What is Green Ration Card Scheme 2024

Green Ration Card | Green Ration Card Yojana | The main objective of the Green Ration Card Scheme. Green Ration Card Scheme | green ration card

The state government always starts new schemes for the welfare or survival of poor people and for more help. One such scheme is Green Ration Card Yojana. Through the Green Ration Card Scheme 2024, the Government of India is going to provide ration to the poor people at very low rates.

The State Government is going to start Green Ration Card Yojana on the instructions of the Central Government. green ration card scheme [ Green Ration Card Yojana ] Through BPL Ration Card [ BPL Ration Card ] There is a plan to provide food grains to the holder at lower rates than before.

We green ration card scheme [ Green Ration Card Yojana ] All the information related to the scheme such as the purpose of the scheme, benefits, eligibility, documents and will give complete information about the application for the scheme.

What is Green Ration Card Scheme

According to the instructions of the central government, the state governments are going to start Green Ration Card Yojana in the states, in 2024 this scheme will be started in all the states of India.

Haryana and Jharkhand are the first states which have started this scheme, in Jharkhand this scheme has started from 15th November 2020.

Through the Green Ration Card scheme, those people who are deprived of the benefits of the National Fertilizer Security Act, such families will now get 5 kg of food grains for 1 rupee. green ration card scheme will get through

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Green Ration Card Scheme Overveiw

scheme namegreen ration card scheme
started byby central government
purposeProviding ration to the poor at low rates
when did it startlaunched in the year 2020
beneficiary citizens of india
Status Active
official website,

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Purpose of Green Ration Card Scheme

The objective of this scheme is to provide ration at affordable rates to the people living below poverty line in different states of the country.

And for this the state government will be fully responsible because all the state government will implement this scheme in their state.

Under this scheme, every month 5 kg of food grains will be provided to the poor family, which will be provided at the rate of 1 kg.

Those people who have BPL ration card can also take advantage of this scheme. Because those people also come below the poverty line, so they will be able to take advantage of this scheme.

Documents Required for Green Ration Card

If you want to apply for this scheme, then you have to keep all these documents with you which are as follows-

  • passport size photograph
  • Income Proof – Income Proof
  • Address proof
  • Bank Pass Book – Bank Passbook
  • Aadhar card of all family members
  • Mobile Number-Mobile Number
  • Identity Card

Benefits and Features of Green Ration Card Scheme

The benefits and features of the Green Ration Card scheme are as follows –

  • Through Green Ration Card Yojana, financially weak and poor families will get food grains at low prices.
  • According to the Government of India, food grains will be available to the green card holder at the rate of Re.
  • 5 kg food grains will be made available every month.
  • BPL Card holder will get the benefit of Green Ration Card Yojana.
  • In this scheme, you can apply both online and offline.
  • Green Ration Card Yojana has been implemented by the Central Government.
  • Haryana and Jharkhand and many states have started this scheme.
  • Green ration card scheme will be started in the beginning of 2024 in all the states of India.
  • As soon as you submit the form, a new page will open in front of you in which you will have to upload all your important documents.
  • After that you have to click on submit button.
  • Congratulations you have successfully applied online for Green Ration Card.

How to Apply Green Ration Card Offline

  • First of all you have to go to your public service center or PDS center.
  • from there you now green ration card scheme Application form has to be taken.
  • Form Link is given here to help you.
  • You can download the form by clicking on it.
  • For Jharkhand State only.download formClick on
  • After downloading the application form, you will have to fill all the information asked in the form.
  • Which can be filled by anyone himself.
  • Now attach all the important documents mentioned above with this form.
  • After filling and attaching all the necessary documents, submit the form to the same department.
  • from where you have obtained.
  • After which the officials will give you a slip, keep it safe.
  • After a few days some people will come to your house for verification purpose.
  • If all the things are found to be true then soon you will be given a green ration card.

Eligibility for Green Ration Card

  • Green Ration Card Scheme 2024 [ Green Ration Card ] The benefit will be available only to those who live below the poverty line.
  • You should not already have any other ration card.
  • It is mandatory to be a permanent resident of the state in which the scheme is applicable.
  • The applicant should not have a permanent home of his own.
  • Even if you have a BPL ration card, you can take advantage of this scheme.
  • Annual income etc. should be less.
  • The applicant does not fill incomeTex etc.

FAQs: Q&A related to Green Ration Card

How to apply online for Green Ration Card?

To apply, follow the above-mentioned steps and complete the application process and take advantage of the scheme.

What are the documents required for Green Ration Card?

While applying for Ration Card, Aadhar Card, Identity Card, Income Proof etc.

What is Green Ration Card Scheme?

This scheme is a scheme started for the poor citizens of India, under which poor citizens green ration card It has been issued, which will help in the livelihood of the people.

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