What is Swamitva Scheme – PM Swamitva Yojana [ग्राम को लाभ]

SVAMITVA Scheme: How hard is it in the city to buy a land. Despite having their own land in the same village, they are afraid of snatching it because no official data of their land is recorded. To solve this problem, the rural people and farmers should be given their ownership rights. PM Swamitva Yojana Still working.

Pradhanmantri Swamitva Yojana by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi 24th April 2020 On Panchayati Raj Dayassign property rights to the houselaunched to fulfill the purpose of

The scheme surveys both rural farming and housing land and combines them in the form of government data and documents. This determines the ownership of their land. The fear of being snatched away from the land.

What is PM Swamitwa Yojana?

Pradhanmantri Swamitwa Yojana This is an important and multi-purpose scheme of India, which only benefits the residential and farmer people of only rural extension of the country.

Full form of SVAMITVA Survey of Vdiseases Abadi & Mapping with Iimprovised Ttechnology in Villness Ais reas.

PM SVAMITVA Scheme was started two years ago on Panchayati Raj Day on 24th April 2020 by the Minister of State. In the beginning of the scheme, 9 states gave support.

,This scheme will help in ensuring clarity on property rights in rural areas.,

PM Narendra Modi

The target till FY 2021-25 has been set under the scheme. Now 28 states have given approval to meet this target. The state of Bihar has refused to sign the agreement.

,Delhi And Chandigarh UTs have been kept out of the scheme as no rural population resides in these UTs.

Purpose of PM Swamitva Scheme

The purpose of this PM ownership scheme started on Panchayati Raj Day is to survey the land of rural people and farmers, to prepare a document for them, to record in government data (like records, land map, jamabandi etc.) To get the rights.

This will give relief to all those people who are afraid of their land being snatched away from the reduction in property related disputes. Now through the scheme, they can get their ROR, Khasra-Khatauni, Jamabandi, Bhulekh-Abhilekh etc. and can become the owner of a legal land.

Benefits of PM Swamitva Scheme

  • The land marking by survey of rural places will help the state to know about their rural extent.
  • The people of the village will be given their firm ownership (property card ROR).
  • In this way they can stay away from the fear of it being snatched away by being the complete owner of their land.
  • Now you can sell your land legally.
  • Also, now you can get a loan from a bank.
  • Land disputes will also be reduced.

Rural people benefited from SVAMITVA Yojana, in this context the government has also released the “success story” of the people.

How does PM Swamitva Yojana work?

how does svamitva scheme works
  • First of all, an agreement (MoU) is signed between the Survey of India and the state (the villages to be surveyed).
  • Now the villages are identified and the Gram Panchayat is made sensitive, so that they are allowed to carry out survey work.
  • Now the demarcation of the population under the scheme (as far as the village is, its boundary is fixed) and the selected marking of the village land (marking the land with selected powder)
  • Taking a large map (photo) of the villager using a drone.
  • To generate a valid map of the village using this map.
  • Now with the Drone Survey Team to verify the ground showing on the map.
  • After verification of the land, give final correction in the map.
  • Inquiry by Grampanchayat and village residents.
  • Providing Property Card (ROR) to the land owner.
  • Finally uploading all these property cards on the online Bhulekh portal. who you Apna Khata I can see.

Read this article to understand RoR, Jamabandi, Khasra-Khatauni etc.: land records information

PM Swamitva Yojana Phase 1 & 2

It has been two years since the PM ownership scheme. The first phase of this plan ended in 2021. Now it is in its second stage. The target of the scheme is to complete the survey of 6.62 lakh villages by 2025.

In this section you can see how many rural land surveys have been successful. You can see the success of Phase 1 in this.

9 states involved in PM Swamitva Phase 1: (Pilot Project)

Since the survey of the village is done only after the approval of the state under SVAMITVA, therefore 9 states are involved in the pilot phase of the scheme.

In these states, till August 2021, a total of 57,117 villages were successfully surveyed and property cards were provided to the owners. The figures for these states are as follows:

State Total Survey Village
Haryana 6458
Uttar Pradesh29877
Rajasthan 447
Madhya Pradesh 5741
Andra Pradesh 800

Phase 2 of PM Swamitva

When the Swamitva Yojana Pilot Phase was successful, other states have also signed their agreement in this scheme. Now the target has been set under the scheme till 2025.

A total of 28 States/UTs have signed under the scheme. Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Telangana, West Bengal etc. are pending state signatures.

Bihar has refused to sign the agreement in this scheme.

Swamitva Yojana Related FAQs

What is ownership plan?

Pradhan Mantri Swamitva Yojana This is a multi-purpose scheme. Under this scheme, survey of the selected village is done by Survey of India after signing the agreement of the state, village map, land map etc. are prepared. Also, a Property Card (ROR) is provided to the owner of the land, which shows that this land is officially owned by you.

How PM Swamitva Yojana Registration is done?

There is no online or offline process of PM Swamitva Yojana Registration. Under the scheme, after getting permission from the state, after consulting / getting permission from the panchayat of the chosen village, the people of the village are surveyed and helped in handing over their ownership.

What is the full name of Swamitva Yojana?

Full Name of Swamitva Yojana Survey of Villages Abadi & Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Areas plan is.

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