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Get the Complete Process to Join INC: Indian Congress Membership 2024 Online |Download instructions for a digital membership ID card from the Congress party can be found on the website

This article is for you if you want to join India’s oldest Democratic Party, the Congress, or India’s most active political movement, the Indian National Congress. We’ll explain how to become a volunteer for the Congress Party in 2024–2024 in today’s blog post. Along with this, we’ll explain how to register for a Congress party membership ID card in a pdf file and register for digital membership for the Indian National Congress Party for 2024. So why are you still waiting? To learn all the information regarding becoming a member of the Congress party, continue reading this instructive page.

Join Congress Membership Program

On November 1st, 2021, the INC, or Indian National Congress, party, launched its party membership program. The Madhya Pradesh state has started the Join INC initiative, and Mr. Kamalnath, the MP party’s president, will introduce this membership push. The party hopes to recruit 25 lakh, new members, as part of this drive in time for the 2019 election. This campaign will continue through March 31, 2024. The Congress party has made the decision to focus on India’s young, women, and neighboring farmers this year.

The authorities will carry out this membership campaign ward-wise. The Congress membership program will continue through March 31st, 2024-2024. In order to elect them to Congress, the officials will concentrate more on party supporters. The Indian National Congress party will ultimately become stronger and more powerful as a result of this. A long time ago, Congress made its membership list public. You must agree on a few things in order to complete the Congress membership form. Please continue reading to learn more about the Join INC – Congress Membership program 2024.

Join INC: Congress Membership Registration– Overview

According to the report that was published in Times of India (TOI), the Congress party has gained a combined total of 2.6 crore new members. This year’s membership drive is going to be digitally organized by the organisation. It is estimated that the INC party will have around 2.6 crore members by the time April 2024 rolls around.

Article about Join Congress Party Membership Program
Party Full Name INC – Indian National Congress
Active Year 2024-2024
Program Join INC – Congress Party Digital Membership 2024 Registration
Who can join Any Indian Citizens who believe in the ideology of the congress
Aim To build and unify India
official website
INC Digital Membership ID Card Download Here

In the following part, we will supply you with detailed information regarding the Congress membership program for the year 2024-2024 as well as the online registration procedure for the Digital INC Volunteer programme. This information will be presented to you below. Check out the full procedure for downloading the INC Digital Membership Card and read up on the requirements for becoming a member of Congress while you’re at it.

join Congress Party Membership Registration online

The states of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh are currently under the control of the Congress party. The party is currently working to modernize for the upcoming election after losing Punjab state. As we are all aware, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir will all hold Vidhan Sabha elections in 2024. As a result, the INC has decided to start its membership program in each of these states as it comes together. If you agree with the Congress Party’s philosophy and want to join INC as a result, you should register. The entire process for joining the Congress party has been discussed. Please read it through.

Rahul Gandhi, the former president of the Congress, and Randeep Surjewala, the Mahasachiv of the Congress, held a news conference to discuss their membership drive for 2024. The Congress Party wants to grow, and to do this, they have an electronic or online membership form. This will make it easier for their members to join INC both offline and online.

For this membership campaign, the Congress Party has already developed a new website and mobile application. The State President is in charge of this app and has the power to sign up new members, or anyone who wants to join the Congress Party in 2024. One passport-size photo, a permanent address, and some basic personal information are all that interested individuals need to submit, along with an online registration cost.

Terms and Conditions to Join INC – Indian National Congress Party

Anyone who has ambitions of joining the Indian Congress party is required to assent to the straightforward terms and conditions that are outlined below, which are those that are supported by the Congress party. The following is an outline of these 10 terms and conditions:

