How to find branch code of SBI Bank

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SBI Bank Branch Code At present, in the era of Digital India, all bank customers are increasingly using internet banking. Similarly, Internet SBI banking is also being used for money transactions. Many times in online banking operations you have to SBI Bank Branch Code The need arises. With this you also need less of your SBI passbook. But all the information of your bank account is present in your SBI passbook. Prominent among these are – Bank Branch Name and Address, Bank Branch Code, Account Holder Name, Account Number, Bank IFSC Code etc.

But sometimes there is a problem on giving the details of the branch code of the bank. It becomes a bit difficult for an account holder to remember the 6 digit branch code of SBI Bank. To overcome this problem, you can use some such methods by which you can easily know the branch code of SBI Bank.

how to get sbi bank branch code
How to find branch code of SBI Bank

Know Branch Code from SBI Mobile Banking App SBI Bank Branch Code

  • SBI has created its own separate banking app to provide various banking services to the customers of the bank. Account holders can use this app for internet banking. The customer has to register his account in SBI’s Mobile Banking App.
  • User of SBI Mobile Banking App has to login to the app. After this, the “Account” option has to be selected in the home menu of the app. With this you will get the details of your account very easily. In these details, you will get the name of the bank branch, type of bank account, IFSC code and balance of the account.
  • The IFSC code of SBI Bank is generally 11 digits long. The first 4 digits represent the bank, the fifth digit is zero (0) and the last 6 digits represent the branch code of your bank.
  • In this way the account holder can do the same from his mobile with the help of SBI app with the IFSC code of his bank. SBI Bank Branch Code can be obtained very easily.

know branch code from sbi internet banking

SBI Bank Branch Code

  • All those account holders of SBI Bank who are users of SBI internet banking service can easily know the details of their SBI bank account.
  • First of all you have to visit the official website of SBI Bank to be opened and it is necessary that your account is registered for internet banking facility.
  • You have to login to the website by entering your login username and password.
  • After login, you have to select the “Account Summary” option on the home page of the website.
  • In the new web page, you will get various important details related to your account. Prominent among these will be – SBI Bank IFSC Code, Bank Type, Bank Branch Code and Name and Bank Account Deposit Amount.
  • You have to keep in mind that only the last 6 digits of the IFSC code is the branch code of the bank.
  • By doing this process, you can easily know your SBI Bank Branch Code.

know branch code from sbi bank passbook

  • Most of the bank account holders have a bank account passbook. With the help of which you can know the SBI Bank IFSC code whenever needed.
  • Various information related to the bank is given in the SBI bank passbook of the account holder.
  • In this SBI Bank Account Passbook, you will find bank name and address, bank branch code, IFSC code, bank type, account holder name, SBI bank IFSC code and account holder name etc.
  • So in this way any SBI bank account holder can easily know the SBI bank branch code.

branch code from google search

If you are not in a position to use any of the methods mentioned above, then you will have to get information about your bank’s branch code through Google search in the Internet. For this you have to follow the following procedure –

  • You have to open the Google Search website in your web browser.
  • Next, search for the ‘Branch Code’ indicating the SBI Bank branch. See an example – you have to search this line for SBI Kanpur Cantonment SBI Bank branch “MAHATMA GANDHI MARG, The Mall, Kanpur Cantonment, Kanpur”
  • You will find bank IFSC code details of the searched SBI Bank branch on the next web page.

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know branch code from sbi bank helpline number

If you are not able to locate the bank branch in all the four ways mentioned, then you have to call the customer care number of SBI Bank from your mobile and get the information about the bank branch code. SBI’s helpline number remains toll free and you can get any information about app account and banking service by contacting this number.

  • First of all, you have to dial SBI Bank’s customer care number 1800 1254 from the mobile number linked to your SBI Bank account.
  • You can easily get “SBI Bank Branch Code” information on the customer care number.

What is bank code?

This is the Indian Financial System Code of 11 digits. It is used in NEFT, IMPS and RTGS.

How to know SBI Internet Banking branch code?

You can search through any of the following search methods to find out the branch code of your SBI Bank branch – Location, Bank & Branch.

Where is the branch code in SBI Bank Passbook?

The IFSC code is printed at the bottom of your bank passbook in the center of each page.

What is the 5 digit branch code of SBI Bank?

The IFSC Code of SBI Bank consists of 11 digits. Out of this, the first four digits are as SBIN, the fifth digit is 0 and the last 6 digits are the unique code of the SBI bank branch.

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