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Prime Minister Integrated Education Scheme Education is very important in the life of a person and keeping this in mind RTE 2009 was brought in our country. According to which all children will have the right to get free basic education. Under this act, children of all classes from 6 years to 14 years will be entitled to get education in their nearest school. while for children with disabilities RTE (Right To Education) Act, 2009 Under the age of 6 to 18 years has been fixed. Giving further extension to this right, the Central Government has Prime Minister Integrated Education Scheme has started. Under the Pradhan Mantri Samekit Shiksha Yojana, all the disabled / disabled students of the country will be given benefits. Teachers will be made available at home to educate them.

Pradhan Mantri Samekit Shiksha Yojana

Today through this article we will tell you Pradhan Mantri Samekit Shiksha Yojana Will give information about 2024. Such as – How to apply Prime Minister Integrated Education Scheme Registration (Pradhan Mantri Samekit Shiksha Yojana)? Through this article you will get information about eligibility and what are the documents required for this. Read the complete article for detailed information.

What is the Prime Minister’s Integrated Education Scheme?

Pradhan Mantri Samekit Shiksha Yojana 2024 It has been started by the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi. Under this scheme, children with disabilities from all parts of the country will be benefited. them under the scheme uninterrupted learning Teachers will be made available at home to give the benefit of education so that they will be able to get educated easily as well as make their life easier. Teachers will go to home and give education to the children, so that those children who are physically weak and unable to go to school will get more benefit from it.

PM Samyukta Shiksha Yojana will not only educate the differently-abled children but will also teach them the art of living. All basic education will also be provided for their all-round development, so that their full development and life can become easy and simple in the future. Not only this, the government will also provide all the necessary learning materials for teaching under this scheme. Along with this, according to the student, it will also provide all kinds of facilities which he may need during education.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Samekit Shiksha Yojana, which has been run especially for the disabled students, every child will be provided with educational material up to Rs. To take advantage of this scheme (PM Integrated Education Scheme), students having all the qualifications have to visit the official website of the respective state under the scheme.

Highlights Of Pradhan Mantri Samekit Shiksha Yojana

article name Prime Minister’s Integrated Education Scheme 2024: Online Application Form, Benefits and Eligibility
Scheme Category central government scheme
current year 2024
started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi
beneficiary country’s disabled children
benefit from the scheme Education will be made available sitting at home
Objective of the plan To provide education facility at home to all the differently-abled children, so that they too can be educated.

Objective of Prime Minister’s Integrated Education Scheme

This scheme has been started by the Central Government for the overall development of the disabled children of the country. Through PM Samekit Shiksha Yojana, attention will be given to the education of children who are physically handicapped. Such children are generally uncomfortable with getting education with other children. This is because of their specific needs. In such a situation, they find it a little difficult to walk with other children and their morale also starts breaking. In such a situation, they do not even get normal or humane treatment due to their speciality, due to which they are often unable to complete their education.

Keeping this inability in mind, the government has made arrangements for such children. Prime Minister Integrated Education Scheme Under this, arrangements have been made to provide education at home to all the children. Along with this, arrangements have also been made to provide educational material according to their needs. So that their education can be done effectively. This will not only make their education regular, but their future life will become easier than before and they will also get inspiration to move forward.

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Goals of PM Samekit Shiksha Yojana

Some targets have been set for the Integrated Education Scheme launched by the PM of the country. Through which all the disabled children of the country can be fully developed. The government is making every effort to achieve all these goals. You can further read about the goals of this scheme (Pradhan Mantri Samekit Shiksha Yojana) –

  • To provide an environment to handicapped or disabled children where they can grow like other children. Where there is minimum restrictive environment.
  • In addition, to integrate (or link) children who are suffering/distressed due to severe disability in formal government schools.
  • To provide proper counseling to disabled children and their parents, so that their development can take place continuously. This counseling is to provide a lot of important information related to disability and how to deal with it.
  • To develop human potential in these special children, it is necessary for them to be personally supported in their teaching work by general teachers, DIET teachers and traveling teachers.
  • A resource center should be established for all such children for their purpose.
  • To prepare all these children for their future life so that they can lead a better life in future. And for this, they should be given equal opportunities like everyone else so that they can lead their life normally like everyone else.

Benefits and features of PM Integrated Education Scheme

With the introduction of this scheme (Pradhan Mantri Samekit Shiksha Yojana 2024 benefit), many disabled children of the country will get benefit. Further you can get information about the benefits to be availed through the scheme.

