What is RAW? What is the full form of RAW? RAW Full Form

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RAW Full Form:- If the security policies of any country work properly, then that country can keep its place in the list of developed countries. In today’s era, where the citizens are concerned about their safety, the country is also worried about its own security. Any kind of insecurity, external or internal, is one of the main reasons for the loss of not only economic but also human resources for a country.

What is RAW?  What is the full form of RAW?  RAW Full Form
What is RAW? What is the full form of RAW? RAW Full Form

When it comes to the security of a country, then the country’s intelligence agency works there as a major force. If you want to know about the policies of a country or to implement in the security policies of your country, then the intelligence agency comes in handy there. There is also an intelligence agency in India called called RAW , If you do not go about it yet, then it does not matter, in today’s article we will tell you what is RAW? And what is the full form of RAW? Will give information about this.

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What is RAW?

RAW is an intelligence agency of India. This agency was created on 21 September 1968 after the 1962 war between India and China. RAW is called Research and Analysis Wing in Hindi, which you know in English as Research and Analysis Wing, RAW is the short form of Research and Analysis Wing. For your information, let us tell you that the headquarters of RAW is in New Delhi.

The purpose of this intelligence agency of India, RAW, is to collect information about external intelligence, counter terrorism and terrorist activities going on covertly. Research and Analysis Wing i.e. RAW advises Indian policy makers as well as performs the task of analyzing important information and activities of foreign individuals, governments. The illegal activities of the neighboring countries of India are mainly monitored by RAW. This agency plays an important role in assisting the government to combat terrorism.

Key Highlights of RAW Full Form In Hindi

article name What is RAW? What is the full form of RAW?
RAW Full Form
Setting up RAW 21 September 1968 (after Indo-China war 1962)
RAW Headquarters New Delhi
RAW’s purpose External Intelligence, Countering Terrorism, Collecting Covert Operations etc.
Full name of RAW Research and Analysis Wing (Research and Analysis Wing,
RAW President 2022 Samant Goyal

RAW Full Form (What is the full name of RAW?)

RAW full form “Research and Analysis Wing” it is in hindi “Research and Analysis Wing” is called. The full name of RAW is as follows –

  • R stands for RAW Research which in hindi Research is called.
  • A means in RAW Analysis which in hindi analysis is called.
  • W stands for RAW Wing Which is also called wings in Hindi.

Let us tell you that before RAW in the country, security related works are mainly Intelligence Bureau (IB) was done by The IB was created by the British Government.

RAW Full Form in Hindi FAQs (What is RAW?,

What is RAW? (what is RAW )

RAW is an intelligence agency. Which plays an important role in the security of the country. Here it prevents the secret information related to the country’s hits from going outside the country to the hostile countries and works to detect any kind of terrorist activities against the country.

When was RAW established?

RAW was established in 1968.

Where is the headquarters of RAW?

The headquarter of RAW is in New Delhi.

What is the moto of RAW?

RAW’s Moto Dharma Rakshati Rakshitah Is.

What is the full name of RAW?

Research and Analysis Wing is the full name of RAW which in Hindi is Research and Analysis Wing is called.

Who is the current chairman of RAW?

The current Chairman of RAW is Samant Goel.

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