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How to see Shramik Special Train List | Shramik Special Train State Wise List, Route, Book Ticket | Time Table | Full details of Shramik Special train in Hindi

There has been a relief news for the workers to reach their homes, due to the Kovid-19 lockdown, migrant workers, pilgrims, students from all over the country were stuck due to their work away from their homes, but now the state government is giving the workers of their respective states their work. We were constantly in contact with the Ministry of Railways to reach home and now it has been decided by the Ministry of Railways that now Shramik Special Train (Express) will run which will take the stranded workers across the country to their city. In such a situation, the governments of Bhinar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha, and Maharashtra have also started making lists of workers trapped in other states.

Shramik Special Train

Shramik Special Train List & Schedule Today

  • Nashik to Lucknow – Departure at 09:30 PM
  • Kota to Hatia – Departure at 9 pm
  • Nashik to Bhopal – Departure at 8 pm
  • Jaipur to Patna – Departure at 10 PM
  • Aluva to Bhubaneshwar – Departure at 6 pm

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Shramik Special Train

As per the order of the Ministry of Home Affairs, it has been decided to run “Shramik Special” trains from “Labor Day” to reach the migrant labourers, tourists, students and other persons stranded at different places. Here you will get Shramik Train Route with Schedule Updates. labor special train list It can be seen that the quantity from these trains will be sent to the migrants only after the orders of the state government are received. The agreement between the Ministry of Railways and the State Government has been named “Shramik Special”.

Delhi laborers will get 5000 rupees – online registration starts from today

Shramik Special Train Details in Hindi

how to get tickets The list of workers will be sent to the Ministry of Railways by the state government and arrangements will be made for the movement of migrant workers from one place to another with the consent of the state government, this facility will be only for the workers and no one can take advantage of it.

Who will make the arrangements for the food and whether there will be anything to eat or not? Where the right migrants have to travel more than 12 hours from the Ministry of Railways, all those passengers will be fed food.

rent will be charged or not According to the railways, the state government will bear the cost of the ticket of its people, that means some state government will not charge the fare from the workers and some will provide tickets to all the employees themselves.

how to book tickets First of all, you have to apply by your local district administration, then the list of all the workers will be prepared by the nodal officer and will be given to the railways, so we all request you to kindly register and reach the station before time.

Shramik Special Train Highlights

Department Name home Ministry
scheme name Shramik Special Train
operates Ministry of Railways
purpose workers to reach their homes
cause stranded due to lockdown
Maximum number of passengers in 1 train 1200

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Shramik Special Train Registration Booking

Migrant workers, students, tourists, pilgrims and other persons cannot register or book online through an app or IRCTC website. This facility is not open to the public. The registration and booking of Shramik Special train can be done only by the State Government Officials (Special Nodal Officer).

How to register for Shramik Special trains?

Those stranded persons who are willing to travel from one state to another can register with the state government. Here we will provide daily Shramik Special train news and state wise schedule.

Delhi Shramik Train Registration Link, train/passenger/

List of 105 trains for West Bengal – Check train time table here

Shramik train list coming for Bihar on May 18

1. Jirania-Khagaria at 1 pm
2. Jabalpur-Araria at 11 pm
3. Malur-Darbhanga Suh 7.30 pm
4. Pune-Katihar at 5 AM
5. Ratnagiri – Baroni at 4 pm
6. Tuticorin – Muzaffarpur at 3.30 pm
7. Velupuram-Baroni 4 pm
8. Tirupur-Muzaffarpur at 3.30 pm
9. Bolari-Sarhasa Sub 10 am
10. Alwar-Chapra 7 AM
11. Lingampalli-Sitamarhi at 10 am
12. Dadri-Samastipur 4 pm
13. Dadri-Jamui at 8 am
14. Dadri-Araria at 7 pm
15. Pune-Bettiah at 4 pm
16. Anjar-Gaya at 5 pm
17. Ghatkesar-Darbhanga 1 pm
18. Virangam Danapur at 4 pm
19. Jalalapur-Supaul at 5.30 pm
20. Karmanasha Araria at 11 am
21. Dadri-Khagaria at 6.30 pm
22. Ludhiana-Gaya at 7.30 am
25. Ludhiana-Katihar at 1.30 pm
24. Chandigarh-Barauni at 1.45 pm
25. Karmanasha-Araria at 8 am
26. Ghaziabad-Purnia at 2.30 pm
27. Delhi-Bhagalpur at 2 pm
28. Delhi-Darbhanga at 11 am
29. Panipat-Araria at 7.30 pm
30. Gurgaon-Muzaffarpur 1.30 pm
31. Gurgaon-Madhubani at 12.30 pm
32. Anand Vihar-Muzaffarpur 1 pm
33. Surat-Danapur at 3.15 am
34. Surat-Katihar at 9 am
35. Surat-Siwan at 6 am

