What is Municipal Corporation, Municipality and Nagar Panchayat and what is the difference between them all? (Nagar-Nigam / Nagar-Palika / Nagar-Panchayat)

Our country is a democratic country and in a democracy the real power rests with the common citizen. For this reason only the citizens play the role of decision making of the society. Whether it is a central government or a lower level government, its head is elected by the citizens of the country. Even after having central and state governments in the country, the local self-government system (Municipal council) is emphasized. The constitution of the country has emphasized on this type of self-governing system. In this way decentralization of power will be possible through local self-government. In this system, even the citizen standing at the last rung will be able to play his part in the governance. In this way democracy gets more strength.

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What is Municipal Corporation, Municipality and Nagar Panchayat

Municipal Corporation, Municipality and Nagar Panchayat

After the 74th amendment in the constitution in the year 1992, a new part 9A was added. Under this, the municipalities got constitutional recognition. In this, the task of sub-organizing the municipality into three levels in the constitution was also done – Nagar Panchayat, Nagar Palika Parishad and Nagar Nigam. Through this article, you will be told the difference between Municipal Corporation, Municipality and Nagar Panchayat.

Municipal council

Municipal Corporation is the legal name of a territorial governing body. They are used for places like city, county, town, township, charter township, village. The topmost tier of municipality is called ‘Municipal Corporation’. In this way, Municipal Corporation is a large and broad category of any city-territorial bodies. To establish a Municipal Corporation in any area, the population there should be at least 5 lakhs. For this, the maximum limit of population has not been fixed. For this reason, Municipal Corporation has been established in almost all the big cities of India. Although these municipal corporations are established at different times.

The first municipal corporation in our country was formed in the year 1687 in Madras (Chennai). After this, the Municipal Corporation of Calcutta (Kolkata) was established in the year 1876, Bombay (Mumbai) in 1893 and Delhi in 1958. Nagar Nigam is also called City Corporation or Mahanagar Nigam (Municipal Corporation). This municipal corporation comes under the state government.

civil corporation
Municipal council


Municipality is an urban body governance. This governance system is bigger than Nagar Panchayat but smaller than Municipal Corporation. By the way, this is a big form of Nagar Panchayat. Therefore, it is established even where there was already a Nagar Panchayat. To establish a municipality in any area, the population there should be between 1 lakh to 5 lakh. Although till some time ago differences are being seen in the policy of population. For example, in the past the minimum amount of population was only 20 thousand instead of 1 lakh. But now it has become clear that a population of at least 1 lakh is necessary to establish a municipality in an area.

municipal council

Nagar Panchayat

The lowest level of governance is called ‘Nagar Panchayat’. This is definitely a lower class, but even the last citizen of the society can travel beyond this level. In this way that person gets an opportunity to participate in democracy. Nagar Panchayat is established in such areas which are changing from village to city. For the establishment of Nagar Panchayat in any area, it is necessary that the population there should be between 30 thousand to 1 lakh. In this type of system, the basis of democracy gets strengthened even in rural areas.

  • Meeting of Gram Sabha is necessary 2 times in a year, for this notice is given 15 days in advance. The ‘Gram Pradhan’ has the right to call the meeting.
  • The presence of 5th of the total members is mandatory in this meeting.
  • After collecting the prepared plans from the Gram Panchayat, the Panchayat Samiti implements their financial management by paying attention to the social welfare and development work of the area.
nagar panchayat
Nagar Panchayat

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Municipality and Municipal Corporation work

Both these are different systems but there is a lot of similarity in their works. Both of them provide good arrangements for the citizens of their area. Their main work is as follows –

  • Building roads in your area and repairing bad roads.
  • Road widening works.
  • Construction of footpaths and their maintenance work.
  • To supply clean drinking water to the citizens of the area.
  • Taking care of public toilets, parks, halls, grounds etc. by building them.
  • Construction of drains to remove the dirty water and getting the cleaning done at regular intervals.
  • To do the work of cleaning the roads.
  • For the convenience of the citizens, the encroachment has to be vacated from the road, footpath and other important places.
  • Making and taking care of the parking of vehicles.
  • To control the stray animals of the area and also to catch them if necessary.
  • Providing education and health facilities to the citizens of the primary level area.
  • Collection of garbage and disposal in the outskirts of the city.
  • To do the work of cleanliness and beauty of the area.
  • Registration of birth and death.

Questions related to Municipal Corporation, Municipality and Nagar Panchayat

What are the types of municipality?

Municipal Corporation, Municipality, Nagar Panchayat.

What are the functions of the municipality?

They should take full care of the citizens of their city, town or town. Also, keep a complete account of their birth and death. This also counts the population of the city.

How many years does the tenure of Nagar Panchayat last?

After the 73rd amendment of the constitution, in Article 243E, the working time limit of Panchayat has been fixed for 5 years.

What is the number of Nagar Panchayats in India?

Municipalities include 16 Municipal Corporations, 100 Municipalities and 264 Nagar Panchayats.

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