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Goa Ration card under Publication Distribution System is issued by the Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Govt. of Goa. A ration card is an important document to be eligible to get civil supplies from the Government at affordable prices. Goa Ration Card list helps Goa citizens to check whether they are eligible to get PDS communities delivered every month or not.

Goa Ration Card List 2024

To get their names included in the Goa Ration card list, citizens firstly have to apply for a Ration card. In order to apply for a Ration card, they must check their eligibility first. The civil supply department of Goa upload all the information and updates related to Goa ration card and PDS on its official portal. Therefore the list of goa ration cardholders is also uploaded here. Those who are willing to check their ration card details or list have to access the official portal.

You can get all the details related to the Goa Ration card from this particular article. Here we have shared each and every ration card detail that is important for the common citizens.  

Goa Ration Card List
Goa Ration Card List

An Overview of Goa Ration Card

Ration Card  Goa Ration Card
Concerned DepartmentDepartment of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Govt. of Goa
Year  2024
Application process    Active
Mode of application   Online/ Offline
Official Website   goacivilsupplies.gov.in

Types of Goa Ration Cards

Goa Civil Supply Department issues ration cards to eligible citizens under five different categories viz-

  • APL (Tide Over)- These ration cards are issued to the households falling under the category of APL and having annual income betweenRs.50,000/- 5 lakhs. Households with annual income more than 5 lakh are not eligible for ration card.
  • Priority House Hold (PHH) Ration Card
  • Antyodaya Ann Yojana (AAY) Ration Card
  • Annapurna (AAY) Ration Card
  •  Welfare Institutions

Goa Ration Card PDS Commodity Rates and Quantity

Goa Civil Supplies department provide commodities to ration cardholders based on the category of their ration card. Rates of these commodities depend upon the ration card category and quantity provided. Also, citizens should note that rates and quantity of commodities change on monthly basis.  Check commodity details provided in the table below –

RC Category




Qty (kgs)

Rate (Rs/kg)

Qty (kgs)

Rate (Rs/kg)

Qty (gms)

Rate (Rs/kg)

APL (Tide Over)



8kg/ RC

















5kg/ beneficiary



Welfare Institution

As allotted


As allotted


How to check Goa Ration Card List?

Goa citizens can check their ration card details of the Goa Ration card list by following the easy steps given below-

Step 1- Open the official portal of the Goa Civil Supplies department.

Step 2- On the homepage, users will see the “E-Citizens” tab in the menu bar. They have to click on that tab.


Step 3- On clicking the tab a drop-down list will open and from this list, they have to click on the “Know your Ration card” link.

Step 4- A new page will open and, on this page, they have to click enter captcha code and click on submit button.

Goa ration card list online 2021

Step 5- Now, a new search page of the NFS portal for the District-wise summary of ration cards will open. Users have to select their state, District, DFSO, Ration card scheme or type, date and have to click on the “View Report” option.


Step 6- Ration card details for the selected area will open. To get more information on RC, users can click on the DFSP link as shown in the image below.


Step 7- Now, TFSO-wise ration card details will open. To get more information, click on the respective TFSO.

ration card list 2021 check details

Step 8- Now, users can see ration card details on the basis of a Fair-price shop in the selected TFSO.

ration card list district wise

Step 9- They can proceed ahead by clicking on the respective FPS code to get more Ration card details.

Step 10- Finally, the Goa ration list of the ration cards holders under the selected FPS will open.

state ration card list 2021

Step 11- By clicking on the respective ration card number, all the details of the ration card will be displayed.

Who is eligible for Goa Ration Card?

Only eligible households of Goa are issued Ration cards by the government. To obtain ration card applicants should fulfil each and every criterion fixed by the government for the issue of a particular type of ration card. Have a look at the eligibility requirements for applying for a new ration card in the state-

  • Applicant should be an Indian citizens and resident of Goa.
  • Applicants should be of 18 years or above.
  • Moreover, applicant should not be already in possession of ration card in any other state.
  • Total Monthly income of the applicant should be as per the rules fixed by the department for issue of ration card

Documents Required for Goa Ration Card

To apply for a new ration card in Goa state, applicants are required to produce the following documents and details-

  • Application with a non-judicial stamp/ court fee stamp of Rs.20/- on a plain paper. This application should be addressed to the concerned Civil Supplies Inspector.
  • If already having ration card at some other place than an Original negative certificate or Cancellation Certificate/Negative certificate is also required.
  • Aadhaar No. of all the family members.
  • Birth Certificate of all the family members
  • Name of the applicant should not be included in any ration card in any of the state or UTs.
  • Receipt of House tax
  • If applicant is a tenant then he/she has to provide a self-declaration/ NOC with photograph and attested from the house owner stating that they do not have anu objection in allotting the house no.
  • Details of Bank Account such as Bank A/C number, Bank name, IFSC code etc. of the eldest female member the family (head). If not then bank details of male head of the family can be provided.
  • Mobile number

How to Apply for Online for a New Ration card?

