Kerala State Lottery 09.01.2024 Karunya Plus KN-456 Draw Result Live 3PM Today

Results of the Kerala State Karunya Plus (KN-456) Lottery Draw, held on February 09, 2024, will be broadcast live at 3 pm– Results for the Karunya Plus Draw from the Kerala State Lottery were released today, 09.02.2024, at 3 PM. On Thursday, February 09 at 3 pm, the Kerala state lottery department will hold a lucky draw for Karunya Plus KN456 Today. The drawing will take place at Gorky Bhavan in the state capital Thiruvananthapuram, close to Bakery Junction. Independent judges will keep watch on the draw as it is being conducted.

The winner of the first prize will receive Rs 80 lakh, and the holder of the winning ticket for the second prize will receive Rs 10 lakh. The third-place winners will each receive Rs 1 lakh. The consolation prize in Kerala is Rs 8,000, much like in other weekly lotteries.

Kerala State Lottery 09.02.2024 Karunya Plus KN-456 Today Results

You may learn more about the Karunya Plus 2024 Draw Result Live Updates by visiting this page. Karunya Plus KN456 Lottery Result Today 09.02.2024. Every Thursday, the Karunya Plus Lottery is held in the Indian state of Kerala. The results are listed below. The Karunya Plus lottery tickets are available at all authorized Ticket Counters & Agents for the MRP of Rs 30 only, inclusive of GST. The six series of these tickets are PA, PB, PC, PD, and, you got it, PE. The Plus letters are used to identify them.

The outcomes of recent Karunya Plus drawings are listed below. The first table below only shows the results for Category Prize I (first prize), however you can see the complete breakdown of all the results further down the page. Players who purchased the same number of tickets in the four other series as the first prize winner typically receive consolation prizes.

Latest Update: The official Karunya Plus KN456 Lottery Result will be made available in a PDF file at 4:00 PM. The lottery result for today will be announced live beginning at 2:55 PM.

Kerala Karunya Plus (KN-456th) Lottery Result Live Draw – 09 February 2024

No. for the Karunya Plus Lottery KN-456th Draw was held at 3 PM on 09.02.2024.
At Gorky Bhavan in Thiruvananthapuram, next to Bakery Junction

Live Results will begin at 2:55 PM
Official Results are available starting at 3:30 PM.
To view the most recent lottery results, click here.

1st prize
₹80,00,000/- (80 Lakh)
Consolation Prize
2nd prize
₹10,00,000/- (10 Lakh)
3rd prize
₹1,00,000/- (1 Lakh)

For The Tickets Ending With The Following Numbers

4th prize

Karunya Plus Lottery (KN456) 2024 – Kerala State Lottery Result

Kerala Karunya Plus Lottery Results KN456, Lottery Date – Live Kerala Karunya Plus Lottery Results published on this website, Click the Refresh button on this page to see each new number!

Name of Lottery Kerala Lottery Weekly Draw
Kerala Weekly Bhagyakuri
No of Draw Code KN-456th
draw name Karunya Plus
Ticket Prize Rs 30 including GST
First prize Up to Rs 80 Lakh
Result Date & Time 09 February 2024 (2 to 3 PM)
Result Status Published

How do I verify the Karunya Plus KN-456 results of the Kerala State Lottery?

As soon as the Kerala lottery department announces Karunya Plus KN-456, you can check here for LIVE updates starting at 3 pm Results for the Karunya Plus KN456 can also be viewed by visiting the Kerala Lottery Department’s official website.

These results are additionally published in the Kerala Government Gazette in addition to the official website. Tickets for the lottery, which cost Rs 30, can be purchased from any Taluk lottery office in the state by interested individuals. In Thamarassery, Kattappana, and Punalur (all in the Kollum district of Kerala), there are three lottery offices (Kozhikode district).

Note: Keep in mind that winners only have 30 days from the drawing to confirm their results, produce identification documentation, and proof of ticket ownership. Results of the Kerala Lottery’s Karunya Plus 09.02.2024 (KN-456) drawing –

How do I collect my Karunya Plus Lottery winnings?

  • The results of the Kerala lottery, which are published in the Kerala Government Gazette, must be compared with the winning tickets in the Karunya Plus KN456 lucky draw.
  • Imagine that they discover their ticket number in the official gazette. If so, they have 30 days to claim the prize by going to the Kerala lottery headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram with their tickets and identification.
  • After the results are announced, the verification process must be completed within seven days.
  • Anyone who has won less than Rs 5,000 in Kerala may pick up their reward money from any certified lottery outlet.
  • Those who have won more than Rs 5,000 must turn in their tickets to the bank or government lottery office with their identification proofs for the claim.

Karunya Plus KN456 Lottery Result for the Kerala Lotteries Weekly Draw

  • On February 09, 2024, the Kerala Lottery Department will conduct a lucky draw for the Karunya Plus Lottery KN456 (3 PM).
  • The winner of the first prize will receive Rs 80 lakh, and the holder of the winning ticket for the second prize will receive Rs 10 lakh.
  • The third- and fourth-place winners will each receive Rs 1 lakh and Rs 5,000.
  • Why then are you holding out for it? You have the chance to win a ticket worth Rs 30 and become a crorepati.

Akshaya AK-564; KN456 Karunya Plus Official Lottery Today’s Result from Yesterday’s Drawing;=> Check Here

Today’s Kerala State Karunya Plus Lottery features an 80 Lakh first prize.

Check out the Kerala State Lottery Department’s Karunya Plus 2024 Result Chart here. The top prize is a bumper valued INR 80 lakh. After 4 PM, you may now download the 2024 Karunya Plus KN456 Lottery Results in a PDF format.

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