What is ESI? ESI Full Form

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There comes a time in every person’s life when he is in a situation where his health gives him the answer. We all know how important health insurance has become nowadays. No one knows when in the blink of an eye one may have to face health-related problems. But today why are we talking about health here? Actually tell you that the topic about which we are going to give you information today is Health Insurance Plan Which is related to the employees working in the private sector. In today’s article, we will tell you what is ESI?

esi full form, Benefits, treatment with ESI and how to do ESI registration? Will inform everyone. If you are associated with private sector then this article will be very useful for you.


What is ESI?

hardly many of you ESIHave complete knowledge about. We all know how the situation was in the country at the time of Corona and this time again this epidemic has given its knock. Epidemics and different types of health problems have to hit us at some point or the other. Many types of health schemes are run by the Government of India for the citizens, whose benefits are also given to the citizens, but it is not necessary that you are eligible to take advantage of every scheme. ESI There is a very good health insurance plan for those individuals who are working in the private sector.

Full name of ESI Employees State Insurance Which is a Health Insurance Plan. This scheme is implemented in all such private institutions where the number of employees is more than 10 or 20. Employees are given free medical facility in Employees State Insurance (ESI). Private employees also get medical and cash benefits through ESI. Employees State Insurance Under this, private sector employees are provided with the benefit of any kind of accident during work.

Key Highlights of ESI

article name What is ESI (ESI), ESI Full Form Benefits, Treatment
And how to do ESI registration?
Full name of ESI Employees State Insurance ,employee state insurance,
concerned ministry ministry of labor and employment
ESI Beneficiaries Private sector employees of the country whose income is 21 thousand or less
Benefits of ESI Medical Benefit, Maternity Benefit, Disability Benefit, Unemployment Allowance, Maternity Expenses
ESI Treatment You have to fill FORM 4 for admission in SI Hospital for major illness
ESI registration process Online
ESI official website www.esic.in

ESI Full Form

Full name of ESI Employees State Insurance is it in hindi employee state insurance known as. this insurance Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) That is, it is operated by the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation.

  • ESI full form in english –Employees State Insurance
  • ESI Full Form in hindi – employee state insurance

Treatment with ESI

You have to pay very little contribution to take advantage of this scheme, after which you will get ESI benefit is obtained. To employees Employees State Insurance Under this, some money has to be deposited which is used under the ESI Act 1948. ESI ie Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) comes under the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India.

Under ESI, by showing your company card, you can take benefits for the treatment of the smallest and the biggest disease. You can take medicines for common diseases, cold and flu from the company’s card. And in case of any operation, a form has to be filled for getting admitted in ESI hospital. With the help of this card, you can get yourself and your family members treated in any hospital. for hospital admission Employees State Insurance To take advantage of this, you have to fill Form 4.

Benefit Of ESI

Many types of health benefits are provided to the employees and their families covered under this scheme. A total of 11 types of benefits will be available to the employees and their family members –

  • therapeutic benefits Medical benefits to the employee and his family insured by the State Government.
  • Sickness Benefit The insured employee will be paid cash for 91 days for the leave taken during illness.
  • disability benefits – In case of temporary disability, monthly pension will be provided to the employee holding insurance, life time monthly pension in case of permanent disability.
  • dependent benefit
  • maternity benefit – 26 weeks in delivery, 6 weeks in case of abortion, 100 percent payment of daily wages for 12 weeks to the adoptive mother.
  • Unemployment allowance – Monthly allowance for 24 months (2 years) in case of permanent disablement due to injury caused when the insured person is separated from employment.
  • old age medical benefits Medical benefits in ESI hospitals and dispensaries to the insured employee on retirement.
  • physical rehabilitation In case of disability due to injury during work, till the period of hospitalization of the insured employee in an artificial limb center.
  • maternity expenses Cash payment at the rate of Rs 7500 to pregnant women in any other hospitals. This benefit is given to women twice.
  • vocational training In case of getting disabled due to injury during work, Rs 125 per day will be given to the insured person.
  • funeral expenses On the death of the insured person, the basic expenses for his funeral or a maximum of Rs 15,000 is paid in cash.

How to do ESI registration? (ESI Registration for New Employee)

  • first of all you Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) official website of esic.gov.in Must visit.
  • On the homepage of this website, now you will find the link given at the bottom of the screen. Employee Login section and click on it.
  • now you employer login For username /LIN And Password, captcha code must be inserted. and login button has to be clicked. esi employee registration
  • Now a new page will open on your screen where you will have to enter the details given inside the employee column. Register new ip Click on the option.
  • Here you will find information about your company. Employer/Subunit Code Number Will appear
  • If the employee already has an ESI account in the old company, then you IS IP ALREADY REGISTERED in front of the option Yes Click on if not then NO Click on
  • now on your screen EMPLOYEE REGISTRATION FORM-1 Will open, you will have to fill all the necessary information in this form.
  • After filling all the information click on the check box given in front of the declaration.
  • At last you have to click on the submit button.
  • In this way you will be able to complete your ESI registration process.

Note – to the new employee ESI Registration process after completing PRINT COUNTER FOIL You have to click on which you will get a temporary medical card for 2 months.

Frequently asked questions related to what is ESI –

What is ESI?

ESI is a health insurance scheme for low-income workers whose benefits are given to employees working in private companies, factories and factories.

At present how many ESI hospitals are there across the country?

At present, ESI has 151 hospitals in the country.

On what salary do employees get the benefit of ESI?

Employees whose monthly income is 21 thousand or less are given the benefit of ESI. In the case of Divyangjan, employees earning 25000 or less get its benefit.

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