Goa people who wish to apply for a ration card can apply online. They can check step-by-step glimpses of the online application process here in this section-

  • Visit the official portal or click on the direct apply link shared on the links section.
  • Now, click on “Online Application” tab present at the menu bar on portal’s homepage.  
  • Click on New Ration card option in the drop-down list.  
  • Now, users will be redirected to a news page. On this page, users will see three options for signing up. These options include- Sign up using Aadhaar OTP, sign up using username and Sign-up using Ration Card No.  
  • Choose any of the option and proceed by providing required details.
  • Fill the application form by providing accurate details.  

Note: In case a person in Goa is not able to apply online for a ration card, he/she can visit the concerned FPS owner for the application form and other related details.   

Issue of Duplicate Ration Card

If a person wishes to get a duplicate ration card in goa then a provision for the issue of duplicate ration to the citizens is also available. Citizens can apply for duplicate ration if their ration is lost/ destroyed/mutilated/ misplaced etc. Check the important points related to the issue of a duplicate ration card in Goa-

  • Applicants (head of the family) have to produce an application with a non-judicial stamp Rs.20/- to the respective Civil Supplies Inspector.
  • Candidates have to provide the photocopy of their ration card.
  • They have to provide a report from the concerned FPS owner.
  • Applicants also have to submit missing article report from the Police station
  • Head of family also have to produce a self-declaration with their photograph affixed and signed across with statement that they will surrender the same in the concerned office if original ration card is found.

Goa Ration Card- Inclusion of Name

Citizens can also add or delete names in their ration cards. Inclusion of name is done in various situations such as the birth of a new member in the family, or marriage or family member, etc. To apply for adding a new member to their ration card applicants must consider the following points-

  • Applicants have to submit an application written on a plain paper addressing the Inspector of Civil Supplies.
  •   In case of inclusion of child to the age of 5 years, applicants have to provide birth certificate and for child above 5 years, applicants have to provide bonafide certificate issued from the school.
  • In case of adding name of wife or other person applicant have to provide original cancellation certificate or negative certificate issued at the previous location.
  • A copy of Aadhaar card
  • A copy of ration card
  • Marriage Certificate (in case of marriage)

Similarly, Goa residents can also apply for a Separate ration card if they have separated from a family and are living & cooking separately.

Time Limit for Goa Ration Card Services     

The civil Supply department of Goa provides various services related to ration cards such as the issue of new ration cards, duplicate ration cards and many more. Here you can check how much time it takes for the completion of each item of work and who is the designated officer for each of the services.


Time Limit

Designated Officer

Issue of surrender certificate in case of transfer of household to other state

On the same day

Civil Supplies Inspector

Issue of new ration cards- Where resident proof and cancellation certificate is provided

3 days  

Civil Supplies Inspector

Issue of ration card where resident proof and cancellation certificate is not provided

When application is forwarded to SI Food Supplies for report

1 day

Civil Supplies Inspector

Decision on application

3 days from the date of receipt of report from SI

Civil Supplies Inspector

When report is to be submitted to SI Civil Supplies

3 days from the date of receiving of application receipt

SI Civil Supplies

Change of FPS or change of address in Ration Card

On the same day

Civil Supplies Inspector

Issue of duplicate ration card

On the same day

Civil Supplies Inspector

Deletion or Inclusion of name in ration card

On the same day

Civil Supplies Inspector


Quick Links   

Contact Details

For queries related Goa ration card list, citizens can approach the Goa Civil Supply department. The helpline and contact details are as follows-

Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs,
1st Lift 2nd Floor,
Junta House, Panaji Goa
Helpline No.- 18002530022, 1967
Phone No.- 0832-2256758, 0832-2226084
Email- mail: [email protected], [email protected]

For more contact details of district-wise officials, visit Here


What are the Ration card categories in Goa?

There are a total of four categories under which ration cards are issued to the citizens. These categories include- APL (Tide Over), AYY, ANN, PHH and Welfare Institutions etc.

How can we access the Goa ration card list?

You can check the Goa ration list or complete detail of the ration card on the official portal of the Civil Supplies department of the state.

Can I use Goa Ration Card as an identity proof in the state as demanded by various departments?

No, the Goa government does not allow its citizens to use Goa ration cards as proof of identity.  

What is the provision for renewal of the Goa Ration card by the concerned department?

Renewal of Ration Card Goa is the responsibility of the Civil Supply department which is done every 5 years.

How to modify ration cards in Goa?

You can modify goa ration card details online using the official portal. Click on Modify ration card link given under the Online Application option. Sign up and make changes in ration card details.

If a person has separated from his/her family and living separately, can he/she apply for a ration card?

Yes, in this case, the person separated from a family already having a ration card can apply for a separate ration card. They have to provide all the documents required for a separate ration card application.

How do apply for a Cancellation certificate for Goa Ration card?

To obtain a cancellation certificate, the applicant has to submit an application in plain paper. Applicants have to mention the name of the place they have to take the cancellation certificate. They also have to provide a copy of the ration card.

Why cancellation certificate is required?

A cancellation certificate is required if a ration cardholder has shifted from one state to another state and is applying for a new ration card in the new location.

What should I do if my Ration card is lost or destroyed?

In this case, you can apply for a duplicate ration card.

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