What is ASL Topics? Best ASL Topics List

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ASL Topics- In today’s time only a good speaker can convey his words and ideas to the people properly. How can you put your ideas in front of people? Your listening and speaking skills can prove to be a boon for you.

What is ASL Topics?  Best ASL Topics List
What is ASL Topics? Best ASL Topics List

Today’s topic is also related to this topic, today we will tell you what is ASL Topics? And will tell about the Best ASL Topics List, as well as you will also get to know Tips and Tricks for Listening and Speaking Test in this article. Read the complete article to know what is ASL.

What is ASL Topics?

Before knowing what is ASL, you need to know what is the full form of ASL. Full name of ASL Assessment of Listening and Speaking Is. This subject has been included as a subject in CBSE board schools.

Assessment of Listening and Speaking ie ASL Subject to CBSE Class 9 and 11 has been introduced as a compulsory subject for the students of With the help of this subject, students are assessed for speaking, listening and communicating in the English language in schools. ASL Through the test, students are asked to answer various questions. Analytical Thinking and Critical Thinking Assessment of both skills helps.

ASL Subjects for CBSE

The Assessment of Listening and Speaking (ASL) exam is conducted in CBSE schools to assess the communication skills of students in English. This test has been made mandatory for CBSE students to assess their listening, speaking and communicating skills in English. It also tests the analytical and critical thinking skills of a student.

Best ASL Topics List

Let us tell you that ASL topics are mostly centered around General Awareness, Personal Opinion or Social Issues which is presented by a student through his/her ideas. Below is a list of the most commonly used topics for students in ASL-

Easy ASL Topics

  1. population explosion
  2. benefits of co-education
  3. my favorite childhood memory
  4. my favorite player
  5. my favorite book
  6. my favorite travel
  7. importance of learning through experience
  8. a letter to my favorite leader
  9. Buddha’s life and teachings
  10. open book exam
  11. punctuality vs procrastination
  12. my dream job
  13. importance of friendship
  14. my best friend
  15. ancient education or modern education

Technology ASL Topics List

Technology (TechnologySome of the topics related to the subject are given below –

  1. Smartphones vs Smart People
  2. positive effects of gaming
  3. future of gaming
  4. Searching for answers on google
  5. Online Games: Good or Bad?
  6. e-sports
  7. online social networking for elders
  8. lockdown online classes during
  9. future of technology in india
  10. educational Technology
  11. Compulsory CBT for IIT-JEE
  12. Are smart classes smart enough?
  13. teens on social media
  14. open book exam
  15. social media ethics
  16. augmented reality vs virtual reality

on the basis of human rights

The social topic is quite wide. This topic is very helpful for the students in presenting their thoughts and ideas about different subjects. Students express their political views in this topic. The thinking can be presented easily. The topics or topics centered around human rights are as follows –

  1. LGBT rights
  2. child marriage
  3. hair Labor
  4. Article 370
  5. Right to Education
  6. discipline in student life
  7. Ideal India from your point of view
  8. Feminism in its essence
  9. importance of dress code
  10. women and their dreams
  11. Know about Indian culture
  12. the right idea of ​​feminism
  13. human trafficking
  14. right to vote
  15. Dependence on technology is right or wrong
  16. what is the aim of education
  17. value of hard education
  18. Importance of sports in student life
  19. Overpopulation problem and its consequences
  20. discipline in student life
  21. importance of dress code
  22. what is the aim of education
  23. value of hard education

ASL Topics on Student Life

The subject of student life is related to the students this topic is one of the most used topics in ASL spoken test. Below you are given a list of topics focused on student life –

  1. coping with exam pressure effectively
  2. Indian education system
  3. Uniform compulsory or optional
  4. improve student-teacher relations
  5. regulating the use of social media
  6. Fight against ragging by seniors
  7. handling peer pressure
  8. importance of value education
  9. Are parent-teacher meetings necessary?
  10. drug abuse
  11. Cases of harassment are increasing in schools

India ASL Topics

  1. corruption in India
  2. Digital India
  3. changing face of india
  4. Piracy problem in India
  5. Make in India
  6. India: The Land Of Great Personalities
  7. India of my dreams
  8. film censorship in india
  9. Your thoughts on Ideal India
  10. Indian Tourism
  11. poverty in India

ASL Topics based on current education system in India

  1. Benefits of Co-education in India
  2. competitive exams the rat race
  3. modern education system
  4. new education policy 2020
  5. online exam : merits and demerits
  6. Bridging the distance between urban and rural schools
  7. Need for reservation on the basis of caste-category in 2020
  8. Should the Ministry of Education be regulated with the government or should it be an independent entity?
  9. Exam pressure on teenagers
  10. Digitization of Classrooms in India

based on global affairs ASL Topics

  1. distribution of the commonwealth
  2. Countries reducing the number of foreign workers
  3. inflation and recession
  4. the possibility of world war 3
  5. regulation of international trade
  6. possibility of third world war
  7. inflation and recession

