Lakhir Bhandar Prokolpo 2024 Application Form, Eligibility

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There are an enormous number of households that can not even afford to fulfill their basic needs. This is because of their poor monetary conditions. According to human rights, a person should have access to at least five of the most basic requirements. These are food, water, sanitation, education, and health facilities. But there are families that can not bear the cost of these things. Thus, the government of West Bengal has launched the West Bengal Lakhir Bhandar scheme. This scheme is initiated especially for such people. It is also called the West Bengal Lakhir Bhandar Prokolpo. This scheme will provide financial help to the female head of such families.

Lakhir Bhandar Prokolpo Scheme

The government of West Bengal state has started the West Bengal Lakhir Bhandar scheme. This will help the government to ensure basic financial aid for the female heads of poor families. Under this scheme, the poor families of the general category will get rupees 500 per month as monetary help. While the SC/ST families will receive rupees 1000 per month under this scheme. This will help the poor and destitute families to meet their ends.

So, the government is intending to assist around 1.6 crore households of the West Bengal state. While formulating this scheme, the government kept the average household consumption as the basis. In West Bengal, the average household consumption is rupees 5249 per month. Thus, the government has determined to at least cover 10 to 20% of this expenditure. The beneficiaries will receive the amount directly into their bank accounts.

Official website of West Bengal government

Details Of West Bengal Lokkhir Bhandar Application Form

Name of the Scheme West Bengal Lakhir Bhandar Scheme
Launched by Government of West Bengal
Beneficiaries Female head of households
Objective To provide basic income support
Official Website
Year 2024
State West Bengal
Number of beneficiaries 1.6 Crores
Financial assistance for general categories 500 rupees per month and 6000 rupees per year
Assistance for SC and ST categories 1000 rupees per month and 12000 rupees per year
Total released budget 12900 Crore rupees
Application Procedure Offline

Objectives of West Bengal Lokkhir Bhandar Scheme 2024

The major objective of the West Bengal Lakhir Bhandar scheme is to provide financial assistance. This is for all those families who can not even afford the most basic needs. Under the Lakhir Bhandar scheme, the female head of the household will get 500 rupees per month. It will help them to achieve some basic requirements. The families of scheduled castes and scheduled Tribes will get 1000 rupees per month.

With this financial help, individuals of West Bengal state will become able to manage the cost of their basic requirements. Moreover, this scheme will make them self-sufficient and self-reliant. Along with this, it will propel the growth of rural as well as urban economies. It will give very positive consequences in both economic and social spheres. The people of the West Bengal state will not have to rely on others to fulfill their own needs.

Lokkhir Bhandar Benefits and features 

There are several benefits that this scheme offers to the citizens of the West Bengal state. The scheme was initiated to ensure financial support to poor families of the state. Below we are providing a list of all the advantages or benefits of West Bengal Lakhir Bhandar Yojana.

  • Firstly, this scheme will extend economic support to the female heads of poor families.
  • It will provide rupees 500 per month to the families belonging to the general category. The scheduled castes and scheduled tribes are entitled to receive rupees 1000 for each month.
  • It was estimated that around 1.6 crores of families will get the benefits under this scheme.
  • Moreover, the government launched this scheme on the basis of the average household consumption of West Bengal state. This is estimated to be rupees 5249 rupees per month on average. Thus, the government has determined to cover at least 10 to 20 percent of this average consumption.
  • The applicant will receive the money directly into their bank accounts. The government of West Bengal state will take the responsibility of depositing this amount on time.
  • One would have to apply for the scheme if they fulfill the eligibility criteria. You can find the criteria below in this article.
  • The government of West Bengal has released a budget of rupees 12900 crores for the Lakhir Bhandar Yojana. This will ensure the proper execution of this scheme.
  • An important fact to note about this scheme is that it is a part of the election manifesto of the Trina Mool Congress.
  • Finally, most of us would be thinking about the date when this scheme will come into execution. The scheme will start off on the 1st of July in 2024.

Guidelines for Lakhir Bhandar Application Form

Recently the West Bengal State Government has announced the guidelines related to the West Bengal Laxmi Bhandar Yojana. Along with this, some rules related to the scheme have also been told in this announcement. Under this scheme, it has been decided that the Government of West Bengal will provide financial assistance to extremely poor families.

This financial assistance in the form of Rs 500 per month will be directly deposited in the bank account of the beneficiary. This amount is only for the general caste people. Women from poor families belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes will be assisted by 1000 rupees. This will also be sent to the account of these women per month. The government is going to start this scheme from the first of September month of the year 2024. The important fact to note about this scheme is that, it is a part of the election manifesto of Trinamool Congress.

Under this scheme, basic financial assistance will be provided to women heads of all poor families. The entire amount of benefit will be deposited by the government directly into the bank account of the beneficiaries. Around 1.6 crore families of West Bengal state will get benefit from this scheme.

