Student’s introduction – Self Introduction in Hindi for Student

Many students have the trouble that a student introduction How to give Where to start your introduction and where to end it. Along with this, the person listening to this introduction should also like it. All the students should know how to introduce themselves in a formal manner so that their confidence can also increase. At the same time, the person listening to the introduction also knows that he is meeting a good student. Self-introduction is a social skill that goes a long way in helping you make a distinct impression on other people.

self introduction in hindi for student
student introduction

student introduction

Introduce yourself standing – Introducing yourself standing will make you appear more confident and will also be able to say your point more clearly. If you are in the middle of the room, you can speak by moving your head alternately from side to side. Whenever we have to give interview then we have to be eager to give it. But it all starts when the interviewer doesn’t start asking questions. As soon as the person taking the interview asks you to tell something about yourself, then people feel empty in their mind.

student introduction steps

There are a few steps any student should take into account in starting their introduction. Make sure to include these steps in your introduction –

greetings (hello)

Students begin the introduction with a greeting. Good morning, good evening, namaste, etc. are to be included with greetings. A good salutation attracts attention from all sources. Also, it shows confidence in the beginning of your introduction.



Definitely, if you are introducing yourself, then you must have some purpose behind it. After greeting you have to state the purpose of the introduction. There must be a concrete purpose and goal for the conversation to start. A right purpose while giving your introduction makes your introduction more effective and valuable.


When describing your purpose, another important element in your introduction is your name. A person’s name is his identity. Before saying anything more you have to give your name details. Give a description of your name at the beginning of your introduction.



Like your name, your native place is also a very important element in your introduction. You must provide location information to give a brief idea of ​​your background.


One of the most important things in your resume is your qualifications. It is also necessary to give its details. You are a student of school or college and you are giving your interview. You have to give details of all your previous qualifications and achievements.


other details

All these details are integral and essential elements of the student’s introduction. Apart from this, there are other details which you have to include in the self-introduction. Tell about the achievements, hobbies, likes and dislikes, goals etc.


After giving all kinds of details, you also have to conclude your introduction. This includes making sure that your answer is an unforgettable and engaging one. In this way, remember every source of your introduction. While ending your introduction, you have to put something in one line or phrase that represents you.

say hello at the end

Once your talk is over, it is important to greet again with thank you. You can say thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself.

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Different Samples of Student Introductions

Students have to face a dilemma to introduce themselves that how to introduce themselves effectively. To clear this doubt, you can follow the examples given below. You can also modify your details as per your convenience. Now some samples are being told to you.

sample number 1

My name is Shankar and I am a class 10 student studying in Haridwar. I am originally from a small village in Himachal Pradesh. My father’s name is Shri Sohan Lal and mother’s name is Vidya Devi. Presently I live in a hostel in Haridwar. I am very interested in reading books. I aspire to become an IAS officer after completing my studies well.

sample number 2

Hello I am Mahesh. I have been working as a network engineer for 5 years. My elder brother is also associated with this profession and he only encouraged me to do this work. I have passed my graduation from my college with 55% marks. My subjects have been Mathematics, Physics and Electronics. Apart from this, I am also thinking of pursuing my post graduation program from Uttarakhand Open University. Well my aim is to become a successful professor.

I believe my greatest strength is my attitude. That’s why I love to accept challenges. I believe in accepting the success and failure that comes in life. I do not want to leave any question as I have full faith in myself and my work.

sample number 3

I am Suresh, born and brought up in Delhi. I consider myself very fortunate to have got the opportunity to introduce myself. I have completed my graduation from Florence Nightingale College with 61% marks. I have done BA in economics. Presently I want to complete my MA in Economics from University of Kochi. I strongly believe that success can be achieved only when you are determined towards your career with full enthusiasm. In this way I keep six to achieve a balanced life. Also I want to achieve more heights in life.

sample number 4

Good morning,

My name is Monica and it gives me great pleasure to introduce myself to you. I basically belong to Madhya Pradesh. But at present I live in Delhi. I did my schooling from St. Mary’s Convent School in Delhi. I got 75% in class 10th and 90% in class 12th. Now after class 12th I am doing my B.Tech in computer science stream. Final year of my course is going on.

I always had the goal of pursuing a career as an engineer in my mind. At this point of time, my focus is on completing my goal. Along with studies, I am also very interested in reading books. I also like listening to old Hindi songs in my spare time.

Student Introduction Rules for Freshers

There are some major rules for any student to introduce themselves in school, college or workplace. It becomes mandatory to follow these rules. Make sure to do what to do and what not to give your introduction the correct format. To make your introduction effective by following all these rules properly –

  • Always make eye contact while giving introduction. It becomes clear that you are not in any kind of fear.
  • Only correct details should be given place in your self-introduction.
  • The introduction should not be too long, because of which the listeners start getting bored. Also, their attention shifts from your important details to other details. It should be less than one minute in duration and short, effective and interesting.
  • Do not use profanity in your language. There is no need for a student to remember his full introduction, instead he has to remember only the important points. Only after this these points can be given more detail.

student introduction questions

What is the proper way to introduce myself?

The meaning of self-introduction of the student is to present a clear, concise and correct description of his subject in good language. A student has to add many facts in his introduction.

Is it necessary to learn complete self-introduction?

There is no need to know the complete self-introduction. Apart from this, you have to know and remember some main points, after that these points have to be described in detail.

What is a good self talk?

This is a kind of internal monologue that lets the other listeners know the main things about you. Also, it makes you feel good by giving information about the important things happening in your life.

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