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Essay on rainy season – Friends As you all know, there are three types of seasons in India throughout the year, out of which Rainy Season whom rainy season It is also said that it brings a lot of happiness with it and gives relief to animals, birds and animals. The rainy season runs after the summer from the month of July to September, which brings life to the dry plants, rivers, ponds and fields in nature after the unbearable heat.

Farmers wait the most for the arrival of the rainy season because with its arrival, the fields rise and the environment becomes green all around. If you also like the rainy season and you are looking for an essay related to it, then through this article we are going to provide you class-wise articles on the rainy season, for which you must read it till the end.

Essay on rainy season – Varsha Ritu Par Nibandh For Every Class
Essay on rainy season – Varsha Ritu Par Nibandh For Every Class

Varsha Ritu Par Nibandh for Every Class (Essay on rainy season)

Introduction – Rainy season is one of the most awaited seasons in India, with its arrival brings coolness in the atmosphere. In India, the rainy season comes mainly in the months of Ashadh, Shravan and Bhadon, the rainy season is the season that comes after the summer season. In which there is a lot of rain, the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere are often high in this season, due to which rain gives relief from the heat.

At this time, the atmosphere becomes clean, beautiful and soft due to the winds of the south-west monsoon, the dry fields become green due to the arrival of rain, new leaves start coming in the trees, animals and animals start dancing happily. And after the summer season, they happily welcome the rain and enjoy it.

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Importance of rainy season for nature

Rain is very important for life, it not only gives life to nature, but with the coming of rainy season, life gets a new enthusiasm, most of the farmers associated with agriculture wait for the rainy season, rain is a boon for the farmers. is not less than 10,000, because most of the crops of the farmers depend on the rains.

Due to the absence of rainy season, not only the animals and animals are in bad condition due to the heat, but due to this, many sources of water like rivers, ponds, wells etc. all dry up, in such a situation rains help in running the life smoothly again. And by filling the rivers, ponds and springs, it contributes to quenching the thirst of living beings.

Effect of rainy season on life (Essay on rainy season)

As we all know, life is completely incomplete without water, in such a situation, due to excessive heat in summer, water evaporates in the clouds and in the form of rainy season, this water helps to get relief from unbearable heat. With the arrival of the rainy season, the environment blossoms, the gardens and grounds are covered with sheets of beautiful and green grass. Along with the playgrounds, the roads are also filled with water, which people enjoy very much and enjoy the pleasant weather by getting wet in the rain.

As much as the rainy season brings happiness and activity with it, there are some disadvantages like the risk of diseases due to excessive rain, the risk of natural calamities like floods, landslides are also seen in the lives of people and animals, let’s Know the benefits and disadvantages of the rainy season on the common life.

benefits of rainy season

The rainy season starts in the country from the month of June-July, rain itself is a main source of nature’s existence, the benefits of the environment and life due to the coming of the rainy season are as follows.

  • With the arrival of the rainy season, nature starts to look green and velvety.
  • New leaves start coming in the trees and plants, the fields blossom and the lack of water on the earth is fulfilled due to the heat.
  • It provides relief from scorching and scorching sun in the rainy season.
  • The main sources of water on earth such as rivers, ponds, springs and wells get filled with water due to the rainy season, due to which cold winds start blowing in the atmosphere.
  • With the arrival of pleasant weather of the rainy season, humans, animals and animals, trees and plants all get relief from the heat.
  • Farmers get better source of water to feed maximum crops which depend on rain.

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rainy season damage

With the arrival of the rainy season in the country, along with the greenery in the nature and the splash of happiness in the atmosphere, some of its disadvantages are also seen, which are as follows.

  • Due to excessive rainfall during the rainy season, floods occur due to excessive water filling in many places, affecting the normal life.
  • Filling of rain water in rainy season increases the risk of spreading more diseases and ailments.
  • During the rainy season, more roads and grounds get filled with mud and water, due to which people get affected to get out of the house or go somewhere.
  • Most of the landslides occur in mountainous areas due to excessive rainfall.
  • Due to rain, due to filling of mud in the pits, disease-causing insects or mosquitoes start growing in the mud, due to which diseases like malaria, dengue can spread.

Conclusion (Essay on Rainy Season)

With the arrival of the rainy season, the earth blossoms, the mind starts swinging with enthusiasm, but with the arrival of this pleasant environment, not only happiness but sometimes water becomes the reason for the holocaust. Excessive rains cause damage to the environment, along with nature, the crops of the farmers are ruined, as well as the crops are also destroyed by filling the fields with water. So rain is an important source for better functioning of life but excessive rain can also have many evil effects.

Questions/Answers related to essay on rainy season

When does the rainy season start in the country?

The rainy season in the country starts from the month of June or July.

What crops do farmers grow during the rainy season?

Farmers sow maximum Kharif crops during the rainy season, in which crops like rice, maize, groundnut, soyabean, millet, sesame, moong are grown in the rainy season.

What are the benefits of rainy season?

With the arrival of the rainy season in the country, the nature becomes green, the fields grow up, one gets relief from the hot and scorching sun and the main sources of water like rivers, ponds, springs and wells lead to a better life. Operation is possible.

What are the disadvantages of excessive rain in rainy season?

Due to excessive rains in the rainy season, the crops of the farmers get damaged due to rains, natural calamities like floods or landslides arise, as well as the accumulation of water in the pits increases the risk of various diseases and ailments.

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