  • Under the PM Integrated Education Scheme, teachers will be sent to provide education at home to the children suffering from severe disabilities.
  • Teachers will go to the homes of disabled children and educate them. With this, children who cannot go to school will also get complete education.
  • Special arrangements will be made for education for such children. Special education material will be made available by the government to teach the children.
  • The cost of teaching material provided to the children is Rs 3 thousand 500. This cost is borne by the central government.
  • The list of teaching materials used in the education of children has been issued by the Department of Basic Education. And on the basis of this, other goods can also be purchased so that the path of education of children can be made easier.
  • Apart from this, many other facilities are also provided to them.
  • Providing support tools/measures to Children with Special Needs (CWSN)
  • Under this scheme, along with education, efforts are also made to make their life easier.
  • The Central Government has approved 21 lakh rupees through home based education provided under the Prime Minister’s Integrated Education Scheme.
  • Special trainers and physiotherapists will be deployed in each district to provide education and training to the children at their homes.
  • Those students who fall in the visually handicapped students, those students will be provided Braille stationery and low vision handicap kit.
  • An amount of 78.48 lakh has been approved by the government for providing short vision Divya kit.
  • Organizing medical/health assessment camps.
  • Through this scheme (Pradhan Mantri Samekit Shiksha Yojana), the literacy ratio will increase among the disabled and disabled children in the country.
  • The government has given the responsibility to the nodal teachers for the distribution of educational material available to the disabled children properly and to get the full benefit of this material. Which will ensure that learning material is available to every student.
  • A register will be compulsorily prepared in each district to ensure that all eligible children under the scheme get the benefit of this material. In this register, there will be complete details of the material given to the boy and girl of every district.

Eligibility of Prime Minister Integrated Education Scheme Criteria

Children with disabilities in the country who want to take benefits under this scheme (Pradhan Mantri Samekit Shiksha Yojana) will have to fulfill some essential eligibility prescribed under the scheme. To take the benefit under the Integrated Education Scheme, it is necessary to fulfill these eligibility conditions –

  • The handicapped applicant should be a resident of the country of India and the concerned state.
  • Applicant should be living below poverty line.
  • Only the disabled student / student will be eligible to apply for this scheme. Such as – suffering from severe hearing and vision problems, mentally underdeveloped / retarded intelligence and physically underdeveloped.
  • Applicants who meet the criteria set by the government will get the benefit of the scheme.
  • It is mandatory for the applicant disabled child to have all the important documents.

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Samekit Shiksha Yojana Important Documents

Prime Minister Integrated Education Scheme Applicants who want to take benefits under the scheme have to submit some important documents. The complete list of this is being provided to you here. however you By contacting the concerned department of your state or the office of the District Education Officer Get the list of required documents ,

  • Aadhar card
  • BPL ration card
  • family income certificate
  • age certificate
  • caste certificate
  • Basic address proof
  • passport size photograph
  • pass mark list of previous class

How to apply in Prime Minister’s Integrated Education Scheme?

To take advantage of Samekit Shiksha Yojana 2024, any handicapped or disabled child of the country will have to apply in it. Let us inform you that no separate national portal has been started for this yet. However, to take advantage of this, you can get information in this regard by going to the office of the Education Officer of your district. There are many states of the country where there is a different process to apply for this scheme. Such as – application through the school, special portal at the state level, then somewhere the application forms are given by the concerned department. Therefore, in this regard, which process has been adopted in your state? You can get official information from the office of District Education Officer.

Question and Answer Related to Samekit Shiksha Yojana

For whom is the Integrated Education Scheme run?

Samekit Shiksha Yojana has been run for the disabled children and mentally handicapped children of the country.

How to apply in Samekit Shiksha Yojana?

To take advantage of this scheme (Samekit Shiksha Yojana), contact the District Education Officer office for the process of application.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying in PM Integrated Education Scheme?

Applications are valid for all mentally and physically challenged children.

What is the benefit of Samekit Shiksha Yojana?

Under this scheme, all the differently-abled children can get education at their home.

What are the features of the Prime Minister’s Integrated Education Scheme?

Through this scheme, all the differently-abled students will be given education at home. For this there will be trained teachers and along with specific material will also be made available to each child. For more information you can read our article.

Today through this article you Prime Minister Integrated Education Scheme 2024 received information about. Hope you found this article useful. If you want to know about other such informative articles and various schemes, then you can visit our website. Hindi NVSHQ can connect with.

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