Rajasthan Majdur Admit Card 2024 Online

Today, through this article of ours, for the working citizens of Rajasthan state labor card online registration (Rajasthan Labor Card Apply Online) Going to share information about how to do it. As all laboring citizens know how necessary it has become to get registered in today’s era. Facilities like online application for laborers have been provided by the Government of Rajasthan to make labor cards. Citizens can apply online for labor cards sitting at home and easily avail the benefits of various labor schemes run by the government. Rajasthan Mazdoor Card 2024 can be obtained from Rajasthan Labor Card To get more information related to it, read our article till the end.

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Rajasthan Majdur Card 2024 Online Registration - Download Rajasthan Majdur Card
Rajasthan Majdur Card 2024 Online Registration

Download Rajasthan Majdur Card

Rajasthan Majdur Card 2024 Online Registration– To provide benefits of all the schemes to the working citizens by the Government of Rajasthan, Shramik Card Yojana was started, under which citizens can easily take advantage of all the services by registering themselves online. Rajasthan Labor Card Through this, all the students belonging to the working class family can easily get the benefit of the scholarship schemes provided by the government for various types of education. Along with this, the labor family members will be able to avail services related to health facilities such as insurance and (maternity) hospital expenses at the time of child birth etc. Rajasthan labor card All those citizens who work as skilled, unskilled manual labor in the construction of a building can apply for it.

labor in construction carpenter fitter or bar bender workers ofstone breaking those who work forRaj Mistri ,painting those who work forRoad Construction Citizens working as laborers or pipe plumbers etc. Rajasthan Labor Card Can apply for Workers can get the benefits of all the working class schemes with the help of the citizen card. The labor card has been issued by the government from time to time to provide special benefits to the working citizens, now the citizens can avail all the schemes with the help of this card. You can easily get the benefits.

Rajasthan labor card 2024

Plan Rajasthan Majdur Card 2024 Online Registration
State Rajasthan
Department Labor Department Rajasthan
beneficiary working citizens of the state
Services online / offline
Session 2024
Benefit Benefits of all government schemes of all labor category and other types
Objective Labor citizens through labor card
providing special facilities
official website jansoochna.rajasthan.gov.in

Objectives of Majdur Card Rajasthan

Rajasthan Labor CardThe main objective of the scheme is to provide a special type of facilities to the laboring citizens through the labor card. The economic condition of the working class citizens is so pathetic that they are hardly able to meet the needs of their everyday life. Due to which they have to go through many problems to live their life. Keeping all these problems in mind and to give a different identity to the laboring citizens in the society Rajasthan Mazdoor Card was started.

Under this card, citizens will be benefited from all kinds of schemes related to health facilities and children’s education. All labor category citizens of Rajasthan state labor card scheme Development will be done through Laborers can prove their identity under the labor card. It acts as a document for the laboring persons.

Schemes covered under Rajasthan Majdur Card

labor citizen labor card One can benefit from different types of government schemes, the following schemes have been included under the labor card for labor citizens, whose complete details are shown in the list below. The following schemes have been issued by the Government of Rajasthan to provide different types of benefits to the working citizens, all the information of which is given in detail in the list.

Serial Number rajasthan labor card scheme details Benefit
1 Shubhashakti YojanaThrough this scheme, on the birth of a girl child in a labor family, an assistance of Rs 50,000 will be provided to the family.
2 Construction Workers Education and Skill Development SchemeUnder this scheme, scholarship ranging from Rs.8000 to Rs.25000 will be provided to the children of laborers for education on the basis of their course under Rajasthan Mazdoor Card.
3 maternity assistance schemeUnder the Prasuti Sahayata Yojana, a woman from a working family will be provided assistance of Rs 21,000 on the birth of a girl child and Rs 20,000 on the birth of a son by the Rajasthan government.
4 Construction Workers Accessible Housing Scheme Under Shramik Sulabhya Awas Yojana, laborers will be provided financial benefit of up to Rs 50,000 for building houses on leased land.
5 Assistance scheme for the beneficiaries suffering from silicosisAn amount ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 3 lakh will be provided to all the laborers registered in the circle as beneficiaries suffering from silicosis disease.
6 Construction Workers Life and Future Security SchemeThe amount of premium will be deposited by the Rajasthan government in the insurance scheme to be taken by labor citizens under the Labor Life and Future Security Scheme.
7 Construction Workers Toolkit Assistance Scheme Through this, financial assistance of Rs 400 will be provided to the laboring citizens for the toolkit.
Documents for Rajasthan Majdur Card
  • Labor Certificate
  • BPL certificate
  • caste certificate
  • Basic address proof
  • copy of ration card
  • annual income certificate
  • Bhamashah Card
  • Aadhar card
  • All details related to bank account
  • mobile number

