Rajasthan domicile certificate

Today we will tell you through this article Rajasthan domicile certificate ,Rajasthan Domicile Certificate) How to make We are going to provide complete information about this. This certificate comes under the important documents and it is also required in admission, job and government job etc. And also for applying the schemes run by the government, domicile is also required. All the citizens of Rajasthan can apply for Mul Niwas Praman Patra Rajasthan 2024.

Candidate citizens can apply for this certificate in both online and offline mode. In this article you will learn that Rajasthan domicile certificate What is ? What are the documents required to get the domicile certificate? Rajasthan Domicile Certificate Application Process What is / How to apply? We will tell you about all these in full detail in the following information. Rajasthan Domicile Certificate 2024 Stay connected with this article till the end to get more information related to it.

Rajasthan Domicile Certificate 2024

As we have told you that the residence certificate is a very important document and the original residence certificate is made in each of the states. Although each state Domicile Certificate Application process may vary link This certificate is used for similar functions. Let us tell you that if any student wants to take advantage of the scholarship, they will need the original residence certificate to fill the form.

Similarly, to take advantage of the schemes run by the government, the original residence certificate is required while filling the application form. To apply for this certificate, candidates have to download the application form by visiting the official website. The complete process of which will be made available in the following information.

rajasthan domicile certificate - rajasthan mool niwas praman patra
Rajasthan Domicile Certificate – rajasthan mool niwas praman patra

Rajasthan Domicile Certificate Highlights

Attention candidates, here we give you Rajasthan Domicile Certificate Apply Some important information related to this is going to be provided. About which you can get information through the table given below –

article name Rajasthan domicile certificate
year 2024
state name Rajasthan
Category certificate
Application Process online/offline
application form pdf Click Here
official website Click Here

Rajasthan Sampark Portal

Need of Mul Niwas Parmaan Patra Rajasthan

  1. for scholarship
  2. for government scheme application
  3. for admission
  4. for job
  5. for address proof

Eligibility for Domicile Certificate

to applicants Mul Niwas Parmaan Patra Rajasthan There are some essential eligibility to be fulfilled in order to apply. About which we are going to tell you through the steps given below. The eligibility for Rajasthan Domicile Certificate is as follows –

  • Candidate must be Indian.
  • Candidate must be a native of Rajasthan state.
  • Citizens and children of all ages will be eligible to apply for this certificate.
Required Documents

to applicants Rajasthan Domicile Certificate What are the documents required to apply? We are going to provide you information about this through the points given below. Rajasthan Domicile Certificate The following documents will be required to get it done-

  • applicant’s aadhar card
  • voter id
  • passport size photo
  • mobile number
  • Affidavit
  • Original residence letter of husband (for married girl)
  • Marriage Certificate (For Married Girl)

Domicile Certificate Rajasthan Registration

Rajasthan Shubh Shakti Yojana

How to apply domicile certificate online?

All citizens of the state who have not yet made their original residence certificate can Rajasthan Domicile Certificate Online Application For this you can follow the procedure given by us. Rajasthan Domicile Certificate The process to apply online is as follows –

  • Candidate Rajasthan domicile certificate to apply online official website go to. As shown in the picture given below.
    Rajasthan mul niwas prmaan patra aavedan prakriya
  • then on your screen website home page comes openly.
  • you on the home page Citizen An option will appear, click on it.
  • On clicking, many options will come in front of you, you will get Applications Form For Scheme Click on the option.
    Domicile Certificate Rajasthan Registration
  • on the next page you Download Form for Application of Domicile Certificate You will get the option, click on it. You can see through the below picture. Rajasthan Domicile certificate
  • as soon as you download form By clicking on the option of the original residence application form will open in front of you. You can see the format of the form in the image given below.Rajasthan domicile proof application
  • Now take the print out of this form and fill the information asked in the form carefully and correctly.
  • After this you have to attach all the necessary documents with the form.
  • After preparing the form completely, check it once again, so that there is no possibility of error.
  • Now you have to submit the application form to the Tehsil.
  • After the submission of the application form, the application form and documents will be verified.
  • After about 15 days of verification / verification, your Rajasthan Domicile Certificate is generated.

Jan Kalyan Portal Rajasthan

How to get Rajasthan Domicile Certificate offline?

state citizens who Rajasthan domicile certificate ,Rajasthan Domicile Certificate, Those who are willing to apply by filling the application form in offline mode, they can follow the process given by us. Follow the steps given below to apply Rajasthan Domicile Certificate offline –

  1. To apply offline for the original residence certificate Rajasthan, contact your tehsil.
  2. By going there you will get the application form for the original residence certificate from the department officer.
  3. After that you have to fill the form carefully after reading all the options given in the form.
  4. After filling the form, attach all the necessary documents with the form.
  5. Now after preparing the form completely sir, submit it to the tehsil.
  6. After this your application form and documents will be verified.
  7. After about 15 days your certificate will be ready.
    Candidates should note that you can also apply through E-Mitra.

SSO ID Rajasthan

Some questions and answers related to Rajasthan Domicile Certificate 2024

What is the official website related to Rajasthan Domicile Certificate?

The official website related to the original residence certificate is jaipur.rajasthan.gov.in. We have provided you the link of this website in the information given above.

What is Domicile Certificate?

Let us tell you that this certificate is the proof of a person’s stay at the said place. The original place of residence of a person can be ascertained from the domicile certificate of a person.

What are the documents required for making Rajasthan Domicile Certificate?

Those citizens who want to get their Rajasthan Domicile Certificate made, they will need some documents like Voter ID, Passport size photo, Aadhar card of the applicant, Mobile number, Affidavit, Original residence letter of husband (for married girl), Marriage certificate (for married girl) etc.

In how many days does the original residence certificate come?

Rajasthan comes within 15 days after applying for the original residence certificate.

How to get domicile certificate?

You can get Rajasthan Domicile Certificate done both online and offline. To apply online, first you go to jaipur.rajasthan.gov.in and download the form. After that by attaching the necessary documents

In which mode can I apply for Rajasthan Domicile Certificate?

Citizens of Rajasthan state can apply in both online and offline mode to get the original residence certificate made.

How to download application form for Domicile Certificate?

To download the application form, you have to first visit the official website. We have provided the link of the website in this article. Go to the option of Citizen on the home page, many options will come. Here click on the option of Application Forms for Scheme. In the next page, click on the download form given in front of the application for the original residence certificate. The application form will open in front of you in PDF format. Now you can download this form.

Where to get Domicile Certificate Application Form?

You can download the online form from the official website or you can also get the application form by visiting your tehsil.

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In this article we have you Rajasthan Domicile Certificate Registration, Application Process And given a lot of information related to it. But if you need any other information apart from this information, then you can ask by messaging in the comment section given below. Your question will definitely be answered. Hope you will get help through the information given by us.

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