Mera Gaon Par Nibandh – Essay on My Village

Mera gaon par nibandhWe all know very well the fact that our country is an agricultural country. There is a saying that India is a country of villages. If we look at the various data of the government, we will know that about 70 percent of the population of India is related to agriculture and rural background. The citizens of the village are known to work hard while doing farming, cattle-fishing, weaving, earth work etc. The children of these villages study and become the strong foundation of the country’s factories and borders. Children, whether urban or rural, are often included in their curriculum. essay on my village The question adjusts under the title.

Mera gaon par nibandh

This is a title which is always useful for the students of class 4 to class 10 from the point of view of examination. Under this article, a correct description of the life of the village will be given, as well as the format of adjusting these facts in the form of an essay will be told in all respects. essay on my village Students wishing to write an essay on the title, read the facts mentioned in the article carefully.

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Mera gaon par nibandh

the subject of the articleessay on my village
purposeDrafting of ‘Essay on Village’
beneficiarystudents and other readers
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essay outline (Mera gaon par nibandh)

  • Village introduction
  • village daily life
  • village chores
  • village school
  • Member
  • EpilogueMera gaon par nibandh - gaon ke ghar

essay on my village (Mera gaon par nibandh)

  • Village introduction Village is the basis of our country. Due to the hard work and tolerance of the people of the village, our country is progressing on the path of development. If the city remains the center of technology, the same villages are contributing backwards in progress by providing good food and human resources. By transporting food grains, fruits and vegetables to the mandis of the cities, the rural people along with earning good health also give good health to the urban population. The greenery and beauty of the villages far away from the polluted environment of the cities captivates anyone’s mind. I live in the city of Delhi and always go to the village to visit my grandparents during summer and winter holidays. Walking and sitting near the village’s farm-barn, river, pond etc. gives a very pleasant experience.
  • village daily life , All the people of the village have a habit of getting up early in the morning. When they wake up in the morning, they feed their animals and extract their milk. All the men complete their farm works during the day. The women of the village have to do all the household and farm work. Village life is simple but it is not easy. After the hard work of the day, by the end of the night, people talk to each other on many subjects. His talks range from personal, household problems to social and entertainment topics. Villages are not crowded and populated like cities.
  • Village work On the one hand, we get to see many means of livelihood in cities, on the other hand only traditional and limited means of livelihood are seen in villages. In the same way people in my village are also associated with their traditional work. The main work of many people is agriculture and animal husbandry. Apart from this, people can be seen happy by doing business of washerman, blacksmith, potter, tailor, barber, goldsmith etc. Some people also seem to make their living by doing various types of small scale industries.
  • village school Like other schools, in our village schools, children are given knowledge of all major subjects. Apart from this, general information about farming and gardening is also given to the children. Children seem to be doing spinning and weaving tasks with great pleasure. Once a week, school children fulfill their social responsibility by doing cleanliness programs around the village.
  • Epilogue – My village is the best and quietest. Here the beauty of nature, sensitive people, old culture and modern resources etc. are found. All the people of the village are tied in some way or the other in mutual relations. The village family is a prosperous and large family in size. Everyone must come to my village and stay for a few days. I hope the details of my village can fascinate and impress anyone. Mera gaon par nibandh - gaon ka school

Mera gaon par nibandh Important points for essay on village

  • The name of my village is (Give name of village) and it is located in Janpad (Give name of district) of State (Give name of state).
  • I go to live in my village every year during summer and winter vacations.
  • I meet grandparents in the village, they like to live in the village more than in the city.
  • My village house is known as the biggest pucca house.
  • Our village has a river, pond and many wells-head pumps which fulfill all the water needs of the rural people.
  • There is a lot of brotherhood and harmony among the people of the village, they all stand with each other in good and bad times.
  • The people of my village are very hardworking, all the men work in the fields all day long and the women do the household chores. The elders of the village help in taking care of the children and in all other tasks.
  • There are no big roads, buildings, flashing lights in the villages but there is peace, warmth and adoptive attitude.

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essay related questions on village (Mera gaon par nibandh)

How to become proficient in essay writing mode?

To improve the essay writing mode in Hindi, you should increase your knowledge on the subject by carefully reading books, newspapers, books and other digital material related to your subjects.

What kind of business is done in the village?

Cultivation is done according to the climate and season in the village. Along with this, money is obtained in various ways by doing animal husbandry in the village.

What is the nature of the village family?

Mixed (joint) families are found in our village. In which there are grandparents, tau-tai, uncle-aunt and other siblings.

How is the daily life of the village?

The daily life of the village is very hard and hard working. All the people living in the village get up early in the morning and get busy in their work. The life of the people of the village is full of simplicity.

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