Eligibility and criteria for labor card Rajasthan

  • labor card To make it mandatory for labor category citizens to be a native of Rajasthan state.
  • It is necessary for the applicant citizen to have a labor certificate to make a labor card, on the basis of which he can complete the application process for making the card.
  • labor card application For this, it is necessary for the citizen to have all the necessary documents and be registered in the labor office.
  • to the working citizen Rajasthan labor card It is also necessary to have worked for 90 days under MNREGA employment to apply for the scheme. Only then he will be eligible for labor card application.
  • Rajasthan labor card To make it, it is necessary for the applicant person to have all types of documents.

How to register Rajasthan Majdur Card 2024 online?

Interested beneficiary labor citizens of the state in online form labor card want to apply for. They are made aware of the information that online services have not been issued by the Government of Rajasthan to make labor cards, you can easily complete the application process as per the process mentioned below.

  • Rajasthan labor card For application, the citizen has to go to his area. labor department office I have to go
  • From there the application form has to be obtained for application.
  • Beneficiary labor citizens can also download the application form on the basis of the link given below.
  • Rajasthan Majdur Card Registration Form Download from here.
  • After downloading the form, read all the information given in the application form carefully and enter all the required information in the form.
  • Such as applicant’s name, father’s name, date of birth, house number, locality, gram panchayat, district and Bhamashah card number, Aadhaar card number, all bank account related details etc.
  • After filling all the necessary information in the application form, attach the scan copy of all the necessary documents sought along with the registration form and passport size photo of the applicant with the form.
  • After that submit the application form to the concerned office.

How to see labor card details? Rajasthan Labor Card how to check labor card,

  1. View details of own Shramik Card To see, the beneficiary citizen has to enter the official website of the public information portal.
  2. In the home page under entering the website beneficiaries of the schemes Click on the option.
  3. to the applicant in the next page Labor Card Holder Information option to be selected.
  4. applicant on the next page now about your labor card Select the option.
  5. After this, the applicant himself will have to select any one of the registration number, Jan Aadhaar number, or Aadhaar number to see the details of the e-labor card. And the ID number has to be entered. rajasthan-mazdoor-card-details
  6. After entering the ID number, click on the Search button.
  7. In this way, all the necessary information related to labor card details will be displayed in the applicant’s screen.

Process to view information of area wise labor card holders

  • Region-wise details of labor card holders are given here Link Click on
  • After clicking in the link select your region in the region type in the next page. labor-card-rajasthan-region-wise
  • After this, the list of all labor card holders belonging to the region will appear in the screen of the applicant.
Labor Cardholder -Know About Your Employer
  • For information about his employer, the labor card holder should visit the public information portal. Labor Card Holder Information Click on the option.
  • In the next page applicant has 3 options Labor Cardholder -Know About Employer Click on the option.
  • After this, all the information related to employer’s name, Aadhaar card, mobile number and PAN card GST number will appear in the applicant’s screen. For the details of the employer, click on the option for more details. Labor-Cardholder-Employer-Rajasthan
  • After this, the details of the status of all the labor card holders related to the employer will be displayed in the screen of the applicant.

Rajasthan labor card related question answer

When was the labor card scheme started by the Rajasthan government?

In the session 2017-18, the labor card scheme was started by the Rajasthan government.

What type of schemes will the citizens be benefited through the labor card?

Health-related schemes, all kinds of labor schemes related to education and the benefit of financial assistance for buying leased land for construction of houses and the benefit of all other types of government schemes will be provided to the working citizens under the labor card.

How can labor citizens complete the application process for making Rajasthan Labor Card?

Labor citizens can visit the nearest labor department office of their area and complete the process of filling the application form.

Where can labor citizens fill the application form in case of not filling the application form themselves?

Labor citizens can fill the application form by going to the nearest E-Mitra center and taking all the necessary documents with them, in case they are not able to fill the application form themselves.

Is the laborer provided assistance through labor card for education of high income group?

Yes, the children of laborers get the benefit of getting different amount of scholarship determined on the basis of their course through labor card.

What benefits will the beneficiary citizens get through Rajasthan Shramik Card?

Through labor card, the working class citizens of Rajasthan can easily get the benefits of all the government schemes run by the central and state government. This card will provide special facilities to labor category citizens.

own labor card details How see ,

Labor citizens can check their labor card details online through the official website of jansoochna.rajasthan.gov.in.

labor registration Through which website can the laborers get the application form?

Workers can download the citizen application form for labor registration through the Jan Soochna Rajasthan portal under online.

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