Banglarbhumi gov in | Online information of Bhulekh Khatauni 2024. Check Land Records West Bengal

Banglarbhumi gov in :- As you know that in today’s era of internet, all the state governments of the country are doing all the records of land records of their respective states online, now West Bengal has also joined in this episode, today in this article On the same subject, we are going to give information about the online portal of Land record West Bengal, that too in Hindi like what is Banglarbhumi gov in, what is the use of banglarbhumi, who will get the benefit of www banglarbhumi gov in, and people will get their khatian & how to check plot information online, how to download banglarbhumi app, etc.

Banglarbhumi gov in portal:-

A new website or an online portal has been developed by the Ministry of Land Records of the State of West Bengal. So, today in this article we will share with everyone the process to view land records in the state of West Bengal for the year 2024. Also, in this article, we will share with our readers the important aspects of Banglabhumi land records for West Bengal. In this article, we will share the step-by-step process through which you can get the land records in your West Bengal state. can check.

The Ministry of Land Reforms in the state of West Bengal has also come up with a website called banglarbhumi gov in portal Through which all the residents of West Bengal can check their land records with an online process. Through the implementation of this website, the residents of West Bengal state will be able to check their plot documents and other documents related to their land in just one click. Also, they can print all the documents and use them anywhere.

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Main objective of Banglarbhumi gov in portal :-

With the launch of the Digital India programme, every state has started the process of digitizing land records for the convenience of its residents and to bring in more transparency in the system. West Bengal is one of the states which has started online service of getting land records some time back. banglarbhumi gov in portal The website provides information related to land managed by the Department of Land and Land Reforms. It allows citizens to check their land records online in a hassle free manner.

The main objective of the Banglarbhumi gov in portal is to make all the land records of West Bengal online and computerized, which is very important in this modern internet era, the people of West Bengal will be able to access the Bhulekh records online from this portal. People will not need to go anywhere to get different information about their land, they will be able to easily see and use the record of their land while sitting at home.

Due to this record being online, there will be a coordination between the government and the public, so that the public will not face any difficulty, and all the information will be available immediately through online internet, due to this Banglarbhumi gov in portal, now the land will be given to the officials. The information about Khasra and Khatauni number has to be updated directly on the online portal, due to which transparency in government work will increase.

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Land and Land Reforms Department West Bengal:-

The Department of Land and Land Reforms is not only responsible for providing services to the citizens. But also interacts with other government departments. According to the official website of BanglarBhumi 2019-2020 bhulekh currently there are 4.30 crore land holders in the state. The information that can be accessed through this portal is plot number, map, property value, its area etc.

Major benefits of Banglarbhumi gov in portal :-

  • Detailed farming and plot information can be obtained through this online portal,
  • The process of sale and purchase of property has been simplified with the help of this portal,
  • This has brought transparency in the system of maintenance of land records.
  • Through the Banglarbhumi portal, all those entrepreneurs who are planning to set up industries in West Bengal will be able to get many options of available land from this Banglarbhumi gov in portal,

Various services available on Banglarbhumi gov in portal :-

The following services are available in the Banglarbhumi gov in portal of West Bengal:-

  • Citizen-Centric Services
  • Digitization of Maps and Records
  • Preparation, Update and Maintenance
  • distribution of land
  • Management of ISU
  • Training (ARTI & LMTC)
  • fare controller
  • tenancy tenancy
  • India-Bangladesh border demarcation
  • State Land Use Board etc.

Mobile app of Banglarbhumi gov in portal :-

This mobile app is the fastest and easiest way to get West Bengal land records, khatian and plot information online, because in today’s internet era, everyone uses mobile apps and mobile internet, that’s why along with this online portal, this Mobile App is also built in, using this app you can view and save records, The name of this app is JOMIR TOTHYA ,

Click on the image below to download the app

“” official website which is bengal land records JOMIR TOTHYA (Jomir Tothya), with the help of this app you can find out the owner of any land and property, with the help of Khaitan no you can easily get the land record information, also with this Banglarbhumi app you can Can find plot information, Banglabhumi is an easy way to search West Bengal land records with khaitan and plot details,

The following options/information are available in this mobile app:

  1. Khatian Information: Khatian details are available in this app like owner name, owner type, father/husband name, address, total number of plots in Khatian, total area in Khatian etc.
  2. Plot Information: Khatian numbers of co-partners of plots along with classification of land, share and share area (acre) will be available. Details of tenant type, owner details of individual plots will also be available.
  3. LR-RS (Hal sabek): Conversion of plots between Hal and Sabek dag is available in this option.
  4. Fee Details: Plot-wise details of processing fee (Mutation/Conversion and Warish) will be available.
  5. Officer Details: Location wise contact details of the officers posted in the District/Subdivision and Blocks will be available in the app.
  6. Case Status: Status of mutation application will be available. Hearing/investigation information will also be available in this app.

Process of online registration on Banglarbhumi gov in portal :-

  • After that you will have to click on the top of the home page and a Signup You will get the option which you have to click!
  • Then a public registration form will appear on your screen. Where you have to enter details related to your name, address, guardian name, district, email, contact number, municipality etc.
  • After filling the details, click on the submit button, and thus your registration will be complete,

The process of getting information related to Khaitan records from Banglarbhumi gov in portal :-

  • First of all “” Go to and login with your ID!
  • After that Know Your Property Click on the option
  • Then enter your district, block and mouza!
  • Click on any of the options available there, i.e. Search by Khatian or Search by Plot and enter the captcha details to proceed!
  • After that click on View option to get information about your land record.

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