Why is Shiv Ratri celebrated? , Scientific, spiritual importance behind celebrating Mahashivratri. Shivratri 2024

This time Shivratri will be celebrated on 18 February 2024. There are many questions in people’s mind regarding Shivratri also, like when will Mahashivratri happen this time? Let us tell you that this time Shivratri is falling on Saturday, February 18, 2024. Shiva Ratri has its own special significance for worshiping and pleasing Lord Shiva. Do you know Shiva Ratri, Why is it celebrated? And What is the scientific and spiritual importance behind celebrating Mahashivaratri? orIf not, no problem, today’s article is for you only.

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Why is Shiv Ratri celebrated?
Why is Shiv Ratri celebrated?

Shivratri 2024 is going to come in a few days and people are already busy preparing to worship Lord Shiva. What is the story behind the celebration of Shivratri and when is Shivratri celebrated, today we are going to inform you about it. Readers are requested to read the article completely so that they too can understand the reason behind celebrating mahashivratri as an annual festival.

Why is Mahashivaratri celebrated?

The festival of Mahashivratri is celebrated with great pomp by a large number of Hindu community in the country. There are many opinions behind considering Mahashivaratri. It has been explained in Hindu Puranas and religious texts. Shivratri is not just a festival but it is a day when a new form of energy is generated in your mind and brain.

According to religious texts, Lord Shiva is worshiped on the day of Mahashivaratri. This day also has special significance because on this day Lord Shiva is very pleased with the worship done by his devotees and fulfills their wishes.

of spiritual importance mahashivratri festival There are many opinions behind the celebration. But the special importance of celebrating Shivratri has been explained in Shiva Purana and other texts. According to Shiv Puraan, on this day Lord Shiva drank Halhal poison to protect the universe and protected the entire universe from this poison. A beautiful dance was performed by Lord Shankar in the middle of this poison and all the gods, demons and devotees gave more importance to this dance of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is worshiped on this day every year. Which is known as Shiv Ratri.

The story behind celebrating Shivratri

According to a legend, on the day of Mahashivaratri, Shivling appeared in different places. All these Shivlings had manifested themselves in 64 different places. Out of these 64 lingas, 12 lingas were identified which we also know as 12 Jyotirlingas. On the day of mahashivratri, lamps are lit in the Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain and vigil is kept for the whole night.

Many Shiva devotees consider this day as the festival of Lord Shiva’s marriage. According to belief, the marriage of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati took place on the day of Mahashivaratri. On the day of Shivratri, Lord Shiva renounced his ascetic form and adopted the life of a householder. It is believed that this is the reason behind the festival of Holi being celebrated 15 days after Shivratri.

Scientific importance behind celebrating Mahashivratri. Scientific importance of celebrating Shivratri

Every festival and festival has its own special importance in Hindu Sanatan Dharma. Behind the celebration of every festival, there is spiritual importance as well as scientific importance. If we look at the scientific significance behind the celebration of Mahashivaratri, it is believed that on this night the northern hemisphere of the planet is situated in such a way that the expansion of energy within humans, animals and all naturally moves upwards. .

It is a day when nature helps man to gain spiritual strength and energy. Shivratri is not just a festival, it is a day of considering various sources to zero and receiving enormous energy. On this day, while worshiping Lord Shiva at night, one has to sit straight with the energy bow. Due to which the person’s reed bone is straight and it gets strength, not only this, man feels a super nature power on this day.

Spiritual significance of Mahashivaratri

It is a day when people everywhere completely indulge in devotion to Lord Shiva. Devotees worship Lord Bhole Shankar from morning till night on the day of Shivratri. And do meditation. Lord Shiva himself is the source of energy, on this day Bhole Shankar keeps his blessings on the devotees. Mahashivratri is celebrated on the Chaturdashi of Falguni month of spring. Mahashivratri festival is celebrated 4 days before Amavasya.

The expansion of spiritual interest is seen in all the devotees on this day. Knowing spirituality and reading spirituality and discussing about spiritual develops a person’s spiritual consciousness, values ​​and new energy is communicated in the mind.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to Shiv Ratri-

When is Shivratri 2024?

Shivratri 2024 is falling on Saturday, February 18 this year.

Why is Shivratri celebrated?

Shivratri is celebrated every year on the Chaturdashi of Falguni month of spring. It is believed that on this day Lord Shiva protected all the gods and demons and the universe from Halahal poison. According to another belief, the marriage of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati took place on this day.

By whom was Mahashivratri first celebrated?

The first festival of Shivratri was celebrated by Shiva Ganas to please Tribhuvan Pati Lord Shankar.

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