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Train list on 17th May

1. Bangalore – Barauni at 10 am.
2. Kolhapur-Bihar Sharif at 6.25 am
3. Bangalore-Bhagalpur at 9.30 am
4. Bengaluru-Danapur at 7 AM
5. Mumbai-Barauni at 00.05 am
6. Chennai-Bihar Sharif at 8.45 am
7. Mangalore-Araria 3.05 pm
8. Lingampally-Bhagalpur at 6 am
9. Bhusaval-Saharsa at 4.45 pm
10. Bandra-Darbhanga at 1 am
11. Jalalpur-Araria at 11 pm
12. Jalandhar-Bettiah at 7.40 am
13. Amritsar-Muzaffarpur 7.10 pm
14. Jalandhar-Purnia at 6 pm
15. Dankour-Siwan at 7.30 am
16. Chandigarh-Saharsa at 2 pm
17. Dadri-Sasaram at 7.30 am
18. Lingampally-Sitamarhi at 10 am
19. Dankour-Buxar at 5 AM
20. Karmasha-Araria Suh 8 pm
21. Nambur-Bettiah at 3 pm
22. Surat-Ara at 5.15 am
25. Dadri-Anugrah Narayan Road at 5 am
24. Ludhiana-Darbhanga at 10 am
25. Panipat-Gaya at 10.40 AM
26. Saharanpur-Katihar at 12 noon
27. Gurgaon – Darbhanga at 9.45 am
28. Patiala-Chapra at 11.40 am
29. Surat-Madhubani at 8 am
30. Jamnagar-Danapur 4 pm
31. Rajkot-Chapra at 2 pm
32. Anandvihar-Muzaffarpur 2 pm
33. Anandvihar-Patna 7.30 am
34. Panipat-Barauni at 8.00 am
35. Bharuch-Motihari at 1.55 pm
36. Ghaziabad-Araria at 5.15 pm
37. Jalalpur-Madhubani at 10.30 pm

Shramik Special Train State Wise List

  • Jaipur to Patna
  • Kota to Hatia
  • Lingampalli to Hatia
  • Aluva to Bhubaneshwar
  • Nashik to Lucknow
  • Nashik to Bhopal

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Bangalore Haryana Nagaland
Andra Pradesh Himachal Pradesh Odisha
Mumbai Jammu and Kashmir Delhi
Assam Jharkhand Punjab
A state in Eastern India Karnataka Rajasthan
Chandigarh Kerala Sikkim
Chhattisgarh Nashik Tamil Nadu
Dadra and Nagar Haveli Madhya Pradesh Telangana
Daman and Diu Maharashtra Tripura
Delhi Manipur Uttar Pradesh
Goa Meghalaya West Bengal
Gujarat Mizoram Nagaland


Shramik special train route schedule list

How to register Delhi Pravasi Mazdoor Special Train online?

  • All the migrant laborers who want to go to their homes must register – see below how to do and what is the official website.
  • This official website Open it, you will have the option of registration in front of you, click on it.
  • All the information asked in this registration like mobile number, name, age, address, district, state etc. will have to be filled.
  • Important thing, first of all you have to fill all the given information correctly Anita Your registration may be canceled, so only after filling all the details correctly, you leak on submit button.
  • In this way you can apply successfully.


How to book Shramik Special train ticket?

You yourself have to contact your district administration or the special nodal officer nearby. You can also register online by visiting this link open

From where to where will the Shramik Special train run?

Workers will be driven according to their place of arrival. These trains will not stop anywhere in the middle.

What is the fare for Shramik Special train ticket?

The fare of Shramik Special train is Rs 50 per person.

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