MP Sambal Card Download 2024 [PDF] How to Download Sambal Yojana Card?

MP Sambal Card Download ;- From time to time, the Government of Madhya Pradesh has been starting beneficial schemes for the needy citizens of the state. Similarly, for the social security of crores of unorganized sector workers, the state government has MP Sambal Card Has started the MP Sambal Yojana to release Rs. Since the launch of the scheme, many unorganized working citizens of the state have completed the online application process as per the rules. In this way, all the laborers applying online or offline can download their sambal card from home on the online portal. (MP Sambal Card Download) Can do Under this article, an attempt is being made to give you the information to download your Sambal card.

MP Sambal Card Download 2024 [PDF] How to Download Sambal Yojana Card?
MP Sambal Card Download
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Sambal Yojana Card

The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shri Shivraj Chouhan has started the Jan Kalyankari Sambal Yojana. This scheme benefits urban and rural unorganized workers by connecting them with many government schemes. Some of these are as follows –

  • Help in the good education of labor’s children
  • Providing medical insurance to the citizens injured in the accident
  • Waiver of electricity bill up to the prescribed limit
  • Providing advanced agricultural machinery
  • help with a funeral
  • giving free medical aid

Sambal Yojana Card Online Download Process – MP Sambal Card Download

All the workers who applied in MP Sambal Yojana have to download their Shramik Sambal Card in the below mentioned steps –

  • First of all you have to visit the official portal of Labor Department for Sambal Yojana Card. has to be opened.
  • On the home page of the portal, on the top, select the option ‘Beneficiary Details’.
  • After selecting this option you will get a “pop-up” message.
  • You have to enter your Sambal Yojana Registration Number or Samagra Member ID Number (9 digits).
  • After entering these details you have to select the option “View Dashboard Details”.
  • You will see all the details of the Symbol ID in the dashboard on the screen.
  • In this you will be able to see your name and labor registration details.
  • Below all these details, you have to download the Sambal Yojana Card by selecting the “Print” option.
  • By following all these easy steps, any worker can download his Sambal card from home.

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Sambal Yojana Card Eligible Citizen

Workers of rural and urban unorganized sectors of the state are eligible to take advantage of this scheme. Some of the job wise labor categories are mentioned below –

  • small marginal farmer
  • fishermen
  • animal keeper
  • own business
  • bonded labor
  • migrant workers
  • burden bearers
  • animal carriage worker
  • domestic help
  • niggers
  • vegetable vendor

Beneficial Schemes of Sambal Yojana Card

  • Antenatal Checkup (ANC) Incentive Scheme
  • 16 thousand rupees labor service maternity assistance scheme after delivery
  • Sports Promotion Scheme
  • Funeral Assistance Scheme
  • School Education Promotion Scheme
  • super 5000 scheme
  • Anugraha Sahayata (Normal Death and Accidental Death) Scheme
  • Anugraha Madad (Permanent Disability and Partial Permanent Disability) Scheme
  • Benefits to Sambal family in ‘Ayushman Bharat Scheme’
  • Family Benefit in CM Annapurna (PDS) Scheme
Special features of Sambal Yojana
  • Objectives of the scheme – The main objective of the state government in releasing the scheme once again is to help the working class citizens to come out of poverty. In this way, in future they will be able to lead their life well.
  • place in society It is observed that unorganized workers do not get proper place in the society. For this reason, the government will work to improve their condition by making them beneficiaries in this scheme.
  • Card benefits In this scheme, the beneficiaries will be given the benefit of various facilities and schemes in future by first providing them with a Sambal card. In this way no person’s share will be saved.
  • Detailed Beneficiary Number – Till this time, about 6 to 8 lakh workers have been made beneficiaries of the scheme.

Questions related to Sambal Yojana Card

Can I download the Sambal Card in the name of the laborer?

No, you have to provide ‘Sambal or Samagra ID’ information to download the Shramik Card.

How long does it take to generate a symbol card?

Sambal card is generated after 2 to 3 weeks of your Sambal card registration and you can download this card from the portal of the scheme.

What to do if Sambal card is not verified?

If the sambal card of any labor beneficiary is not verified by the authorities after application, then after waiting for some time the card will be verified.

What is the address of the portal for Sambal card download?

The portal address to download Sambal Yojana Card for labor beneficiary of Madhya Pradesh is

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