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Rental Agreement –If you are thinking of giving your house, shop, land or any other type of property on rent, then before that you have to make a rent agreement / contract. (Rental Agreement) It is necessary to have knowledge about Along with this, if you want to rent a house, shop or other property or are a tenant, then you should also have knowledge of the legal process in this regard.

In a country like India with a huge and growing population, the number of people living on rent is increasing continuously. The reason for this is that the population is increasing but the land is decreasing relative to the increasing population. Apart from this, people have also started seeing it as an additional means of income. In big cities, those who have their own house, they give some part of the house on rent. Other reasons include migration to big cities for education and employment.

Rental Agreement Format in Hindi |  Rent Agreement Format – How to Make
Rental Agreement Format in Hindi | Rent Agreement Format – How to Make

any reason you want (Personal or Commercial) If you want to take or give any property on rent, the rent deed or rent agreement of that property (Rent Agreement) It should definitely be made. Rent agreement has now been made completely mandatory by the government. In this article, you are being given complete information about how the rent deed is made, what documents are required for it, what is the prescribed format of the rent deed, what are the conditions in the rent deed.

What is Rental Agreement?

When the tenant contacts the landlord for renting a house or property, then apart from seeing the house or property, there is some interaction between the landlord and the tenant. terms (Agreement) It is decided such as how much will be the monthly rent of the house, for how long the tenant will stay in the house as a tenant, which property the tenant can use or enjoy, etc. Earlier all these conditions were only verbal and there was no written evidence of this agreement between the landlord and the tenant. After this, some rules and regulations were issued by the Central and State Governments in this regard, which are applicable to both the landlord and the tenant.

Now the agreement between the landlord and the tenant (Rental Agreement) Legal process has to be followed to make it legal. Rent agreement between landlord and tenant under this legal process (Rental Agreement) It is made In simple words, mutual written agreement between the landlord and the tenant regarding the related property (Mutual Consent) The legal documentation resulting from the rental deed, rental agreement or rent agreement (Rental Agreement) They say.

Rental Agreement prerequisites for

While making a rent agreement, it is mandatory for you to follow certain conditions. Because it is a legal process and every word of it is important, so take special care of these conditions and precautions while getting it made.

  • The first condition is that at the time of making the agreement of both the parties the landlord and the tenant mentally sound And being able is essential.
  • 1000 or less for rental bill 500 It is mandatory to get it made on stamp paper of Rs.
  • rent agreement The draft of the agreement should be written in clear words and in such a language that there is no difficulty in understanding the terms to the parties.
  • There should be signature/thumb impression of both the parties on the rental deed so that it can be confirmed that both the parties have read and understood the agreement completely and the parties have no objection or objection in this regard.
  • To confirm the rental agreement between the two parties mentally sound and capable two witnesses It is necessary to have
  • Complete details of both the witnesses should be mentioned in the rental agreement like full name, full address, details of identity etc.
  • Rental Agreement Signatures/thumb impressions of both the witnesses are mandatory on the rent deed to confirm the same.
  • Rental Agreement Notary authorized by the government to verify the validity of Notaries It is necessary to get it verified from the Rent Agreement only then valid and legal Will be understood.
  • If the term of the lease more than 11 months If so, then both the parties registrar’s office It is mandatory to get the registration of tenancy done.
  • property in respect of which rent agreement Complete description of the property being done and sight map (Sight Map) Giving is mandatory. Like where the property or house is located. If land then what is Khasra number. If there is a house, then the house number etc.
  • The owner of the house or property will have to give his full details correctly such as the full name of the landlord, father’s name, age, full address of the place of residence etc.
  • The tenant will also have to give his complete and correct details. Such as full address of the original residence of the tenant, identification details etc.
  • Every condition fixed between the parties such as how much the rent will be, by whom the electricity/water bill will be payable, for how long the tenant will be able to use the property, etc., must be mentioned in the rent deed.
  • If it is agreed upon to increase the rent, then this condition should also be mentioned that after how much time the rent will be increased and by what percentage or under what process. So that future disputes can be avoided.
  • The amount to be paid by the tenant as security to the landlord should also be mentioned.
  • It must be mentioned that the landlord cannot order the tenant to vacate the house during the period for which there is a rent agreement or the details of how many days before the landlord will inform the tenant to vacate the house. Rental Agreement be marked in
  • The information given by both the parties should be completely correct and true. If any kind of wrong information/declaration by the parties Rental Agreement If given in, then legal action can be taken against the parties in such a situation.

Rental Agreement documents required for

The prescribed format for rent deed is different in each state. You can also download the format from the official website of the respective state. Apart from the prescribed format, you may need some other important documents. as-

  • 1000 or at least 500 Stamp paper of Rs.
  • Identity cards of both the landlord and the tenant. (AADHAAR CARD/PAN CARD/OTHER DOCUMENTS WITH PHOTOGRAPH)
  • Passport size photographs of the parties.
  • Identity cards of both the witnesses. , (AADHAAR CARD/PAN CARD/OTHER DOCUMENTS WITH PHOTOGRAPH)
  • Documents of proof of ownership and possession of the concerned house of the landlord.
  • Security amount.

Where will the Rental Agreement be made?

rent agreement (Rental Agreement) Getting it done is a legal process. For this you have to go to any notary authorized by the government. It is very easy to get this agreement made through a notary. Also, you can take legal advice from a notary. If you wish, you can easily get the rent agreement made by contacting your nearest tehsil or sub-district magistrate’s office.

How long is the rent agreement valid?

The tenancy deed is valid till the date mentioned in the tenancy deed. This can happen in a few days, months or years.

Who can be a witness in the Rent Agreement?

Any citizen who is above 18 years of age and of sound mind can act as a witness in the Rent Agreement.

Why is a rental agreement made?

To avoid any future dispute between the landlord and the tenant, a rent agreement is made in which all the terms and obligations related to the agreement are already mentioned. In case of dispute, the rent deed can be produced as evidence.

Can the rent agreement be for more than 11 months?

You can also get your rental agreement made for more than 11 months. You can register this agreement in a few days, months or even years

Why is the rent agreement made only for 11 months?

Generally, the period of the rental agreement is kept for 11 months. This is done because Section 17D of the Indian Registration Act 1908 According to it, it is not mandatory to register any such agreement which is less than one year in the registration office. When we get an agreement registered in the registrar’s office, stamp duty has to be paid according to the value of the property, which is a very costly process. To avoid this process and the expenses involved in it, most of the rent agreements are made only for 11 months. After that it is again extended for 11 months.

Can a tenant become the owner of a rental property?

Indian Limitation Act 1963 According to it, no tenant can be the owner of the property of the landlord. To avoid this dispute, arrangement for rent agreement has been made between the landlord and the tenant. The period of limitation on private or non-government property is 12 years and in the case of government property, this period is 30 years.

Who is a Notary?

A notary is a person appointed by the government to attest that a document is legally true and genuine. Generally notaries are appointed in all courts and sub-district magistrate’s courts.

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