I truly declare that…

  • I am at least 18 years old and have not yet reached the age of majority.
  • It is second nature for me to dress in Khadi-approved garments.
  • I have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drinking alcohol and never touch illicit drugs.
  • I hold a deep and abiding respect for each and every one of the world’s religions, and I neither condone nor engage in any form of social discrimination. I solemnly swear to eliminate this.
  • Caste and religious affiliation are not factors that should be considered while interacting with other people, in my opinion. I do believe that everyone should be treated with social equality.
  • I agree to carry out the duties that have been delegated to me by the Congress party. This encompasses any kind of physical exercise as well as all of them combined.
  • I do not acquire any illicit property.
  • I have never wavered in my belief that India should continue to uphold the ideals of socialism, democracy, and secularism. I shall never stop working to bolster their capabilities. In addition to this, I do not express my disapproval of the party or any of its policies in a manner that is visible to the general public. At the party forum, I am able to talk about my emotions and share my difficulties with others.
  • I consent to signing up as a full-fledged subscriber to the journal published by the All India Congress Committee.
  • I thus pledge to adhere to and be bound by each and every one of the aforementioned terms and conditions that have been established by the Indian National Congress (INC).

Congress Party Volunteer Membership Registration Procedure

  • Open the official Congress website,, if you want to register up to volunteer for the organisation.
    Indian National Congress Membership official website
  • You can choose to “Volunteer with Us” on the website’s home page. Please click on it, and a new page will then open on your screen.
  • You can fill out an online membership registration form on this page.
  • You must fill out every field in this form, including your first name, middle name, and last name, mobile number, email address, mention of your intended contribution, and link to your Facebook account or handle.
  • Finally, after clicking “I accept the terms and conditions,” you can choose to subscribe to email updates.
    Your application will successfully be sent to the Congress Party after you click the Submit button at the end.

For joining the INC membership program offline:

  • You simply need to obtain the Congress Membership Application Form PDF from the official website in order to join Congress using the offline approach.
  • Now carefully fill out the application form (Congress Membership Application Form PDF) with all the requested information, then hand it in to the congress party representatives.
  • You must complete this application form with your full name, gender, age, permanent residence, phone number, and email address, among other details.
  • You will be given your registration number once you have finished the registration. Using this registration number, INC will later recognize you.

Join Congress Membership 2024 Digital Registration

Recently, the Congress Party began its nationwide membership campaign. They started this membership push in Madhya Pradesh. Later, this campaign will also be carried out in other Indian union territories as well as the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana, Odisha, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, and Kerala. It will also be carried out in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur, Gujarat,

  • You must first open the official website,, in order to complete the Congress Party Digital Membership Online Registration.
  • You have the choice of filling out a Digital Membership Form on the website’s home page.

  • You must fill out the entire application form with the information requested by the officials.
  • Your form can only be submitted on this website when you have completed all the fields.

Congress Membership Fee: For little Rs. 5, anyone may now join the INC. You must pay this rather little fee in order to complete your online registration. All people must observe this fundamental etiquette. You simply need to pay $5 if you want to join Congress Membership online.

How to download Congress Party Membership ID Card 2024?

  • After you complete the registration, the party leadership will verify your information.
  • You will undoubtedly get your registration number after they confirm your membership request.
  • You must once more access the official website page in order to download the Congress Party Membership ID Card.
  • You must now sign in with your mobile number. Then, an OTP will be sent to the registered phone number you provided.
  • Your membership card will appear in front of your screen after you enter this OTP into the box provided.
    This identification card is now simple to download. You can also bring a printed copy of this card to join party gatherings and seminars.

Installing the Congress Membership App

  • On your smartphone, you can now download the INC Membership Enrollment App for new users from the Google Play Store.
  • Additionally, INC Mobile Application is available for download on App Stores.
  • You can sign up for the Congress Membership program on your smartphone after downloading this app.

Contact Details of INC Indian National Congress Party Membership

INC Office Address 24, Akbar Road, New Delhi 110 011, INDIA
Office Contact Number of President Smt. Sonia Gandhi Tel: 91 11 2501 9080
Fax: 91 11 2501 7047
Residence phone number 25014481
Official Email Address [email protected]
Join INC as Volunteer Click Here
Official Twitter Account/ Handle

This information on the Congress Membership Drive 2024 (Join INC) is provided in the hopes that it will be useful to you. Please feel free to use the comments section below to ask us questions if you still have any. We’ll do our best to respond to your inquiries as quickly as we can.

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