Indian Army Rank Wise Salary Structure

Indian Army SalaryThe passion to join the army can be seen in the Indian youth from the school days itself. Village or city young people in the fields in the morning Army Physical Efficiency Test Army Recruitment Rally Are seen preparing. The bravery and valor of the Indian Army is known to all ordinary citizens through print and electronic media. It is the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces. But some surveys show that young people and ordinary citizens wanting to join the army Pay Scale Structure in Indian Army ,Indian Army Rank Wise Salary Structure, They have less information regarding pay scales, allowances, bonuses and other benefits under the

Indian Army Salary: Check rank-wise salary structure, pay scale, allowances and more!
Indian Army rank-wise salary structure

Salary in Army Indian Army Rank Wise Salary Structure

Indian Army is the most reputed demanding department in our country although the pay structure varies on the basis of the posts, if we study the 7th pay commission then we will be able to understand the pay scale, compensation system, other incentives for different grades . Indian Army officers are given good compensation. Compensation scale ranges from Rs.21,700/- to Rs.2,50,000/- with grade pay level of 3 to 18. Every year, Indian Army releases notifications for hundreds of open positions. There are various posts in the Indian Army such as Subedar, Nayak Subedar, Sepoy, Colonel, Captain and others.

On 5 September 2016, the National Democratic Alliance government led by BJP implemented the recommendations of 7 CPCs. On 7 September this year, the Chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force sent letters to PM Narendra Modi and Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar expressing concern about the “unresolved discrepancies”. The President of India is the Commander-in-Chief of the Army. After reading this article carefully you all Pay Scale Structure in Indian Army You will get good information on related points.

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pay scale in indian army Indian Army Rank Wise Salary Structure

The salary structure in the Indian Army is determined by the rank or trades of the soldiers in the army. Army units are paid as per the Seventh Pay Commission. Pay scales are the compensation range or pay structure within the Pay Commission metrics that show the starting pay as well as the highest pay a soldier can get in that pay scale. Starting with a non-commissioned one as we progress.

The salary of army personnel keeps increasing even more. The Army does not offer direct entry to all ranks. In fact, there are very few ranks where direct admission is allowed through various processes. The lowest ranks on the basis of salary start from constable.

Salary in Army after 7th Pay Commission

Indian Army Rank Wise Salary Structure At present, the Indian Army accounts for 80% of the active defense personnel of the country. It ranks second in the world with an estimated 12,00,255 active and 9,90,960 reserve soldiers. The Indian Army has a regimental system. For the modernization of the army, 25% of the Indian budget is spent on the defense sector. There have been some revisions on the level of pay in the Indian Army. The officers will be compensated on the basis of the rank to which they are appointed. Following are the rank-based pay scales in the Indian Army:

  • Chief of Army Staff (Level 18) – 2,50,000/- (Fixed)
  • VisioAS/Army Commander/Lt Gen (NEGS) (Level 17) – 2,25,000/- (Fixed)
  • Indian Army Lieutenant General Salary (Level 15) – 1,82,200/- – INR 2,24,
  • Indian Army Major General Salary (Level 14) – 1,44,200/- – INR 2,18,

Indian Army Salary – allowances

Government employees are compensated for activities that would require expenditure. Transport facility, house rent, health expenses etc. allowances are prominent. Indian Army gets many benefits and allowances for their needs and expenses apart from the basic pay. Indian army official Information related to salary, allowances and other benefits is provided on the website from time to time. These include HRA, transport incentive and other allowances. Their detailed description is given below.

  • Transport Allowance – INR 3,600/- + DA – INR 7,200/- + DA
  • Soldier Service Pay – INR 15,500/- (Lieutenant Post to Brigadier)
  • Anti-Terrorism – INR 6,300/-
  • Uniform Allowance – INR 20,000/- per annum
  • Field Allowance – INR 10,500/-
  • Parachute Pay – 1200/-
  • High Altitude Allowance – INR 5,300/-
  • Siachen – INR 42,500/- per month
  • Special Forces – INR 9,000/- per month
  • Flying Salary – INR 25,000 /-

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Some other benefits are as follows: 20 days casual leave, encashment of leave up to 300 days of last pay drawn, study leave up to 2 years with full pay and all benefits, life pension, dearness allowance: at par with civilian employees , death cum retirement gratuity and overseas posting.

If a personnel leaves the army to do something, then the time to take benefits after retiring from the Indian Army has been fixed for 19 years of service or 42 years of age.

Till a few years ago, it was difficult to calculate the pay scale of various posts in the Indian Army. But now you can easily understand the pay scale of Indian Army with the help of 7th CPC and Pay Matrix Table.

Indian Army Salary - 7th-pay-commission-Pay-Matrix-Table-attachment - Salary Structure, Allowances and Other Benefits in Indian Army
indian army soldier salary per month

Indian Army Salary Benefits ,Indian Army Rank Wise Salary Structure,

Indian Army not only provides salary allowances but also provides other benefits to its soldiers. The details of some of these are given below –

  • air/rail travel concession
  • free hospital facility
  • low interest loan
  • Canteen facility, ration etc.

Rank-Wise Salary Structure in Indian Army- Indian Army Rank Wise Salary Structure

All cadets in the Indian Army have to start with the same training, irrespective of their rank. After the training period, the cadets are promoted. All these levels are classified as non-commissioned officers, junior commissioned officers and commissioned officers. Stipend ranges from Rs 15,000 to Rs 21000 depending on the pay band of the rank,

  • Lieutenant General – 1,82,000
  • Major General – 1,44,200
  • Brigadier – 1,39,600
  • Colonel – 1,30,000
  • Lieutenant Colonnel – 1,12,000
  • Major – 1,00,000
  • Captain – 75,000
  • Lieutenant – 68,000
  • Subedar Major – 65,000
  • Subedar – 50,000
  • Naib Subedar – 45,000
  • Havildar – 40,000
  • Nayak – 35,000
  • Lansanayak – 30,000
  • Sepoy (Rifleman) – 25,000

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Some questions related to Indian Army Salary ,Indian Army Rank Wise Salary Structure,

What are the Grade Pay and Basic Pay in the Indian Army?

Both these words describe the salary. in indian army grade pay It is the amount that employees get according to their category, category, and pay band. in indian army basic salary It is 35-50 percent of the entire salary. It is a set amount that is paid in advance from any deduction in salary, bonus, allowance, overtime or increase.

How is the salary determined?

Starting salary is determined by the job title.

What is the starting salary in Indian Army?

The average salary for soldiers starts from Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000.

What is the salary of a lieutenant in the Indian Army?

The salary of a lieutenant in the Indian Army ranges between 56,100 and 1,77,500.

What is the salary of a Major in the Indian Army?

The salary of a Major in the Indian Army will be 1,00,000.

What is the highest salary in Indian Army?

The highest salary in the Indian Army is Rs 2,50,000 per month for a general.

Salary changes every year in Indian Army?

Pay revision was done in the Indian Army from the beginning of the Seventh Pay Commission but since then there has been no change.

What is the phone number of Indian Army?

To get general information, you can contact on the number 011-25792543.

What is the official email address of Indian Army?

The general correspondence address from the Indian Army is

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