ASL Topics on Environment and Sustainable Development

Environmental issues are asked under ASL topics on current affairs. Below we have listed the important ASL topics for you –

  1. Environment protection
  2. Environment and its importance
  3. protection of wildlife
  4. Environment and Ecology Technology
  5. sustainable management of natural resources
  6. Climate change
  7. Demographic Dynamics and Stability
  8. essay on environment
  9. continuous development
  10. save environment
  11. save water
  12. save electricity
  13. alternative sources of energy
  14. australian wildfire
  15. protection of wildlife
  16. problem of overpopulation
  17. alternative sources of energy
  18. Integrating environment and development in decision making
  19. sustainable management of natural resources
  20. changing consumption patterns
  21. An integrated approach to land resource planning and management
  22. Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
  23. environmentally sound management of biotechnology
  24. conservation of biological diversity
  25. environment protection
  26. Managing fragile ecosystems: combating desertification and drought

media and society

  1. The issue of fake news and misinformation on social media
  2. benefits of social media
  3. Media Trials: Advantages and Disadvantages
  4. Relevance of Newspapers
  5. Social Media and News
  6. role of media in democracy
  7. sensitization in the media
  8. Traditional Media vs. Online/Digital Media
  9. importance of media
  10. censorship in the media
  11. influence of media on technology
  12. Mass Media and Stereotypes
  13. Importance and role of media in crime prevention

Motivational ASL Topics ,Motivational and Inspirational ASL Topics)

  1. books importance of reading
  2. hard work is the key to success
  3. great personalities lessons to be learned from
  4. overcome fear
  5. a memorable day in my life
  6. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  7. hard work vs smart work
  8. if i were a millionaire
  9. Importance of time management for students
  10. generation gap
  11. The greatest inventors and inventions in the history of mankind
  12. importance of mental health
  13. value of discipline

relating to national and national leaders ASL Topics

  1. Patriotism
  2. need for national integration
  3. India of my dreams
  4. My India is great
  5. National unity
  6. Duties of students towards the nation
  7. Urban Life
  8. Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi
  9. PM Narendra Modi
  10. India peace loving country
  11. Pandit jawaharlal nehru
  12. Lal Bahadur Shastri
  13. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar
  14. Indira Gandhi
  15. National language hindi
  16. country of villages india
  17. Our country India and our duty towards it
  18. Sarojini Naidu
  19. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
  20. patriotism
  21. Indian Culture Unity in Diversity
  22. Indian National Movement
  23. Indian farmer
  24. my dear india
  25. Make in India
  26. Digital India
  27. Place of women in Indian society
  28. village to city migration
  29. history of India
  30. salt movement

Interesting ASL Topics

  • How to manage time as a student?
  • Education Budget 2024
  • How to make a career out of your hobby?
  • importance of school uniform
  • what do you do in your spare time
  • importance of value education
  • girls education
  • What can reading a book teach us?
  • How do you prepare for exams?

Tips and Tricks for Listening and Speaking Test

Sometimes we get nervous while speaking because of our low confidence. In such a situation, it has a bad effect on your speaking. Whatever subject is given to the students, they should have knowledge related to that subject. Students have to pay attention to some important points to improve their presentation and speaking skills.

  • to students Listening and Speaking Test During the course, students should pay special attention to their pronunciation and avoid any rumblings.
  • Whatever subject matter is given to the students, it should be clear.
  • Students must be expressive and use voice modulation correctly when speaking. Speech should not be dull or monotonous.
  • Listening and Speaking Test Keep complete information in mind about whatever topic has been given to you.
  • Pay special attention to your vocabulary.
  • Be sure to check pronunciation and expression while speaking.
  • Listening and Speaking Test Students should listen carefully to the audio or recording played during the course.
  • Students should try to remain calm while answering the questions.
  • Students have to follow the instructions given in the Speaking Test correctly.

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What is ASL Topics? Frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to Best ASL Topics List-

Which is the best topic for ASL?

You can prepare these topics for ASL – India of my dreams, Indian tourism, India: Land of great personalities, Poverty in India, Changing face of India etc.

CBSE Class 11 What is ASL in?

The full form of ASL is Assessment for Speaking and Listening. CBSE Classes 9 and 11 has been introduced as a compulsory subject for the students of The ASL exam assesses the speaking, listening and communication skills of students in English subjects in schools.

ASL what is his full name ?

The full form of ASL is Assessment of Listening and Speaking.

why on student life ASL Topics can be prepared?

you in on student life ASL Topics Uniform compulsory or optional, Improving student-teacher relationship, Regulating use of social media, War against ragging by seniors, Handling peer pressure, Importance of value education etc.

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