(Proxy Vote) What is proxy vote – when and how proxy voting is done?

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Common citizens have been given the right to vote in various types of elections in our country. These elections are conducted by getting the common citizens to vote. one of the various voting rules (Proxy Vote) Proxy Vote Of Some rules are made for the citizens of the country to vote in the elections, following which they get the right to vote. Special emphasis is laid on the voting process in big and small elections. Through this all the election polling of the country is done. A citizen can vote only once in an election. This voting has to be done by oneself and no other person can vote. Under this article, an attempt will be made to give you information about proxy vote in voting.

what is proxy voting
proxy voting

In the year 2017, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had informed that the bill going to amend the Representation of the People Act 1950, the Representation of the People Act 1951 has been approved by voice votes. Now using this, military personnel and NRIs can give the right to vote for themselves to any other voter. According to the special provision of the Election Commission, any other citizen has the right to vote for a military person.

what is proxy vote

It is illegal to cast more than one vote in any election. But if necessary, a voter can legally cast more than one vote. This work is done under the special provision of the Election Commission. Through this rule, a citizen can vote for a defense servant as per his wish. Our country is a democratic country, for this reason small and big elections are seen here. Citizens are allowed to vote once in these elections. But shortly before the elections, new rules have been made.

According to this rule, the first vote can be given for himself and the second vote can be given for any soldier or NRI person. This rule of voting is called proxy rule. Its permission was given to the Representation of the People Bill of the year 2017, under which all the voters of India are trying to reduce the problem.


How to cast proxy vote?

  • First of all, the army personnel or NRI citizen has to give the details of the concerned voter to cast proxy vote. With whom he wants to get his vote done.
  • The details of this citizen have to be provided to the Returning Officer of his Assembly through Form-KFG.
  • Interested soldiers and NRIs have to pay attention to the fact that the citizen they want to vote should be a citizen of their assembly constituency.
  • Proxy voting can also be done for whole life.
  • If proxy voting is implemented for life, then that citizen can also vote in elections for the rest of his life.
  • Appointments of military citizens and NRIs automatically get canceled after the death of the citizen.
  • Senior military personnel or NRI citizens can also cancel the appointment for proxy voting as per their wish. For this work they have to fill Form-KFG.

proxy vote form

Any military person and NRI citizen of the country has to fill a KGF form to get his vote done through another person. All the information sought in this form is entered by the military personnel himself. Along with this, the information about your absence at that place has also to be entered in the form. After getting this KGF-Form attested by the Returning Officer, the other person is allowed to vote in place of the military citizen or NRI citizen.

proxy form

Proxy Voting Deadline

According to election officials, the time limit for proxy voting can be for life. This means that if an NRI citizen or a military citizen is not present at the time of polling in his area. In such a situation, any person he has appointed can vote for the military civilian for the rest of his life. The permission for proxy voting has to be given by the service citizen or NRI citizen himself.

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What happens on death of proxy voter?

The person to whom military citizens and NRI citizens give the right to vote for themselves. These proxy voters have the right to cast one more vote in addition to these citizens. But in case of death of proxy voter due to any reason, military or NRI citizen has full right to cancel the appointment of proxy. To cancel the appointment, the KGF-Form has to be filled again. After filling the KGF-Form correctly, it has to be submitted again to the Returning Officer. The appointment given to any other person can be canceled by the officer only.

revision information
  • In the years 2013 and 2014, ECI started looking for new options after the petition filed by NRIs in the Supreme Court at the behest of various MPs, industrialists, ministers.
  • After the general elections in the year 2014, a 12-member committee was formed to know mainly 3 options.
    • vote by mail
    • Voting in Indian missions abroad
    • online voting
  • According to this amendment, Section-60 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 has been amended to enable NRI voters to choose a proxy to vote at the time of election under certain conditions given in the Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961.

proxy vote related questions

What is proxy voting?

In our country, the right of military personnel and NRI citizens to get their vote done by any other person as per their wish is called proxy voting.

Which form has to be filled for proxy voting?

KGF-Form has to be filled for proxy voting

What is tender vote?

If another person casts his vote at the booth in the name of a voter, then the presiding officer gets the vote cast from a form even if the name is there in the voting list. These ballot papers are opened when the decision is made by a margin of less votes at the time of counting.

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