Karnavati Club Navratri Passes 2024, Garba Entry Tickets Booking Ahmedabad

Karnavati Club Navratri Passes Price 2024, Garba Entry Tickets Booking Ahmedabad:- The celebration known as Shankus Dandiya 2024 is going to be held at the Karnavati Club in Ahmedabad. Beginning on September 27 and continuing through Tuesday, October 4th, 2024, the Dandiya event is held in celebration of Garba Nights. This exciting opportunity to take part in shankus Dandiya Ahmedabad is made available by Song Kush entertainment.

On the occasion of the Navratri Garba celebration, the procedure of booking tickets for the Dandiya admission pass is accessible on the official website of bookmyshow.com. The price of a Navratri ticket pass begins at Rs 499 and goes up from there. Check out the details that are provided in this post for additional information regarding the online booking of Garba tickets for the Karnavati Club 2024.

karnavati club garba passes

Karnavati Club Navratri Passes 2024

Since 1989, this club has been the representation of honor and pride. Over the past few years, the club has been responsible for organizing the Navratri Garba event as well as the Dandiya programme. Because the festival hosted by shankush Dandiya Ahmedabad Karnavati Club has been so successful in the past, they will be performing there once more this year. Therefore, those who are interested in attending the Karnavati Club Navratri event in 2020 should make their ticket reservations as quickly as possible.

Karnavati Club Navratri Pass Price

On websites that specialize in online ticket purchasing, such as insider.in and BookMyShow.com, customers may purchase Garba passes and online tickets to see shows at Karnavati Club. The club first opened its doors in 1989, and ever since then, it has maintained its forward momentum by continuously enhancing the quality of the services it offers and living up to the pledges it has made. The Karnavati Club plays host to a variety of activities, including movies and others. This year’s edition of Shankus Dandiya will be hosted by the Karnavati Club in Ahmedabad. Tickets and credentials for access to Shankus Dandiya 2024 can now be purchased online. The following provides more information regarding the timing, date, and booking costs, as well as the terms and conditions, as well as the covid 60 guidelines.

Karnavati Navratri Ahmedabad Timing And Date

Beginning on Tuesday, September 27, the Karnavati Club is going to begin organizing the Shankus Dandiya 2020 event, which will last through Tuesday, October 4. Navratri is the name of the festival that lasts for 8 days. The event will begin at nine o’clock in the evening.

Shankus Dandiya 2024

In addition, the celebrations for Dandiya 2024 will take place at the Adani shantigram cricket ground in Ahmedabad. Both of these places will play host to festivities during the Dandiya Navratri holiday. Additionally, tickets to the Adani shantigram cricket venue can be purchased for Rs 499 each.

Ahmedabad Navratri Key Guidelines

  • The reservation process for admittance passes is available to people of any age limit.
  • It is not possible to get a refund or cancel the ticket once it has been purchased.
  • You need to arrive at the venue thirty minutes early in order to ensure a smooth admittance.
  • When it comes to safety rules, make sure to follow the COVID-19 protocols.
  • Attend the event while keeping your social distance and wearing a mask.
  • All of these COVID criteria must be followed in order to avoid penalties in Delhi NCR, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.
  • Song Khush Dandiya 2024 will be held in a total of two distinct places across the city of Ahmedabad.

Karnavati Club Navratri Garba Tickets Booking 2024

  • Karnavati Club Navratri Garba Tickets 2024 Detailed information regarding the Karnavati Club organization Shankush Dandiya 2024 in Ahmedabad as well as the procedure for purchasing tickets can be found below.
  • In the first step, go to the website bookmyshow.com and choose Ahmedabad as the location.
    Sign in with your mobile number or email address, depending on which option you prefer, using your Google account.
  • Following the completion of the sign-in procedure, the user clicks on the shankus Dandiya 2024 karnavati Club.
  • After this, you will be able to view Navratri passes for the Karnavati Club.
    To reserve your spot, select the “book now” option.
  • Choose the day, as well as the type of ticket you want.
  • At this point, you must complete the payment and confirm your reservation.
  • Following the completion of the booking, they will send the confirmation message to the email address and mobile number that you provided by SMS.

Entry Ticket and Passes Prices for the Karnavati Club Navratri

Starting at Rs 499, entry passes to the Karnavati Club Navratri can be purchased for a ticket price. The prices of the tickets change depending on whatever category you buy them in. Keep in touch with us and save this page if you want to learn more about the costs of entry passes and tickets for Ahmedabad.

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