Application for fee concession in hindi

Application for fee concession in hindiMany talented students in our country face difficulty in paying school fees due to some reason. But a sensible student should never be troubled by this type of problem. Today, in various private and government schools, any student at his level fee waiver There is a provision to give. Since all the enlightened people from the society have always been in favor of complete and uninterrupted education of the children, so that the education and future of any B student like in the old times should not be wasted. It is well known to a student or his/her parent that How to write application form for fee waiver,

Application for fee concession in hindi
Application for fee concession in hindi

Due to lack of information about the fee waiver application form, students waste their one year and many times they leave school at a young age and start earning money. If any student, parent or any person of their acquaintance is facing fee related problem, then he/she can be benefited by understanding the format of fee waiver application. Students who do not see the problem of depositing fees can take advantage of understanding and remembering this application form to answer in their Hindi examination. Through this article, we are giving you information through various samples that How to write application form for fee waiver,

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Facts related to fee waiver application ,Application for fee concession in hindi,

An application can be written to the Principal for waiver of school fees. It is seen many times that there is no proper procedure for fee waiver in the school. In such a situation, the student has to take the first initiative at his own level through the fee waiver letter. First of all, it should be well known that for fee waiver, the student has to fulfill certain criteria which are checked by the school. Fee waiver application is a sensitive matter, it should never be treated as special offer on purchase of generic item in any way. For this reason, some schools waive all or part of the fees of their good but troubled students with family problems.

Format of School Fee Waiver Application Form – 1 Application for fee concession in hindi

Janta Secondary School, Dehradun.

Subject: Application form for fee waiver.

It is a humble request to you that I am a poor student of class 12 of your school. Last year my father passed away from a deadly disease. In today’s time, calamities are dominating our family. To take care of the financial condition of the house, my mother works hard as a laborer. We have three other younger siblings in our house except me who are studying in the same school. In this time of inflation, due to house rent and other expenses, it is becoming very difficult for my mother to pay school fees for all of us.

In the final examination of my high school, I had scored the highest marks at the school level. At present, I am also one of the top 5 students in Intermediate home examination. This year I have been selected as the captain of my team in the state level cricket competition. Sir I have a special passion for studies and I want to become a teacher by pursuing higher education.

Therefore, I request you to kindly waive my school fees. In this way I will be able to continue my studies in the present and future. I am sure you will consider my request. I will always be grateful to you for your kindness.

your obedient student
a b c
class – 12

Application for fee concession in hindi - student fee concession letter
Sample application form for school fee waiver

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Format of School Fee Waiver Application Form – 2 ,Application for fee concession in hindi,


Principal sir,

Gautam Buddha Imperial School,


Subject: Application for waiver of fees due to loss of father’s job

Respected Sir/Madam,

Regards I am a 10th class student of your school. During this economic downturn, the financial condition of our family has become very pathetic. My father used to do a simple job in a private institute. The business of the company got affected a lot due to the recession due to which the company has suspended many of its employees. Unfortunately our father’s name is also one of those employees. Including me, there are total seven members in our house, who used to live on father’s income. Due to this reason I am unable to pay my school fees. It is my prayer and hope that you will forgive me my school fees this year and give me an opportunity to study without any hindrance.
I hope you will help me keeping in mind the financial condition of my family. So I will always be grateful to you.
Thank you
your obedient student
Class – 10 B

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Question related to application form for fee waiver Application for fee concession in hindi

How to write school fee waiver application?

It is a humble request that I am a 10th class student of your school. My father is a poor farmer and he works in other people’s fields. That’s why they are unable to pay my school fees. I request you to forgive my school fees. I will always be indebted to you.

What do you write after “in service” while writing the application for fee waiver to the principal of the school?

Regards it is requested that I am a meritorious student of class 10 of your school. The financial condition of my house is very pathetic, so please forgive my school fees. I will be forever grateful to you.

Is fee waiver provided to all the students by the school?

It is not so, if a school is functioning according to a particular government scheme, then only all the students can get the fee waiver. Otherwise, fee waiver is provided only to the student troubled by any financial, family problem.

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