(Resign Letter in Hindi) How to write a resignation letter – How to write a resignation letter, how to write a resignation letter

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Resignation letter –Resignation is given in case of resignation from a company. It is also a kind of notice. When you are looking for a job, you have to go through a certain process and complete certain formalities to get a job anywhere. Like first application, then exam or interview only after that you get appointment in the job. Similarly, when you do not want to work further in that company or organization for any reason, then you can leave the job. Even before that you have to follow a certain procedure. And this process begins with a formal notice to your company or management about leaving your job i.e. resignation. (Resignation letter) With giving It is also a kind of notice.

(Resign Letter in Hindi) How to write a resignation letter - How to write a resignation letter, how to write a resignation letter
How to write resignation letter

What is Resign Letter?

resignation letter It is a formal letter written by the employee to his employer to give information in this regard before leaving the company. resignation letter The terms and conditions of giving depends on the company or institution. Like in some companies you cannot resign for 6 months or 1 year from the date of getting appointment. At the same time, leaving you at least 1 week to 1 month Prior information has to be given to the company. This is called notice period. This is done so that during this notice period the company can appoint a new employee to work in your place.

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how to write resignation letter

If you are thinking of leaving your job, then for this you also have to resign first. you resign (Resignation letter) can be written as-

  • As you are aware resignation letter Completely formal letter It happens. so your resignation letter Please refrain from commenting on personal issues of any kind. Use only formal words.
  • Begin the letter with words of respect.
  • Write a letter addressed to the officer or chief under whom you are working
  • Now write the subject and subject in which you are writing the letter. Like for resignation.
  • After this, give the details of the position you hold in the company along with your name.
  • Mention the period for which you have been working in the company.
  • Now write the reason why you want to leave the job.
  • Then end the letter with a request to accept your resignation.
  • After this, write your name, company name, your employee code below, then write your mobile number and put your signature.

for example resignation letter Following is the format of


hr manager
ABC Company Limited

Subject :- Regarding resignation from the job.

I humbly request that I am Neha Sharma in your company as junior accountant last 3 years I am working from It is to inform you that I have received a job offer as Senior Accountant in another company. I have accepted this offer and it is necessary to join on 15th of next month. Due to this reason I will not be able to continue my services in your company. My experience with your company has been very good and it has been a pleasant experience to work with all the employees. But it is necessary for me to go to take up the new post, so today I am giving this resignation so that I can render my services in another company. I will join your company on 14th of next month. last working day (Last Working Day) Will happen.

Therefore, you are requested to accept my resignation. I wish your company a bright future ahead!

Thank you


Neha Sharma
junior accountant
(put your signature here)

resignation letter what happens?

resignation letter It is a formal letter written by the employee to his employer to give information in this regard before leaving the company. A formal letter of resignation from a job is written for the information of the employer. It is also a kind of notice.

What is notice period?

The period from the date of your resignation till your last working day is counted as notice period. This happens so that the company gets time to find your replacement and the company can run smoothly.

How long is the notice period?

There is no fixed rule of notice period. Usually it is mentioned in the contract of the company. Generally this period can be from one week to one month.

How much money is deducted for resigning?

There is no set rule for this. Different companies have different rules in this regard. These terms are written in the agreement between the company and you. Be sure to read these rules before resigning. This will also help you to know the period for submitting your resignation.

How to resign?

In today’s time, most of the companies maintain contact with the employee through their e-mail, so most of the resignation letters are sent to the official e-mail of the company. If you want, you can also write your resignation on a paper and give it to your boss.

Who can write resignation letter?

Any person who is doing a job anywhere and is not willing to work in that company or organization further, then that person can write a resignation letter to get rid of his responsibility.

What is required to resign?

If you are resigning from your job, then take care of the notice period and must mention the reason for your resignation in your resignation letter.

Who should resign?

Technically, you can submit your resignation letter to the chief officer related to your department or to your boss at the office level. Private companies in which separately HR department Resignation is usually arranged in HR manager is assigned to.

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