West Bengal Lakhir Bhandar Scheme Rules and Guidelines:-

  • The Government of West Bengal will start providing the amount to be given under this scheme on 1st September 2024.
  •  All applicants can get a free application form from some of the government camps organized in the state of West Bengal.
  • Desirous applicants can get the application form free of cost from the camps organized in the state of West Bengal. Apart from this, they can also download the application form online mode. The application is completely free.
  • Please note that you will be able to apply for this scheme only from 16 August 2024 to 15 September 2024. After this no citizen can submit his application for the scheme.
  • If you are going to apply for this scheme, then submit all your necessary documents along with the application form. A list of required documents will be provided to you at the bottom of this article. In this, your Aadhar card and bank account passbook are the most important. If you do not have a bank account, then you will have to open an account in your name soon.
  • Moreover, it is very important to have your Aadhaar number linked with your bank account. Without this, you will not receive any amount. If you have already applied and your account is not linked with your Aadhaar. So you don’t need to worry. Even after applying, you can apply for linking your account with your Aadhaar number by visiting the bank.
  • All those women who are permanently residing in West Bengal can apply for this scheme. For this, it is necessary that their age should be between 25 years to 60 years.
  • But, if a woman in the group has a government or non-government permanent job this year, then she cannot apply.

West Bengal Lakhir Bhandar Scheme Budget and Database

All the households belonging to Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes will be covered in this scheme. But, some norms for the general category of people have been issued by the government. For this scheme, the government of West Bengal state has announced a budget of about 12900 crores. This scheme will be very helpful for the poor families of the state. The scheme was part of the Trinamool Congress’ election manifesto before the elections in West Bengal. But now as we all know, Trinamool Congress has now come to power in the state. Therefore, the implementation of this scheme will start from the first of September month.

The Government of West Bengal has already provided the database of some eligible applicants. These are women who are already beneficiaries of social security schemes. About 33 lakh women of the state are involved in this. All these beneficiaries can be brought together under this scheme. For this, the government will use the direct benefit transfer method. Apart from this, the beneficiaries who are left can get the benefits of this scheme by applying. This scheme will make a significant contribution in improving the economic condition of both rural and urban of the state of West Bengal.

Lokkhir Bhandar Eligibility Standard

There are some eligibility criteria defined by the West Bengal government. One has to fulfill this criterion to become eligible for applying under this scheme. Below we are providing you with a list of prescribed eligibility criteria.

  • First of all, the applicant must be a permanent resident of West Bengal state.
  • Secondly, you should be anywhere between 25 years to 60 years.
  • Further, the one who is applying under this scheme must not have any permanent job. This is regardless of the job is government or private, it should not permanent.
  • Casual workers can apply for this scheme.
  • There are some specific criteria for families from the general category.
  • Families belonging to the general category that have at least one taxpayer in the family are not eligible.
  • Moreover, the families of the general category who possess more than 2 hectares of land can not apply to this scheme.
  • Scheduled tribes and scheduled castes are excluded from the above two criteria. This means they can apply even if they have land sized more than 2 hectares. Or if someone in their family is entitled to pay income tax, they can still apply.
  • Lastly, only the female head of families is eligible for this Lakhir Bhandar Yojana.

Required Documents

If you are eligible for this scheme you can apply for it. Before that, you should have knowledge of all prerequisites. Applicants have to submit a few documents while applying for the Lakhir Bhandar Yojana. You will have to submit these documents physically along with your application form. You can check the complete list of required documents.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Caste Certificate
  • Ration Card
  • Residential Certificate
  • Age Proof
  • Bank Account Particulars
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Phone Number

WB Lakhir Bhandar Prokolpo Online Application Form

The citizens who found themselves eligible for this scheme can apply for it. They will have to follow a prescribed procedure. The application form is available online but one will have to fill it out and submit it offline mode. The West Bengal government has not started any official portal for this scheme yet. Thus, you can download the application form by clicking here. After that, follow the instructions below.

  • Click Here to download Lakhir Bhandar Scheme Application Form PDF.
  • Firstly, take a printout of the application form. Then, gather all the documents needed for submitting the form.
  • After that, start filling all the specifics in the Lakhir Bhandar scheme application form.
  • Here you will have to fill out the registration number of the Duare sarkar scheme. Following this, fill in your Swasthyasathi card number in the application form.
  • Then, fill in all other necessary information including your Adhaar number and the name of the applicant.
  • Following that, provide your mobile number, email address, date of birth, father’s name, mother’s name, and lastly your spouse’s name.
  • After filling in all this information, proceed to fill in your permanent address and your bank details.
  • Then, you will have to attach a self-declaration form along with your application form and all other documents.
  • Finally, submit this form with all other documents to the concerned department. Before submitting it, make sure to attach all the documents.


What is the date of implementation West Bengal Lakhir Bhandar Scheme?

The government of West Bengal is aiming to implement this scheme from the 1st of September in 2024.

Who are the beneficiaries of West Bengal Lakhir Bhandar Yojana?

All the female heads of poor families in West Bengal are the main beneficiaries. Families from both the general category and SC/ST categories are eligible to apply.

Is it mandatory to have a Swasthyasathi card for applying under Lakhir Bhandar Yojana?

Yes, you have to get a Swasthyasathi card first to get all the benefits under this scheme. If in case you don’t have this card, you can apply for that first. Once you will receive your Swasthyasathi card, you can get the benefits of Lakhir Bhandar Yojana.

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