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UDID Card Apply Online Being physically disabled is a big problem for any person. Keeping these reasons in mind, various welfare schemes are brought by the government from time to time for the differently-abled. Especially in the present times, special efforts are made by the central government across the country for the upliftment of the divine. Government to do this work better UID Card Will collect all the information of disabled people by giving. The disabled person holding this ID will not need to keep any other type of identity card. About 25 thousand in each district of the country Divyang ID plans to make.

The condition and direction of life of the people having UDID card can change. In the year 1995, taking into consideration the problems of the citizens suffering from disability and disability, the Indian Parliament prepared the framework of the law. Under this, recognizing the disability of any person and determining special rights for it. People having up to 40 percent disability get certificates under this. Persons with psychological deficit (mental illness) would also come under the category of disability. If a disabled person or relative UDID Card If you want to get it made, then this article will be very helpful in this work.

Planhandicapped certificate
relevant departmenthealth Department
Objectiveproviding welfare services
beneficiarydisabled citizens of the country
executiveIndian government
Channelonline / offline
official websitewww.swavlambancard.gov.in

Purpose of UDID Card

Persons with disabilities having Government of India cards will be identified through “Swavalamban Card/ UDID Card”. Along with this, it will be convenient for the government to prepare and maintain a complete database of persons with disabilities at the national, state, district, block level. Card holder Divyansh Jan can be easily identified at any time. Government schemes reduce the problems of disabled people as it reduces the disability of the disabled person and they can live like normal people.

Benefits of Swavalamban Card (UDID)

Divyansh people who have UDID cards issued by the government continue to get the benefits of government services. But in order to be benefited by joining such government schemes, the suitable person will have to get a handicapped certificate made for his verification. Some of the main schemes are as follows –

  • All the necessary information of the disabled person in a special UDID Card will be stored in
  • This is a multi-purpose card, so that the said person will not need any other certificate.
  • The person’s information will be kept secure inside a chip in the card.
  • With the help of a software in the Disabled Welfare Department, after all the information is verified by the officer, the card will reach the disabled person’s home by post.
  • Cardholder referred to the concerned authority UDID card There will be no need for multiple copies of A self-supporting provider can be easily decoded with the help of a reader.
  • For verification and identification of a person with disability UDID card Single certificate will remain and will give many benefits in future.
  • Government will be able to track the progress of the beneficiaries from the database of card holders.

Certificate for Disability Certificate Application

  • Aadhaar Card of the applicant
  • voter ID card
  • Ration card
  • Latest passport size photograph
  • photo of disabled body part
  • Caste Certificate (if any)
  • bank account details of the individual
  • Completely Filled Handicapped Certificate Application Form

Key points for filling the online application

  • In the application form you will be asked for four types of information personal, disability related, employment details and identity information.
  • While filling the application form, typing in Hindi in the Hindi name box and English typing in the English box. You can take the help of Google translator for Hindi typing.
  • While filling the online application, type the correct information at the right place. Avoid any spelling mistake.
  • It will be mandatory to fill the boxes on which there is a red colored star, that is, this information must be given to the applicant. Other general boxes can also be omitted, try to complete all the information.

Online Application Process for Disability Certificate

If a person has become physically disabled due to any reason due to birth or disease/accident. In such a situation, the said person or the people related to him should immediately take information about making online disability certificate.

  • First of all applicants visit the official website of UDID card on their web browser http://www.swavlambancard.gov.in Open the
  • In the home page of the website, click on the first option “apply for disability certificate & UDID card” option on the right side.
  • You will get the Application Form of Person with Disability in a new window tab.
    UDID Card Disability Certificate Online - online application option
  • Type the information asked in the application form correctly.UDID Card Disability Certificate Online - disabled person registration form
  • There is a box in the form for the information of “Relation with Pwd”, in this select the parent or other guardian and enter the name and mobile number.
  • Check all the information details and hit the “next” button.
  • From this the details of the person’s disability will have to be given on the next web page.
  • Those who already have disability certificate should enter the UDID number, so that the applicant will not have to undergo medical examination again.
  • After this, press the “next” button, with this you will have to give business related information in a new tab, if you do not have any information, you can leave it.
  • Now upload the photo of your Aadhaar card for the identity card and enter the details and type the captcha code and press the “Proceed” button.
  • In this way, after completing all these points, the application of the person reaches the UDID office of the Government of India for approval.
  • Now the applicant has to wait for the status of his UDID to be approved.
  • After the application is approved, the person has to take the print of his application and go to the CMO office.
  • On completion of the final verification process, the individual will get the UDID card.

apply for certificate through offline mode

  • The process of making Disability Certificate starts with downloading the application form and printing it in A4 size page. UDID Card Disability Certificate Online application Form-1-1
  • Enter all the information sought in the application form after understanding it.
  • Once you have given all the information, attach the relevant certificates being sought in your application.
  • Submit the completely filled application form to the concerned department.

UDID Card Verification Process

For applicants who successfully apply for the card, the process of verification will be as follows-

  • The CMO department checks the information of the applicant.
  • After this the form is sent to the concerned hospital for verification of disability.
  • Applicants will have to carry a copy of their form for verification.
  • After the medical certificate is made, it will be delivered to the PWD office, where the applicant will be given the percentage of disability.
  • The last step is to provide the “Swalambhan Card” by saving the applicant’s form information to a unique Disability ID.

Viewing Application Status – UDID Card Status

After the completion of the application process, one should keep checking the status of the application on the website from time to time. The steps to check the status of online application are as follows –

  • On the home page of the online application website, choose the option “Track Your Application Status” number four on the right side.UDID Card Disability Certificate Online - application status checking
  • You will get a box in a new window, type your Registration Number/UIDI/Request Number/Mobile Number/Aadhaar Number and press the “Go” button.UDID Card Disability Certificate Online - entering desire number in box
  • Your application status will be on your screen.

Benefits of Disability Certificate

If a disabled person completes the process of making a certificate once and takes the certificate from the government, then he can get various benefits in the future. Some of these benefits are as follows –

  • In getting free education facility to disabled people.
  • Free tricycle, machines and artificial limbs.
  • In getting proper reservation in government and private sector jobs.
  • To get reservation in education.
  • In taking priority of allotment of termination.
  • In taking various social security schemes.
  • In getting discount in roadways, railway and airline tickets.
  • In getting the pension scheme of the state and central government.
  • To ensure their place in various government schemes.
  • To file a complaint to the Chief Commissioner of the Disability Department on being deprived of the rights given by the legislation.

from UDID card related question

What are the benefits of UDID card?

It provides a special identity card to the disabled person so that their essential information remains in the database of the government. Along with this, the card holder gets the opportunity to take advantage of various social schemes related to him.

What are UDID cards?

It can be called “Unique Number for Person with Disability” which is provided by the health department after verification.

What are the disability percentages for the disability certificate for the person?

The person should have 40 percent physical disability in the medical examination of the department.

How to check Handicapped Certificate through Aadhaar Card?

By selecting the option of Application check on the website of the department mentioned in the article, enter your new Aadhaar number and press the “Go” button, the status of your application will be in front of you.

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