane supply E-Ganna App can be obtained through All information is provided from official database of Sugarcane Department and hence is 100% genuine. To address the grievances of sugarcane farmers, the UP government has launched a web portal ( Apart from this, a mobile app has been launched. whose name “E – Ganna” App is. Android smartphone users can download the app from the Google Play Store. The app has been downloaded more than a million times so far.

To install the app, the user must have a smartphone that supports the version above Android 4.0, then only you will be able to install and use the app properly. Ganna App is available for both Hindi and English language users. E-Ganna-Mobile-App-Download.png.webp

Google Play Store Link to Download E-Ganna App: Click here

Step by Step Process to View Calendar on E-Ganna App

What is CHC Farm Machinery App?

Keeping in view the interests of the farmers, the Agriculture Minister of the Central Government “Shri Narendra Tomar ji” CHC Farm Machinery App has been launched by Through the app, farmers can rent or buy farm implements, machines and equipment. On the App you get the features of DAC & FW, MoA & FW etc. Farm Machinery App provides a platform for farmers to sell and buy used farm machinery and equipments. You can download the app from Google Play Store. CHC Farm Machinery app has been launched in 12 languages ​​of the country. CHC farm Machinary mobile application

Google Play Store Link to Download CHC Farm Machinery App , Click here

List of agricultural machinery and equipment available on the app :-

  • Tractor
  • Combine Harvester
  • multi crop thresher
  • rotaware
  • laser land leveler
  • zero till seed cum fertilizer drill
  • Paddy Rice Transplanter
  • fertilizer drill

So in this way you can check sugarcane calendar on online web portal and app. Keep sending your suggestions and questions to us, which helps us to bring new information to you. Thank you

Question and answer related to UP sugarcane slip calendar

What is the official website for Sugarcane Slip Calendar?

This is the official website

What is the online process to view sugarcane slip calendar?

In this article, we have explained the complete process step by step.

What is the helpline number for sugarcane slip calendar?

For sugarcane slip calendar, farmers can take help on Bhai in helpline number (1800-121-3203).

What is the support price of sugarcane in Uttar Pradesh?

The support price of sugarcane in UP is Rs.350/- per quintal.

What needs to be done to sell sugarcane in sugar mill?

To sell sugarcane in sugar mill, one has to register on the portal.

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