what are the subjects in arts

Best Arts Stream Subjects –Talking about India’s education system, every Indian student comes at one time or the other in his educational life, where he has to choose one method for his future education. these methods are,Science class, (Science Stream) commercial class (Commerce Stream)and art class (Arts Stream) Every student has to choose any class based on his interest.

Science class is considered more prevalent in our country and this belief is common among students and our society as well. That only science stream students get more employment opportunities in future which is completely untrue. Today we are going to show you the art class i.e. Arts Stream Will give information about and about the main subjects related to it which are as important as the subjects of science class and other class. So let’s first know what is an art class-

What are the subjects in Arts - Best Arts Stream Subjects
What are the subjects in Arts – Best Arts Stream Subjects

What is Arts Stream?

If we talk about the word Art, then Art is an English language word which translates into Hindi as art. art class (Arts Stream) There is a group of many subjects in which you study the subjects of your society, geography, ecology, agriculture, economics etc. which are useful in everyday life. The subjects of the art class play an important role in shaping our social and economic attitudes.

In today’s era, in the context of our country, from getting a job in a government office to getting the country’s best and very difficult job. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) The subject of Arts helps us a lot everywhere till the examinations. If we talk about the subjects, the main subjects that come under Arts are History, Geography, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Philosophy, Psychology etc. We study deeply about these subjects in Arts. Major and important subjects related to Arts (Best Arts Stream Subjects) A brief introduction of is being given to you further.

what are the subjects in arts

If you are interested in Arts subjects, then a brief introduction of the main Arts subject is being given to you-

political ScienceEconomics
  1. History History is such a subject which is connected with almost every subject in one way or the other. Also, if we talk about the subject of Arts, history has been a major subject under Arts since the early times. Now the question arises that what are we taught in history and what are the things we are introduced to in history. In history we read about the events that happened earlier. Ever since man’s power to think and understand has developed, since then man has been saving things related to history in some form or the other. It can be of many types like physical history, social history, political history etc. In simple words, every aspect from the origin of creation to the history of the modern world can be included in the subject of history and it is studied in depth.
  2. Geography Geography subject is also a subject under Arts. In geography, we read about the physical structures around us, as well as study about the country, abroad and the structure of the whole earth. We need to know about our planet Earth as well as other planets and the entire solar system. (Solar System) There is also information about.
  3. Political Science Political science or political science has also been kept in the arts category. In political science, we know that by whom and how the government is being run in a particular place. Democracy After the emergence of this subject has become quite elaborate. In this, we get information about the type of governance in which country, if there is a democracy, then what type of democracy it is and how governance is run in a democratic system. For example, if we take the example of our country India, then we know that the government is run in India under a democratic system. Along with this, we also get information about the governments of different states coming within the border of India. In this way, politics from a particular place to the whole world is studied closely.
  4. Economics In the subject of economics, we mainly study the economy. Economy is told about. In this we understand the system of buying and selling of any commodity. Like what will be the real value of an item, how much tax is payable on that item, who is authorized to make the item, etc. In the subject of economics, we also get information about the economies of different countries.
  5. Psychology As the name suggests, psychology is the science of the mind. In psychology we study about the brain of any living being. With the help of psychology, we can understand the body language of the organism and its Actions By looking at him, you can find out what he is thinking or what he may do in the future. In this we can read the feelings of man. The subject of psychology helps us a lot in treating psychiatric diseases.
  6. Philosophy Philosophy is a subject of deep contemplation. In philosophy, we think and study about a single subject from different points of view. The principles related to life are also explained through philosophy. Like theory of ultimate truth, theory of realism, theory of development etc.
  7. SociologyIn Sociology we are given information about human society. Social security, social responsibility, culture etc. are the topics covered under this topic.

Optional subjects of Arts-

When you want to continue your education from Arts stream or want to pursue higher education in Arts stream, then along with the subjects of Arts stream, you are also given the option to choose optional subjects. These options are-

Computerphysical education
music Yoga
home ScienceMathematic
Sanskrit French
German the Spanish
mandarin chinese language Urdu
Arabic dance moves
Japani graphics
legal studiesinformation Science
commercial artentrepreneurship

instead of English or Hindi Eighth Schedule of Indian Constitution You can also choose the languages ​​mentioned in However, it completely depends on the state and the educational institutions.

Arts Stream Courses

If you have passed 12th standard and now want to pursue further education with arts stream subjects then most of the universities graduate level courses We provide the main courses of which are-

Bachelor of Arts [BA]BA in Journalism and Mass Communication
BA LLBBachelor of Fashion Designing
BBA LLBBachelor of Event Management
Bachelor of Design [B Des]Bachelor of Social Work
Bachelor of Hotel Management [BHM]Bachelor of Management Studies [BMS]
Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA]Bachelor of Physical Education [BPEd]
Bachelor of Education [BED]Bachelor of Business Management
Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]BA in English Literature
Bachelor of Business Studies [BBS]BA in English

Career in Arts Stream

After getting education from Artus Steam, students get ample employment opportunities in different fields. Ample employment opportunities are available in both government and non-government mediums. Such as in the field of advocacy, as a professional speaker or in the field of teaching etc. You can choose your career according to your subject in various fields-

  • Judiciary in the field of (as an advocate, judge or prosecuting officer)
  • in the field of fashion designing
  • Journalist (Journalist) In form of
  • as an event planner
  • as a graphic designer
  • professional speaker (Professional Speaker) In form of
  • psychologist (Psychiatrist) research and psychiatry as (Mental illness) in the field of medicine
  • as public relations officer
  • sociologist (Sociologists)In form of
  • Policy analyst (policy analyst) as
  • in social media management
  • Historian (Historian) and archivist (archivist) in the field of history as
  • under museum observation
  • in the field of information
  • as a writer
  • Researcher as Researcher
  • in the field of teaching (teacher or lecturer)
  • Police and Administrative Services.
  • as a social worker.

How many subjects are there in Arts stream?


What are the jobs in arts?

You Advocate, Journalism, Graphic Designer, Psychologist, Sociologist, Policy Analyst, Historian, Writer, Researcher You can choose a career in any of the following fields.

What is fine arts?

In Fine Arts we are given information about artistic subjects like Dance, Music, Literature, Painting, Photography, Film Making, Architecture, Sculpture Etcetera.

Where to do graduation in arts?

You can do graduation in arts from any university in India. However, it also depends on the availability of your subject. In case the subject is not available in the nearest university, you can approach any other university. For this, the Government of India has established at least one Central University in each state.

What is the meaning of arts?

Arts means art. In addition to this skill (Talent)Skill (Skill) Also called Like sculptor, craftsman, painter etc.

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