PFI Full Form

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PFI Full Form in Hindi:- At present, in various states of the country NIA The raid campaign continues. NIA has raided PIA in different parts of the country. Till now raids are going on in 12 states and also Ed has also raided many locations of PFI. In which 106 people have been arrested so far. The investigating agency has conducted raids in many states including Delhi, Karnataka, Assam, UP, MP, Telangana, Maharashtra, in which many members of the PFI organization have been arrested so far and some are under investigation.

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PFI Full Form
PFI Full Form

It is being told that such a large-scale action against the organization has been done for providing funds to terrorists and arranging for their training and people to join banned organizations. This is the biggest raid ever by Indian investigative agencies.

PFI The news of the action taken by the investigating agency and the police against them continues to circulate in the media. Its name also comes up in the firing incident in Begusarai, Bihar, as well as in the riots in Delhi and violence in Kanpur, PFI is blamed. There are allegations of PFI’s association with terrorist organizations. The name of PFI also comes up in terrorist attacks in the country from time to time.

It is banned in many states of the country. This question always arises, what is PFI? Whose strings are always linked to illegal activities. In today’s article, we will try to answer all your questions related to PFI. Please read it till the end and know PFI Full Form in Hindi, After all why PFI has become the subject of so much discussion.

What is PFI and its history and full form

to PFI Popular Front of India It is known by the name of IS and is an Islamic extremist organization. Which was established on 22 November 2006 as the successor of NDF (National Development Front). It describes itself as a group that raises its voice in favor of backward classes and minorities and makes people aware that you should always speak for your rights.

This will raise your voice which no one can suppress. This organization was started in Calicut, Kerala and currently its office is located in Shaheen part of Delhi. Being a Muslim organization, all its activities revolve around Muslims. At present it is connected in 25 states of the country and wants to run its organization in the whole country in future.

  • PFI – Popular Front of India
  • PFI , Popular Front of India

What is the real purpose of PFI

The real purpose of PFI is ‘Mission 2047’ That is, PFI wants to make the country a Muslim nation by the year 2047 and under this mission, it is setting up organizations in different states of the country and is planning to accomplish this mission by involving Muslims. These people know that educated people are not going to join, so these people make their target economically weak people and involve them in this by making them a part of their organization.

After induction, selected people are selected and given training in karate, martial arts and weapons, along with sloganeering. currently mission 2047 Training camp of Kerala, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal. Where raids have been done by NIA.

PFI is active in these countries

PFI is active in the country as well as abroad. These include countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrain and Mauritius. Three organizations of PFI are also present in Gulf countries. These include Indian Fraternity Forum and Indian Social Forum, Rehab India Foundation. The Indian Social Forum and the Indian Fraternity Forum collect funds from the countries of the East for the anti-India campaign being run by the PFI in India. These three organizations hide the activities being done by PFI by staying abroad.

Is PFI banned in India? (PFI Banned In India)

NIA has raided many places of PFI in the country. Taking cognizance of which the government is considering banning this extremist group Popular Front of India. On September 22, raids were conducted by NIA in more than 15 states of the country and in this NIA has found many evidences of involvement in terrorist activities against PFI, on the basis of which any major decision can be taken.

After this raid in the country, Home Minister Amit Shah called National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, including the Chief of NIA, and according to media reports, expert advice will be taken before banning PFI.

Controversies related to PFI

This organization has been in controversy since its inception and is considered to be similar to SIMI. SIMI means Students’ Islamic Movement of India on which the government had banned in 2006. After this, people demanded the government to ban PFI in 2012 and the Kerala government at that time stood in favor of it and claimed that it is an organization created by completely different people from SIMI, which the government K only opposes on Muddev.

It is believed that the group of PFI was formed in the name of the rights of the oppressed Muslims, tribals and Dalits since SIMI, an organization formed in April 1977, was banned by the government in 2006. The activities of PFI group were almost similar to SIMI. At present, there is a growing trend in Uttar Pradesh regarding the demand for the ban of PFI.

Other full forms of PFI are as follows

  • Pay For Inclusion
  • Public Finance Initiative
  • Provisional Full Internet
  • Profits From Illness
  • Programmable Function Input
  • Programmable Fuel Injection
  • Pride Fowler Industries
  • Pelican Financial Inc.
  • Private Finance Initiative
  • Prison Fellowship International
  • Paws For Independence
  • Paul Fletcher International

PFI deals with controversies

Activists from PFI are accused of connection with terrorist organization to murders. The Kerala government told the High Court in 2012 that the PFI had a direct connection in 27 murder cases. Most of the cases were related to the murder of RSS and CPM workers. In April 2013, the Kerala Police raided Narath in Coonoor, in which 21 activists belonging to the PFI were arrested.

During the raid, the police recovered country-made bombs, swords, bomb-making material etc. It was told by PFI that this case was designed to tarnish the image of the organization and later the case was handed over to NIA after which a high level investigation was done.

PFI banned for 5 years

The ongoing investigation on the radical Islamic organization PFI (Popular Front of India) has been banned by the NIA for 5 years after being found guilty of terror funding and other terrorist activities. This notification has been issued like the Ministry of Home Affairs. This organization has been banned under the UAPA Act. In 2017, the NIA wrote a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs demanding a ban on this organization and in the investigation of the NIA, it was revealed that this organization is allegedly involved in violent and terrorist activities and according to the NIA, this organization is a threat to national security. was considered a threat.

Due to the illegal activities of the organization being found in continuous raids, this organization has been banned and apart from this, eight other organizations have also been banned for being linked to terror funding. This decision has been taken only after getting strong evidence related to terror funding.

PFI Full Form FAQ’s

What is the full form of PFI?

The full form of PFI is Popular Front of India.

PFI (PFIWhen and where was it established?

PFI (PFI) was established on 22 November 2006 in Calicut, Kerala as the successor of NDF (National Development Front).

PFI (PFIWhere is the headquarter of ?

The headquarters of PFI is located in Shaheen part of Delhi.

PFI (PFI) Of mission 2047 Is ?

Mission 2047 of PFI is to spread its organization all over India.

PFI (PFI) How many other organizations are associated with it?

Other 8 organizations were also associated with PFI.

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